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A compelling music documentary about a man and a record store that changed a community and became an American musical treasure.
A compelling music documentary about a man and a record store that changed a community and became an American musical treasure.
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    1. S.F. & LISA YEE on

      2012 was kinda 3 yrs ago and another MVFF is coming up next month so whatsup?! I know these things take time w/copyrights and stuff. Wrecking crew took like 7 yrs to come out on dvd!

    2. Missing avatar

      David Neureuther on

      Are there any new updates on the status of this film and when we can see it?

    3. Mariaelena Quale on

      When will we receive our digital download?

    4. Christine Funk on

      So glad you reached your goal!!! I am working on a documentary about Peter Rowan with Peter's help - we have a kickstarter launch in the works for early Feb. I am thrilled to see how well yours went! Love Village Music and excited to see the documentary. Good luck! Cheers, Christine Funk

    5. Missing avatar

      Caitie Mcgregor on

      I'm happy this movie has the backing it needs.

    6. Ellen Elizabeth on

      congrats for hitting the pledge goal!

    7. Janet Barton & Pat Coleman on

      Congratulations and Happy New Year from Istanbul!

    8. Missing avatar

      Dennis Locorriere on

      I lived in Mill Valley back in my early 'Hook' days and John's store was always a pleasure to visit, mostly because of the man himself.
      Last time I was in there (don't ask when that was!) John had doubled his floorspace by accessing the bulding nextdoor.
      From the clips I just watched it looks like he went on to turn it into a veritable 'supermarket of coolness'.
      Sorry to see Village Music go, but what a better place the music world was when it was around.
      Thanks, John!
      And thanks Monroe and Gillian.
      Best of luck!

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rik Elswit on

      You know, I moved out of Mill Valley without ever thanking John for all the great music that he turned me on to in the 70s. I was deep into country and pop, but he opened me up to a lot of great R&B and jazz. My life is so much richer for it that it more than compensates for the flattening of my wallet.

    11. Missing avatar

      Hilary Clark on

      I haved lived in Mill Valley since 1988 and I loved Village Music!
      I look forward to seeing this film.

    12. susan lopes on

      Your film is timely for me as I bought Christmas presents at Village Music every year, from 1985 until the store closed. John always steered me in the right direction and my absolute favorite Christmas records to this day are his picks. The Christmas Jug Band used to play just outside his front door to kick off the holiday season. That was their best venue of all. Thanks for the memories!

    13. susan lopes on

      Can' wait to see this!!! So glad you captured the final days.

    14. Missing avatar

      Roni Rogers on

      In WA, both the folks of Sonic Boom and Jive Time speak of John and Village Music. No one tops the collection John compiled though.

    15. Tadd Igarashi on

      I'm a Japanese living in Tokyo. So I wasn't a customer. But in 1992 I had a chance to visit Village Music to meet John Goddard for Esquire Japan magazine (look for July '92 issue). It was one of my cherished memories (along with meeting Jeannie Patterson of Sweetwater). It's great to know you guys are making a documentary on the great store. Good luck!

    16. Missing avatar

      Marina Fusco Nims on

      Long live Village Music! John is King!