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$11,428 pledged of $75,000 goal
By Bob Green
$11,428 pledged of $75,000 goal


Why are GREENBELLS the Smart Way to Get Flexible and Bomb the Ball?

Because they're Grip Free!

Everyone will love them, especially golfers

We all know how important flexibility is for our golf game. It's impossible to play golf well if you're not flexible. And we also know that getting flexible and building the core strength you need to drive the ball isn't quite as easy as it used to be. 

Well, Greenbells have just made getting fit for golf a whole lot easier. With Greenbells, you don't have to strain your wrists and forearms holding onto those hand weights because Greenbells are grip-free!

That's a huge improvement.

Besides making it easier, Greenbells let you do your stretching
and exercising with Quiet Hands(tm). That's another big improvement. That directs all of your effort to your big muscles - your shoulders, core, hips and legs ... the very muscles that supply the power to your golf swing.

Watch that video at the top of the page. If you take Gary Shimmin's advice (2011 GolfWeek Super Senior Amateur Golfer of the Year) and start stretching and exercising with a pair of Greenbells, and then start grooving your golf swing with one Greenbell, you'll increase your drives by up to 15 yards!

So order yourself a pair of Greenbells, get flexible and go out there and start bombing the ball. Play like a kid again. Have fun!

Here's the deal:

We're asking you to help us bring Greenbells to market, where they will be sold starting at $89 a pair. If you pledge just $75 to us, we’ll send you a pair of $89 Greenbells, postage paid, as soon as they come off the production line. If you pledge you will only get charged if we reach our goal of $75,000.  

Golfers - and the Rest of You:
Get Flexible!


You can easily groove a correct golf swing with one Greenbell. Remember how Gary Shimmin warmed up for his round of golf by replicating his swing with one Greenbell? It works for Gary; it will work for you. Leading golf instructors have estimated that stretching and exercising regularly with the Greenbells will add up to 15 yards to the average golfer’s drive. 

And Greenbells don't strain your body. That's great for all of us who aim to increase our flexibility and balance.

Just hear what Bill Sampson had to say. He's the 2011 Carolinas PGA Golf Professional of the Year, and Director of Golf at the Old Tabby Links at Spring Island, South Carolina:

"Using Greenbells will definitely add up to 15 yards to a golfer's drives. More importantly, using Greenbells daily, and especially prior to playing, will make a golfer much more flexible and much more accurate with every shot. Greenbells train golfers to properly hit every shot with Quiet Hands, using nothing but the big muscles -- the shoulders, back, core, legs and hips -- to supply power. I recommend that every golfer -- no matter her or his skill level -- start using Greenbells on a daily basis." 

Greenbells Aren't Just for Golfers

Everyone who wants to improve their flexibility and fitness with light weights will benefit from working out with Grip-free Greenbells. 

What's Different About Greenbells? 

The key to Greenbells' success is that they let golfers and others exercise with Quiet Hands. That means instead of straining and stressing to grip a dumbbell, tensing the muscles and tendons in your hands, wrists and forearms, Greenbells sit comfortably around your hand. For a golfer, and particularly for seniors, this means you can focus on grooving your swing and strengthening the major muscle groups that give your drive more power. When you exercise with Quiet Hands, your effort goes into stretching and building strength, not holding onto or controlling the weights.

America Needs Greenbells 

At Grip-Free Technologies, we believe that introducing the Greenbells is not only good business, it’s good fitness for everyone. Every adult in the country should want to use Greenbells. We’re starting with the golf market because it’s big – Golfers spend $25 billion a year on their sport, about $5 billion of that on equipment. And fitness has become a priority for golfers, especially older golfers. Click here to read a recent article – one of so many – in the New York Times on how seriously golf professionals take their fitness conditioning.

Need even more good reasons why working out with a pair of Greenbells is good fitness and good business? 

  • Americans are living longer. They need a better way to stretch and exercise for the last 50 years of their lives. Do you realize how many Baby Boomers there are in the US? Seventy-seven million!
  • Millions more Americans are recuperating from upper-body injuries. Leading surgeons and physical medicine doctors have strongly endorsed the Greenbell as an ideal tool for rehab.
  • Dr. John D. MacGillivray, Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College, Team Physician to the US Ski Team, Orthopaedic Consultant for the New York Giants and the National Hockey League Players' Association, and a member of our Medical Advisory Board, says that for patients recovering from shoulder surgery and other upper body injuries, “exercising with the Greenbells will speed patient recovery and they’ll be a whole lot happier doing it.”
  • And we haven't yet mentioned the millions who want to get in, and stay in, proper condition for sports. There are nearly 26 million amateur golfers in this country alone and zillions more across the globe. There are another six million American tennis players. You can bet that a huge percentage of these people will be using Greenbells – to keep from joining those millions of rehabbers!
  • Finally: you will get stronger using Greenbells. And they are easier to hold onto than dumbbells or kettle bells. They are safer. They are healthier. And you'll have a better future...far less chance of getting tendonitis, a sore back, sore shoulders, weak stomach muscles, etc. 

Made in America!

We are proud that Greenbells will be made in America. Utilizing the most advanced technology in injection mold manufacturing and including recyclable materials,  Greenbells will be truly green.To hear more about the product and company click here.

The Science Behind Greenbells 

The concept behind Greenbells has been taken to experts for verification, and the results were astounding! 

Greenbells' grip-free technology was rigorously tested at three major universities – Arizona State, Howard and the University of Southern California. The consensus was that grip-free weights are remarkably more effective than traditional dumbbells. After 8 weeks of use, endurance increased 88% for users of grip-free weights. Dumbbell users saw only a 30% increase. And when using a prototype of the Greenbell compared with dumbbells of equal weight, users of grip-free weights users had 19.4% greater activity in the biceps and 18% greater activity in the triceps. Click on this link if you would like to see the full scientific studies from the three Universities. 

In other words, Greenbells really work! The best people in the golf and health industries have tried them and endorsed them and are very anxious for us to make them so that they can start using them. 

What Are People Saying About Greenbells? 

Greenbells have received enthusiastic reviews from eminent physicians and surgeons (who liked them so much they joined our advisory board), fitness centers and clinic directors. As we pointed out above, bio-medical studies at University of Southern California, Arizona State and Howard University have established that Greenbells are “The Smart Replacement for Dumbbells.” 

Greenbells, “The Smart Replacement for Dumbbells” and “Quiet Hands” are trademarks of Grip-Free Technologies LLC. Any unauthorized use is prohibited. Patent Pending.

More About Greenbells - and Our Company 

The Company has assembled an exceptional group of experienced Business Executives, Consultants and Advisors to produce and market the Greenbell® and to oversee the Company's operations as it grows: 

Meet our Founder:


Chairman and Managing Director: Robert S. Green, the founder of Grip-Free Technologies, is an attorney with broad experience in the organization, financing and operation of early-stage companies. His career in venture capital began when he organized the first publicly-held small business investment company and structured its investments in some 20 portfolio companies. Since his retirement as a senior partner of Nixon Peabody, one of the world's largest law firms, Mr. Green has devoted his activities to assisting early stage companies in their financing and operations.

Chief Executive and Managing Director: Patty Schmucker, has a distinguished career in marketing consumer products. As the West Coast distributor for Aveda, she increased its sales in five years from $100,000 to $17 million; as CEO of DermaNew, she built sales from scratch to $12 million in three years; and as product development consultant to Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Center for Well Being, she developed 36 new products and quadrupled its sales. 

Director of Media and Advertising: Don Gwaltney has a long and storied career as head of creative services at a number of Chicago advertising agencies. While at Leo Burnett he was a creator of the Marlboro Country campaign (considered the 20th Century's No. 1 campaign for all categories); he created many other major cigarette campaigns and worked on such accounts as Allstate, Pillsbury, Kellogg, Schlitz, Proctor & Gamble and Commonwealth Edison. His campaign song "Not Your Father's Oldsmobile" won the Ad Song of the Year Award in 1990, and in the same year he was named Chicago Ad Man of the Year. Mr. Gwaltney has handled the national advertising for the PGA for 15 years, on a pro bono basis. He has also written and published nine books. Mr. Gwaltney is responsible for developing and supervising the Company’s branding and advertising activities, including its internet and television marketing programs. 

Director of Finance: Jeffrey T. Spiegel, CPA has over 30 years experience in the accounting profession, specializing in business finance and tax planning for small- to mid-size businesses, start-ups and non-profit entities. He will set up and supervise the Company’s financial procedures. 

Medical Advisers

John D. MacGillivray, MD

  • Hospital for Special Surgery – Orthopedic Surgeon, Associate Prof.
  • New York Giants – Orthopedic Consultant
  • NHL Players Association – Orthopedic Consultant    
  • US Ski Team – Team Physician

Dr. Robert B. Goldberg, DO

  • Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine specialist 
  • Dean, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine 
  • Past President of N.Y. State Medical Society 

Vijay Vad, MD 

  • Hospital for Special Surgery - Physiatrist/Rehabilitation
  • Author: Golf Rx    
  • Consultant to ATP Tennis Tour

Retained Consultants: 

The Company works closely with an expert team of consultants, including: 

  • Director of Sales – Richard Goldschmidt of G-Force Strategic Sales Solutions, which has well-established relationships with major retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, CVS and Rite Aid. Mr. Goldschmidt has developed a broker team with experience in sporting goods sales to chains including Dicks’ and Modell’s.
  • Market Research: Geryl Spiegel was formerly Manager of Business Analysis at Sbarro, and prior to that Ms. Spiegel was manager of marketing analysis for Fortunoff, the luxury goods and wedding gift retailer, in charge of the firm's $31 million annual marketing budget. 
  • Director of Training: Anthony Ferreira is Certified as a Personal Trainer by the National Training Institute of Sports Medicine, and has been employed in the fitness industry for over 15 years. He has been working extensively with the Greenbells, designing appropriate exercises for its use.

Our Competition

We’ve carefully reviewed competitive alternatives that help older golfers (and not-so-old golfers), and nothing provides the grip-free flexibility and strength exercising of Greenbells. The best exercise systems we could find were far more expensive – and we believe far less effective – for all golfers, especially those with gripping problems. 

Thanks for your help bringing Greenbells to market! With your assistance, we’ll all soon have access to an easier, more effective way to strengthen, tone, and improve our bodies and our golf game! 

 GREENBELLS: “The Smart Replacement for Dumbbells” 

Our Production Schedule

We expect to have our first models in your hands within 3 months of completing the Kickstarter campaign – and sooner if we meet our fundraising goal before the end of the campaign. Preliminary design work is already complete. We’ll commission our manufacturing partner to prepare a full set of design drawings for the company that will make the injection mold. Simultaneously, we’ll finalize the mixture of recyclable plastics we’ll be using, and order the raw materials. Once the mold’s ready, and a sample production run has shown it works, the mold will be shipped to our manufacturing partner and fine-tuned, and by the end of about 10 weeks, the first production run should be coming off the assembly line. Give us another 2 weeks to package and ship the weights, and your Greenbells should arrive with 3 months after the end of our campaign. We’ll keep all our Greenbells fans and friends informed of the progress of manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Are Greenbells only for Golfers?

Absolutely not!  Greenbells are ideal for everyone - Men and Women - who want to retain their flexibility and muscle tone. Greenbells are great for grooving a great swing for all sports from tennis to bowling to baseball to lacrosse. 

Q: Will Greenbells be used by other members of my family? 

A: Yes. You don’t have to be over 50 to get dramatic results from Greenbells. Remember, all professional athletes stretch and exercise before they play, and stretching and exercising is good for all ages. 

Q: Why are Greenbells a perfect gift for the person who already has everything? 

A: Because Greenbells are new and nobody has a pair of them. They're light and easy to carry and we believe they'll do more to improve your golf game than any other golf training aid out there. And, it beats the dickens out of another necktie or scarf that will sit in the back of Dad's sock drawer or Mom's closet

Q: What exactly are “Quiet Hands”? 

A: Quiet Hands are hands that don’t get in the way of your performance. They are hands that are used for guidance, not for power. Think of brushing your teeth. You do it with quiet hands. If you applied power, you might lose a tooth. Or think of dining. Again, done with quiet hands. If you used force, you'd likely jab a fork through your cheek. Think of golf. If you tried to swing with only your arms, and applied power with only your hands, the ball wouldn’t go very far and probably wouldn’t even get airborne. But, if you learn to swing with quiet hands, the force has to come from somewhere else ... the power muscles. That's your shoulders, core, hips and legs. Make a big turn, pause at the top, make a very fast pivot and don’t let your hands pronate until after they’ve passed the contact point. As Sam Sneed himself said, “Your grip should be as if you are holding a small bird. You don’t want to let it get away, but you also don’t want to kill it.” 

Q: Why are Quiet Hands important? 

A: Because the fewer shots you need to reach the green, the more shots you have to sink your putt. 

Q: How long before I will get my product? 

A: As soon as we reach our $75,000 goal we will be making Greenbells. If you help us do that and others follow suit, we will be shipping Greenbells in a matter of months. 

Q: How do I carry my Greenbells? 

A: Each Greenbell weighs 2 1/2 pounds and is easily carried in your gym bag, or you can order your pair with a Greenbells carry bag.

Q: What has been the reaction of people who have seen the prototypes? 

A: Very positive. The question we keep hearing is, “When can I buy a pair?” 

Risks and challenges

As with all products there are risk and challenges. If Greenbells are widely accepted and sales take off, we could run into a supply and demand problem. To solve this we have multiple manufacturers ready to go just in case, and we guarantee that our Kickstarter supporters will be the first to receive Greenbells. Since we're still several months away from the first production run, the cost of raw materials may rise, which means we may need additional orders to amortize the costs of production. We've also got to test the final designs and as with anything that's made from injection molded plastic, it can take weeks to fine-tune the production process to bring you a flawless pair of Greenbells. All that said, we've gone through extensive cost analysis and feel we've assembled a team that's got the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to conquer any challenges we may face.

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    You'll get a set of Greenbells, including a large full-color poster for “Do the 10's” (10 basic stretches and exercises to do with Greenbells every morning), for your help in bringing this revolutionary product to market.

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    For just $10 more, you will get a digital copy of the book "Bomb the Ball" - a how-to guide for golfers. Plus everything above: your own set of Greenbells + full instructions on how to use them + "Do the 10's" poster.

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    You'll get a set of Greenbells PLUS our custom Greenbells Carry Bag (regular retail price of $15). You'll protect your Greenbells and easily take them with you - anywhere you go! Includes full instructions on how to use them + a digital copy of the book "Bomb the Ball" - a how-to guide for golfers + "Do the 10's" poster.

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    2 Sets of Greenbells ($150, unlimited) Get two sets of Greenbells and save $40 on our already discounted price! Perfect for the couple or friends who want to exercise together. Includes two Carry Bags, 2 "Do the 10's" posters + 2 links for the digital copy of the book "Bomb the Ball". We can ship to multiple addresses at no extra charge.

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    Business Pack - 10 Sets of Greenbells - ($725, unlimited) Buy 10 sets of Greenbells - Are you a personal trainer? Be one of the first to build a Greenbells fitness program. Also perfect for business gifts to clients or employees or to build your own Greenbells community! You'll save $225 through this package, which includes 10 sets of Greenbells and Carry Bags, 10 "Do the 10's" posters and 10 links for digital copies of the book "Bomb the Ball". We can ship to multiple addresses at no extra charge.

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    On Friday, April 18, you and three of your friends will fly to Savannah, Georgia, where you'll be chauffeured 40 minutes north to your weekend home - Spring Island, South Carolina. On Saturday, your foursome will play the island's fabled course, Old Tabby Links.

    But first you'll spend a half hour at the Fitness Center, loosening up with Fitness Director Tammy Randolph, followed by a lesson on the practice tee with one of the best teaching pros in the Carolinas, Billy Sampson.

    On Sunday, you'll be spending the day as a VIP guest on nearby Hilton Head Island for the final round of the RBC Heritage Golf Classic at Harbour Town Golf Links.

    Package includes up to $300* per person credit for airfare, all ground transportation for the weekend, accommodation for four at your weekend home in Spring Island, breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days, green fees at Old Tabby, personal training with Tammy Randolph and Billy Sampson and VIP tickets for the final round of the RBC Heritage Golf Classic.

    You will also receive four sets of Greenbells when they come off the production line, as well as four carry bags, four "DOING THE 10'S" posters and four autographed copies of the book "Bomb the Ball."

    Value: $6400. Priceless: Your personal chauffer and guide, Grip-Free Greenbell's Golf Guru, Don Gwaltney, a founding member of Spring Island.

    *$300 credit per person for airfare can be used only for airfare paid out of pocket. No reimbursement for use of airline travel miles. No portion refundable for flight under $300.

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