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Become the Admiral of your own station as the human race attempts to colonise outer-space in this strategic card game.
Become the Admiral of your own station as the human race attempts to colonise outer-space in this strategic card game.
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LAD 193 - The Good, The not so good, and The Hopeful

Posted by Grizzly Games (Creator)


It's been a little while. For two reasons. Firstly, we didn't want to bombard your inboxes with little to no news, and secondly, we've been working hard and trying to make sure things keep moving forward every chance we get. Thanks for being patient with us.

The Good

Firstly some nice news that you will hopefully enjoy. We've decided to push the boat out a little bit and unlock a few more of the stretch goals that we didn't reach. This means that you will be getting linen finish on the box and both sets of cards! We didn't want to compromise on these, and after much consideration and many spreadsheets, we've decided that it's worth making the game at the quality we wanted and will be happy with. We can't wait for you to see it and we hope you're as excited as we are.

The not so good

I'll be blunt. We're running a little behind schedule. It's not awful, but it's not great. Essentially the proofing process with the manufacturer has taken a little longer than we were informed and had expected. This is mainly down to us being sticklers for the smallest details and wanting to make sure that everything is as close to perfect before we hit the print button. The tweaks and changes in the proofing process are all minor details, but we're incredibly proud of the game we've made, and we want to deliver the best possible product we can make.

The Hopeful

We built in a few months contingency to our timeline, and although a lot of this has been used with this process, we're still hopeful that we should be able to deliver by the end of the year. However, a lot of that is dependant on things out of our control. For instance, a smooth sail from China to the UK and an easy/quick trip through customs would help us hit our target delivery date but bad weather can slow the ship down, and as we all know customs isn't the easiest place to deal with so we'll see what happens.

Hopefully it's as easy as this (and takes 3 months or less)
Hopefully it's as easy as this (and takes 3 months or less)

One promise we can make and keep is that whatever happens, we will keep you informed and up-to-date.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch either in the comments or by emailing on and we'll make time for everyone.

Have a great weekend, and we'll be in touch soon!

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    1. Grizzly Games Creator on

      @chaos & @robert

      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for being so lovely with your responses. They have made us feel so much better! We’re currently waiting for the last proofs from the manufacturer (hopefully) and seeing how supportive everyone is being has really helped us take a moment to chill out.

      Thanks again guys! Have a great day. - Jordan

    2. Chaos

      I'd also like to say that you shouldn't stress out about it, I always take kickstarter delivery dates with a huge pinch of uncertainty principle because delays happen! As long as we're kept in the picture and the game ends up as awesome as I'm anticipating then when it drops on my doormat isn't a problem. If it's this side of Christmas then great, otherwise it'll help me to get over the post Christmas blues. Either way, thank you for all of your hard work on making this as great as it possibly can be!

    3. Richard Robertson on

      Yeah, don't be stressed out. So few games are on time, I don't include the delivery date in my set of expectations. You're keeping up with communications and transparency, and putting quality first, that will keep us calm. So, anyway, free upgrades, yay!

    4. Grizzly Games Creator on

      @George Thanks George :)

    5. Grizzly Games Creator on

      @CaGeRit we can’t wait either!! :)

    6. Grizzly Games Creator on

      @ChrisB thanks Chris! We really do appreciate the kind words as it’s been stressing us out quite a bit over the last week.

    7. George on

      Looking good as always. Thanks for the update.

    8. CaGeRit

      Glad to hear about the stretch goals.Can't wait to have the game in my hands.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris B

      You and everyone else making a game on Kickstarter is behind due to manufacturing.... I wouldn't worry about hitting your expected date. Things happen especially when not in your control half way around the world. Thanks for updating us!