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Remnant is a 4X strategy game set in a single planetary system with a heavy emphasis on self-created narrative and roleplay.
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Almost there!

Posted by A. Scott McCallum (Creator)

The last 10% really is 90% of the work but we're getting close now!  I have a few things to finish up today and tomorrow, then I'll be going over my TODO and trimming a few features from the initial early access release to come up with a patch/update schedule for a post-launch roadmap to 1.0.  In the meantime, here's a bunch of progress:

New over the top ship explosion (needs a little tweaks on the plasma) for more satisfying combat:

New muzzle flashes:

New ships:

New base agent feature sets:

More UI (zzZZzzZzz):

And more progress on the colony station:

We're using a technique similar to Star Citizen's pipeline to maintain details on such a huge structure up close.  It's a lot of learning (and trial and error) for myself and the artist, so it's going a bit slower than we anticipated, but I think the final results are going to be worth it.

I'll be back with an update with a full feature list and time frame to launch by early next week at the latest.

Thanks for your continued support!

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    1. A. Scott McCallum 2-time creator on

      Thanks! I'm finishing up the mod support for agents today, so you'll be able to add your own custom portraits and whatnot at launch!
      Getting closer every day!

    2. Matt on

      Great! Really looking forward to finally getting my hands on this game.

    3. Ebonweaver

      The fact that you can in any way make a comparison to Star Citizen is pretty dang good ;)
      Pilots look great, ships and flashes look good, explosion is cool but yeah something about that plasma ball with the polar flow... more reactor core than esplody in appearance. And don't underplay a good UI! :)