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Become the Admiral of your own station as the human race attempts to colonise outer-space in this strategic card game.
Become the Admiral of your own station as the human race attempts to colonise outer-space in this strategic card game.
345 backers pledged £21,027 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Grizzly Games Creator on

      @chrisB - We’re glad you like it :) we took inspiration from old board games actually. Now you mention it though I remember them being very cool as well!

      @richard - Thanks for understanding Richard :)

      @linda - I need to get practicing clearly! We’re happy to be a distraction though :)

      @robG - Unfortunately not, I don’t think our funding will cover him ahahah! We can all dream though!

    2. RobGThai on

      Is someone with a lovely voice actually Morgan Freeman? A man can dream lol.

    3. Linda Lambert on

      *the ironing !! Haha, told you I was distracted!

    4. Linda Lambert on

      To do the rhyme, you must spend the time,
      Contemplating till your head starts aching,
      Then suddenly it come to you in a flash,
      So you write it down 'coz your in a dash,
      But it makes you smile all the the same,
      For life is just like one big game,
      Now I'm getting distracted, that's another thing,
      I'm supposed to be doing to ironing!

    5. Richard Robertson on

      No worries, GG! I'm looking forward to receiving a beautiful final product and I'm not concerned about which day it will arrive!

    6. Missing avatar

      Lesley Morris on

      Well I always need my glasses ! so having verbal instructions sounds awesome 👏🏻 happy days 😊😊

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris B

      Box looks really good..... the back reminds me of the old Nintendo game boxes (which had great artwork on them).

    8. Grizzly Games Creator on

      @carl - Thank you so much for that lovely comment Carl. We couldn’t agree more and we’re glad you feel that way as well :)

      @linda - I’ve just spent a few minutes trying to respond in rhyme, but I’ve failed completely. I need to admit defeat as well if I’ll be up all night! Keep the rhyming coming is makes us smile :) Thanks Linda

    9. Linda Lambert on

      Stress NOT about the delay,
      Rome wasn't built in a day,
      Good things come to those who wait, Home on Lagrange will be really great!!

    10. Carl Wadley on

      Although the prototype isn't linen finish, it still looks fantastic, nay... out of this world! Delays are inevitable and I would rather receive a product you're 100% happy with than one you later confess isn't all you'd hoped. After two years guys, what's a few more weeks between friends. Awesome news about the funding for the narrated Admirals Log, can't wait to hear more about that as it progresses!