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GROWING CITIES follows two friends on their trip cross-country as they meet urban farmers who are challenging the way we eat.
GROWING CITIES follows two friends on their trip cross-country as they meet urban farmers who are challenging the way we eat.
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Portlandia Video Update + World Premiere in Portland + Fall Film Fests

Hello Beautiful Growing Cities Backers,

Its been over a year since our last update, but this one is worth the wait. We're proud to announce that the World Premiere of Growing Cities will be held this upcoming Sunday, Sept. 1st at 7PM, in Portland, OR at the Portland Film Fest!! If you can make it to Portland - be it by car, bus, train, hang-glider, whatever - please do! We'd love to see you there!

Its been a long time in the making to get to this point and we're super excited to finally share this film with the world. The event itself is going to be lots of fun - for starters its FREE and there's going to be food trucks, live music, and well, you know what?

Just watch the silly video at the bottom of the page we made satirizing a popular "Portlandia" sketch. (see the original here - Visit the Portland Film Festival website for more information.

We've also been accepted to a few other film festivals this Fall:

- Kinookus Food Film Festival - Ston, Croatia, September 4th 

- 8th Wine Country International Film Festival - Santa Rosa, CA, September 25th - 29th 

- Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival - Flagstaff, AZ, October 9th 

- 12th Farm Aid at Skidmore College - Saratoga Springs, NY, September 19th 

For updates, keep posted about upcoming events on our Screenings Page! For those of you awaiting DVD's and digital downloads thanks for your patience - you'll be the first to get them once they're released early next year!! Let us know if you have any questions. 

Best Wishes & See You In Portland!! - Dan, Andrew, & Rest of Growing Cities Team

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Fall progress, videos, and tuxedos

Hello, hello backers!

Happy fall! We wanted to check-in because you know what, it’s been too long!
Many of you are on our mailing list, but we wanted to make sure we weren’t leaving folks out.

With the help of our fabulous editor, Alex Moscu, we are nearly a third of the way through editing the film! We're excited to share a few clips with you as part of our Urban Farmers Shorts series, with pieces of interviews from our favorite urban farmers across the country.

Two of our latest videos are below:

Meat comes in a little yellow package...

Urban Farming: Where to start


We just took a great trip to NYC, speaking at the Farm to Fork conference about urban farming and our film! We even met the King & Queen of Sweden. You can read all about it, including photos of us in tuxedos, hitting on the Swedish princess, and more in our latest blog post.


Please, please if you haven’t gotten a button, or a poster, or something that you think you should have gotten by now (minus the DVD/digital copy of the film) please let us know via email (

And of course, thank you all for your support...and do be in touch if you have any questions. We mostly hang out in a dark room editing, so would love to hear from you ;)

Cheers,  Dan + Andrew + rest of team

PS we're hoping to have a good cut of the film by early next year...more details soon here

Prizes In the Mail!!

Hey Everyone!

We've turned our studio into a prize factory over the last two weeks. We've been assembling shipping materials, pressing buttons, printing t-shirts, and addressing countless envelopes. Yesterday we spent almost two hours at the post office stamping goodies and sending them to YOU!! So get your dog on red alert for the postman and enjoy those Growing Cities collectibles!!

NOTE: we still need to screen print more t-shirts, color posters and photo books so don't be alarmed if you don't get these things yet (or DVDs obviously). Wear those buttons and t-shirts with pride and we'll continue to send updates about our progress - including the announcement of who will join the team as lead editor!!

Thanks for your support!

-Andrew & Dan

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We Won IndieWIRE's Project of the Month!!

Hi Friends!! More good news from the Growing Cities HQ - last week we were crowned (named) IndieWIRE's Project of the Month!! Thanks to everyone who voted and shared the link - it was a real team effort and together we prevailed over some tough competition to win a consultation with the Sundance Institute!! This is a great opportunity to spread the word about urban farming to a wider audience and encourage everyone to grow their own food - thanks for helping us get there!!

Love From Omaha,

Andrew & Dan

PS - we've been working on assembling all the prizes that we can send now (obviously DVDs will be ready when the film is) and everyone should start getting their goodies in the next few weeks! Enjoy!!

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Vote us win talk with Sundance!

Hi Backers!

Exciting news for those that haven't heard already - we're up for indieWIRE project of the month and a talk with the Sundance Institute!

Please vote for us now and tell your friends!

We are currently in second place and need all the support we can get to pull this out.  Facebook, twitter, and email are all great ways to spread the word.

***Voting closes Monday, June 4th at 5pm (EST), so get on over there if you haven't yet***

Thanks for your continued support!!

Andrew + Dan