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Become the Admiral of your own station as the human race attempts to colonise outer-space in this strategic card game.
Become the Admiral of your own station as the human race attempts to colonise outer-space in this strategic card game.
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LAD - 166 - T minus 9 Days and Counting.

Posted by Grizzly Games (Creator)

This week has been a monumental one, my fellow space colonisers.

This week has seen us send off all of our proofs to our manufacturer. All of our art, design, writing, proofing & playtesting is finished (we think/hope). In the next few days we should get the digital proofs through, and then within 9 days, we should hopefully have a pre-production copy on our doorstep (a copy that we can do final checks on before the full order goes through though (just in case))!

Celebrate with us on this hot and sweaty Saturday by having a nice cold glass of something and maybe some form of happy dance.

We're sorry that we missed our last scheduled update, but we made an executive decision to crack on, to get everything finished and let you know today. We made it!

After the next week or so, a lot of this process is out of our hands, the manufacturers will make it, and our fulfillment company will ship it. We'll be filling our time with hopefully getting a few more copies sold and getting the word out there. We will also make sure that we are doing everything in our capacity to make sure the game arrives as close to, on, or before schedule, as possible. We'll let you know along the way, and keep you posted with our milestones.

That being said, as these milestones may have more than a couple of weeks between them, we may be posting a little less than our once fortnightly posts so far. Let's work on the assumption that no news is good news, because things are going to plan!

If any of you have any favourite boardgame blogs, Instagram accounts, facebook pages, forums or websites that you think Home on Lagrange should be featured on let us know and we'll try and make it happen.

Have a fantastic week. We couldn't have done this without you.

- Jordan & Callum

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    1. Grizzly Games Creator on

      @sarah we did and we can’t wait for you to see it! :)

    2. Sarah Glerup

      Great!! :-D Did you finish the drawing of me as a futuristic cat lady?