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A  charming SNES style RPG with Roguelike elements, set in a twisted fairytale world with a cheerful, yet raging alcoholic Heroine
A  charming SNES style RPG with Roguelike elements, set in a twisted fairytale world with a cheerful, yet raging alcoholic Heroine
A charming SNES style RPG with Roguelike elements, set in a twisted fairytale world with a cheerful, yet raging alcoholic Heroine
4,044 backers pledged $119,719 to help bring this project to life.

Shah-Ding! 2nd Stretch Goal Unlocked!


We hope you all had a good weekend. We took a day to sleep and then got right back into the swing of things. We are now officially ⅔ of the way through our Kickstarter campaign and have only 10 days left! If you haven’t already, please tell your friends and family about Dragon Fin Soup. We have a real solid chance of unlocking more stretch goals and can only do it with you help. Post on FB or Twitter or share on a forum - every bit of support helps and we deeply appreciate your efforts.

Asian/Oriental Weapon Pack!

This cool new weapon pack will come with all sorts of nice pointy things to slice, crush, impale and mutilate your enemies :) Features such notable weapon types as the Katana, Dao, Shafrah, Odachi, Katar, Zhua, Sai, Scimaitar, Kunia and many others. We will focus on weapons inspired from the Asian Pacific cultures as well as some from the Middle East.

Grimm Bros at PAX East!

We just announced that we will have a booth at PAX East where we will have a playable demo of Dragon Fin Soup! In addition we will have a cosplayer dressed up as Red Robin! More info coming soon...

Stay on target!

Personally we really really really want to get Morgiana in-game as a hero character. She has so much exciting potential and is very different that Red Robin. Here is a new painting by Randis that give you a sense of her potential. Lets spread the word and make this Stretch Goal happen!

New Dragon Fin Soup gameplay video!

We will record a new video soon to show you the first 2 Missions, gameplay and more info about DFS! For those who can’t make it to PAX East this video is the next best thing as it will have detailed commentary by Randis. Stay tuned...

Shout Out

Our old dear friend Leslie is doing a Kickstarter and is doing her best to get the word out about this wonderful little game - The UnEarth Initiative!

A fun cute science fiction sandbox-sim game set in the far future, Earth's government is dealing with a crisis of over-population by taking what it considers to be the least desirable citizens and blasting them into space on poorly equipped and untrained colonization missions. As the leader of one such colony, you'll need to rally your team of misfits and lead them to glory! Or, at the very least, to not become an alien's breakfast. (PC, Mac, Linux)

Its a bit of a long-shot with only 48hr left, but anything can happen! -

Thanks you all of your efforts and support! Lets keep pushing to get the word out and see how far we can go!

 - Ash & Randis

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    1. Creator Thomas Custer on April 1, 2014

      How dare you suggest I comment on a kickstarter project that I totally believe in and backed! I'm completely offended and will definitely NOT be posting a comment. I will definitely not share this on facebook and twitter, and I'm totally changing my pledge to $0.

    2. Creator Guilherme Reis Bonfim on April 1, 2014

      Great pictures there!

    3. Creator Midian on March 31, 2014

      Are you guys gonna be at Pax Prime? I know that that is a ways away, but I figured I'd ask anyways.

    4. Creator Grimm Bros on March 31, 2014

      Yeah, that's too bad but then again, the last days on Kickstarter gonna be super busy from what i hear and if would have to manage the booth at Pax at the same time and all the Pax Press meetings,,, that would be rather tough :D

      Last year Pax was very fun, we had a booth too and some cos play and a real live mini Roguelike game :D
      Here are a couple pics :)

    5. Creator Pitchingace88 - YouTube on March 31, 2014

      A booth! That is so cool, I wish this lasted a little bit longer so more people at the convention could see and add to the totals :D