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Dragon Fin Soup seamlessly blends genres to create a fresh experience: half story-driven tactical RPG and half high-stakes roguelike, with a pinch of crass humor and a heaping helping of murder & madness set in a procedurally generated fantasy world.
Dragon Fin Soup seamlessly blends genres to create a fresh experience: half story-driven tactical RPG and half high-stakes roguelike, with a pinch of crass humor and a heaping helping of murder & madness set in a procedurally generated fantasy world.
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Dragon Fin Soup 1.07 PC/STEAM Update “Community ChowDown!” Launches this Week!

Posted by Grimm Bros (Creator)

Hey Everyone!

The team has been hard at work in the New Year, and now we proudly announce our 1.07 PC/STEAM Update “Community ChowDown!” Why should you care? Cuz its awesome. Seriously.

Our new update will debut on Twitch by Amazon this Wednesday 2/10 at 4pm PST! Come check us and get a chance for a FREE Steam key! 

WTF is 1.07 Community ChowDown!? 

  • It's a major update where we wrap up the majority of the community feedback and refine the game experience! 
  • UI and Game Controls have been streamlined and revamped! 
  • Crafting system has been overhauled to be super awesome! 
  • Added a ton of new features - such as “Double-Click” and “Precision Step” - to enhance the game experience! 
  • And all known bugs on PC/STEAM have been crushed into a fine gooey paste - great for organic hair gel! 
  • Updated “Read or Die” Official Game Manual that is crammed full of information, tips, and tricks! (We’re not kidding, this game isn’t easy). 
  • New in-depth tutorial video hosted by Red Robin herself! She will guide you through hacking, slashing, and drinking your way through Asura. 

If you’re new to Dragon Fin Soup - have a hearty helping starting this Wednesday when our game will be on a Special “Community ChowDown” Sale for 25% off on STEAM! 

If you tried Dragon Fin Soup but it wasn’t quite to your liking...try it again! We listened and worked really hard to make sure it has all the pickings and flavors you want :D 

Love the game but still want more? Not to worry, more improvements, updates and DLC are still planned for the future. Also all your physical good are still in the works, we've just been heads down focused on the game.  We really appreciate your patience.

Support Indie Game Dev. Tell all your friends to buy some Dragon Fin Soup.
All proceeds will go to helping us pay for the PSN patches and ports to all the other platforms :P

Thank you all for your love and support! 

- Ash and Randis, and their minions.

The following is a list of features currently planned for the update. There may be additional features and fixes added between now and the release of the update.
Patch 1.07 is expected to go live later this week.

- New Feature: Crafting Auto-fill
                  - When all ingredients needed for a recipe are in your inventory, the recipe will be marked with a green check mark
                  - Double click, enter, or joypad action button (X on PS controller) will automatically place ingredients in the crafting grid
                  - Cursor will then jump to the “Create” button  
                  - After pressing the create button in crafting UI, the "clear" button becomes automatically selected to speed up crafting 

- "Clear" button in crafting menu will also clear the result slot. 

- Fixed an issue with saved crafting recipes sometimes being lost. 

-New Feature: Quick inventory item movement
                 - Quickly move items from one place to another (such as equipping, buying, selling, etc)
                 - Double click, enter, or joypad action button (X on PS Controller)
                 - Command popup will still be used for consuming, discarding, and moving items

- Item info description font size increased and color changed for better readability 

- Added a new button to the command popup (Right click, ‘R’, or Triangle on PS controller) to use a power crystal to upgrade a piece of equipment in your inventory. 

- Made items that hero collects automatically stack with the same item type that is equipped instead of creating a new stack in the inventory 

- When any piece of gear is selected in the inventory, the corresponding equipment slot will flash to show where the gear can be equipped. 

- Fixed pets getting in the way when you do the Crystal loop minigame 

- Fixed mail delivery and secret message missions sometimes leaving quest items in the inventory 

- Cost of reviving pets at the vet in the village will now scale with the level of the hero 

- When crafting weapons and armor there is now a chance to get bonus stats on the gear. Items with these bonuses will be marked with a ‘+’ at the end of their name. Bonuses will be retained when the item is upgraded with a power crystal. 

- Added a setting in game options to disable prompts for crafting. 

- Changed combat log so that Enemy actions in the will be in red text 

- Pressing and holding the turn counter will automatically skip turns without repeated clicking 

- Added a shadow to all fonts in the Hud for better readability.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Fuchsmann on

      Thank you very much! I will wait a bit longer for an update for PS4.

      The game is fun and addicting, as you promised. However, the few game elements, like Alchemy is rarely used in my current play style due to the not-as-convinent-as-it-could-be menu handling.

      I'm really sorry for you guys about this difficult setting. I do hope everything pays out in the end. With a bit of polishing (which is most probably done in your patch) the game would be super-awesome.

      By the way, as a learner, I want to pay my high respects for your japanese translation. It's rare to see non-imported games which actually contain japanese letters in germany. After my first playthrough I want to play it in japanese.

    2. Grimm Bros Creator on

      @Thomas Fuchsmann
      1) We are working to sort this out and as soon as we have news we'll let you know. Sorry but its a complex endeavor, more challenging than we anticipated.
      2) Of course! You all are part of our story and journey :)
      3) If you don't want to wait for the PSN patch and want to play DFS on STEAM or DRM Free just send an email to with the subject line "GIMME MY DFS FIX" and we'll get that rolling for you.

      Please know that we got your back. You backed us and there is plenty more goodies in store for you all. You all are our friends we haven't met in person yet and we'll keep doing our very best to deliver.

    3. Grimm Bros Creator on

      @Colin Torretta
      As you saw from our earlier comment the PSN code was out of our control, however we are actively working to get this sorted out for you and everyone in our community. We really appreciate your understanding.

    4. Grimm Bros Creator on

      @Paul Anthony Maddaloni
      Yes. Our evil master plan is to update and patch ALL version of Dragon Fin Soup.
      Any features and fixes from 1.07 or beyond will eventually make its way to PSN.
      We really appreciate your patience as we work it all out.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas Fuchsmann on

      I have 3 questions:

      1. Can we expect any update for the PSN version or are we to expected to live with the version we have now?

      2. Will you inform us if you have any dates?

      3. If 1 & 2 are negative: Can we expect a an offer from your side to switch the backer-package from PSN to PC?

    6. Aaron Burke on

      "Maybe people that were only interested in the PSN-version would have been angry if they had to wait longer but now you have disappointed PSN-backers..."

      So what I'm hearing is that Grimm Bros are damned if they do, damned if they don't. You can't please everyone.

      I have yet to try the game (it's shortlisted in my backlog), but I'm looking forward to it! I'm glad to hear the initial mixed reviews and general bugginess didn't get you down too much, Grimm Bros. crew.

    7. Grimm Bros Creator on

      @Colin Torretta
      Colin, we hear you but ports to other platforms and PC patches have really nothing to do with PSN support.
      A different company did the port and the submission to the PS platforms, we do not even have the access to their source code. Not everything is as simple as it may seem on the surface.
      Obviously, fixes and improvements to the PS platforms are in our own best interest but there is simply nothing we can do by our self about it at this point as we complete rely on the other company to do so. The other ports we do however by ourself and will be able to give proper and quick support as we did for the PC version. Working on new ports has no effect on the state of the game for the PS platforms.

    8. Grimm Bros Creator on

      We understand the frustration and believe me when i say that we are a lot more frustrated about the matter than anyone else but as we had explained before things are not as simple as you put it.
      First of all, even without the PS+ deal, the deal with sony always was that the game cannot be released for any other platform before the PS platform, ergo we did a sim launch.
      Secondly, developers don't choose when they release the game on PS+, games are being selected and once a deal and a deadline is in place it cannot be changed or postponed.
      Of course we would love to address all PSN related issues but again, as we have explained multiple times, a different studio ported the title and did the submission and they have dropped the ball.
      We cannot go into detail but lots of the issues, such as the one you named are the result of their port and our QA got the hands on the game only days before submission.
      It is a complicated situation.
      We do not have access to the PS source code, we cannot debug or fix those issues and are completely reliant on the porting studio Blit Works.
      In our own best interest the PS platforms ideally would be patched ASAP, it's not like we are too lazy to do so or don't care, it hurts te sales and our rep but not everything is in our control in regards to this matter.
      Lack of support for PS platforms is in no way a result of our efforts in supporting the game on Steam as we by our-self simply cannot do any work on the PS platforms.

    9. Chris on

      > Maybe focus on delivering a stable product to your PSN backers before talking about ports to other platforms?

      THIS. You "complain" about fees you have to pay for patches, but you should have known them beforehand. But instead you release a game with basic errors like "String not found" when running on Systems with other language settings:
      Maybe you should have postponed the PSN-release. A rather large amount of Indie devs does this as they tend to use Steam's "submit your patches when you feel they are ready"-policy to polish their products until they think they will run stable enough on other platforms. But no, you had to do a simultaneous release. Maybe people that were only interested in the PSN-version would have been angry if they had to wait longer but now you have disappointed PSN-backers and additionally you have a whole bunch of people that got the game via PS+ that also dislike the game as it still contains game-breaking bugs. I guess only a low amount will consider to purchase/support a second game of yours.

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Fuchsmann on

      Love the game so far but looking very forward to the updates in crafting and menu handling.

      Is there any date when we can expect the PS4 / PS Vita update?

    11. Beh Kok Seng

      I haven't checked if I've claimed the game key yet, but I manage to download the PS+ subscribers free game.

    12. Aleksandar on

      Thumbs up. I wish all developers had good post-launch support of their products

    13. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on

      I am looking forward to get all this on the PS4 then. Haven't started yet as I want the best possible experience.

    14. MysticRaven on

      I'd like to have it for my mac, which is why i backed it. can we get an update on the Mac port?

    15. Colin Torretta on

      Maybe focus on delivering a stable product to your PSN backers before talking about ports to other platforms?

    16. Gary Poore on

      Really looking for some info on a Mac OSX, I can't play at all yet.

    17. Shannon Hamilton on

      Good news. Though, I'm looking forward to the Vita update. I have too many PC games to play and not enough Vita games.

    18. Paul Anthony Maddaloni on

      When the PS4 (and other PS platforms) is finally updated, will it be in line with this 1.07 update? Looking forward to it. Thanks, and keep up the good work.