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A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
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Work in Progress Wednesday: 9 (To me you are a work of Art!)

Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)

Dear backers,

A much requested update this week! Today we're finally going to peer into.....


So the reason we've delayed up till this point is because we were working on a surprise for you all. At no cost to you, the backers, we've upgraded the artbook! Now the Artbook will be in beautiful Faux Leather chased with Gold Foil! 

And doesn't it just look incredible! 

These are the working process pieces for the art book which have been sent to us by our production company for discussion and analysis. We're getting an example of this sent out to us so that we can really get to grips with it.

Whilst this isn't a copy of our art book below, this will be the same material styling for our art book. Gilded edges for the pages and a lovely ribbon book mark *We think Gold for the Ribbon but what do you think?*

And of course what would the art book preview be without a look at some of the beautiful pieces of artwork we've produced to fill it!

 The double page spread of the Docks is going to get printed for the office wall this is an absolute guarantee!

 Of course the words will be changed for Lorem Ipsum before you all get them!

The Trait System

The trait system is one of the best examples of the replayability inherent within The Everrain. Whenever you get a new member of crew or your original starting crew, you randomly draw two traits for the new individual! These traits can have vastly different impacts on your crew and what they are good at or really bad at.

A very basic explanation of the trait system
A very basic explanation of the trait system

We bring up the trait system because the art book comes with an additional punch board with traits unique to this add on! These traits are only available for sale with this add on and will not be reproduced elsewhere.

Also included on this punch board are unique ship rooms and enemy and crew tokens, but we'll get into these more at another time!

 Stay Aloft and Loose the Sails!

The Grimlord Games Team

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    1. John Cosgrove
      4 days ago

      Magnificent. Bravo.

    2. Thomas M
      4 days ago

      Hoping I bought the art book :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      I also dislike the idea of an exclusive punchboard. This is game content and not cosmetic. Missions are a different thing in my opinion, cause they don't add to every game session. I hope you change this. I already invested a lot of money, but I have no use for an artbook and don't like buying one thing to get a little bonus and sell it or worse throw it away.

    4. Dexter Frankenstein

      Art book looks fantastic. Thanks for the free upgrade!

      My background as a designer is telling me brown for the ribbon. I’m sure whatever you choose will look great though!

    5. Kevin Knox

      I did not notice the extras with the art book. I would like them, but I don't "buy an art book" like them. Maybe if I could modify my order to remove the coins and counters addons and add the combined coins/counters/art book addon, but I cannot. So, oh well.

    6. Missing avatar

      me on

      ribbon book mark :
      Agree to "Aonline" --> dark blue would look perfect (imo)

    7. J. Z. on

      The improved art book looks fantastic! (tidy and elegant)
      I like the red ribbon as shown.

    8. Missing avatar

      Marco Herreras

      Still on the fence as I can 't fathom how this game is played... Theme and minis are not enough for me, nor art books which I never ever purchase. By now we should have at least a near-done rulebook (even if with not final art) and SEVERAL videos showing gameplay examples. Congrats for artbook lovers, anyway.

    9. under-cat on

      The book look amazing!

      (Deep blue for the ribbon)

    10. Aonline

      Ribbon: deep blue to match the cover

    11. Missing avatar

      Dennis Thompson

      Wow! Love the book design. I'm a designer myself and am probably overly picky, so I rarely expect much from game books, but this looks over the top! Thanks for putting in all the effort to make it a great addition to our bookshelves as well as game reference. This, along with the killer plastic tokens and metal coins....great job on the little things. Can't wait for the game!

    12. Kelly on

      Thanks I learned something today, had to look up Lorem Ipsum :)
      Love the cover, agree with others navy, deep purple or black ribbon.
      I was hoping for an art book from day one! Would have got it with or without the extra content, so yes bonus! Thank you Grimlord :)
      Dock print for the office wall aye, that's awesome!

    13. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on

      Ahoy Backers,

      There's been some chatter about the game content coupled with the art books. It is Grimlord's standard practice to always include a small token of appreciation to individuals who support the art book. In Endure the Stars this was missions, In Village Attacks we had 4 additional missions within the art book too. We see this content as an optional micro expansion, it isn't necessary to gameplay or the core experience. It simply adds on to what you currently have.

      The presence of this content was announced during the campaign. The initial add on graphic, clearly shows this information and hasn't been updated since to ensure fairness. At Grimlord, we have always been transparent about the fact that our art books come with additional gameplay content, the only unexpected change for anyone has been the positive of a free material upgrade to the Art Books cover, which is why we've been so radio silent about the art book as we negotiated this deal.

      We hope this illuminates the situation a little.

      Grimlord Games Team

    14. Streams

      Love the look of the art book ... and when I saw the comment about the gold ribbon I immediately thought it should be blue... given the theme of the game and all... definitely not red though

    15. Theo on

      What the .......!!!!!!!

      Insta purchase the Art book!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

    16. Francisco Dias

      .... Well...
      Now i regret the fact i didn''t bought the art book!
      It looks awesome <3

    17. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      Artbook looks fantastic and I agree with the suggestions to use a navy coloured ribbon. So glad I went All-in and it was absolutely worth it. Thank you for this gorgeous upgrade for the artbook.

    18. John L Vogt

      Red ribbon

    19. Daniel Liu

      Agree with the elegance of the art book and the ribbon for the page marker. So old school.

    20. Mauler on

      A deep purple ribbon should be a good'un to go with gold-edged pages!

    21. Missing avatar

      Brian O'Koon on

      When the art book was announced in update 24 it stated on the graphic that there would be unique rooms, crew tokens and other items included, so gg was very up front about this.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mihail Lungarov on

      Yes, it was discussed when the campaign was alive.

    23. Missing avatar

      Brian O'Koon on

      The fact that there would be gameplay content in the art book is not news. I cannot remember where it was mentioned but this is not a surprise.

    24. Mauler on

      If people had backed Grimlord's Village Attacks they'd know that their artbooks get exclusive content.

      I don't see how it's a cash-grab or any of that nonsense; it's a reward for getting a non-essential "luxury" item, not something that's integral to the game that's been made compulsory at the last minute. The pledge manager is still open, people can adjust their spending to accommodate this development, or not. If you want the exclusive stuff but not the art book then eBay is your friend for shifting it. If it's like the Endure The Stars and Village Attacks artbooks then they'll also be available at retail so this isn't a one-shot thing.

      Personally I love art books and I'm happy to get this one, exclusive content is a bonus.

    25. Missing avatar


      Totally agree, I have no use for art books and putting gameplay items in them is really shitty behavior. Sell it separate please. I'd just throw the art book away.

    26. Chris Lester on

      Wait, hold up. You're putting exclusive game content in an art book, and you're just now telling us? I don't like that idea one bit. An obvious money grab like that makes me want to just walk away from this project.

    27. Mark-Ders on

      Very, very nice :)

    28. Justin Boehm

      Actually a deep navy ribbon, or even a dark purple, with gold edges stitched in would be cool.

    29. Laniston

      Elegant look to the art book. Gold ribbon would be just fine, or a navy ribbon with gold accents.

    30. Justin Boehm

      I don’t think I’d go with gold for the ribbon, since the pages are already gilded. I’d probably go with the same navy blue as the cover for cohesion, or with black for contrast.

    31. Elias Evjen Hartmark on

      I love the new book design btw.

    32. Cha0s_lord on

      "an additional punch board with traits unique to this add on" is rather vague. How many different traits (compared to base game)? How do they differ from the base game in terms of effects?

    33. Thomas Magpie, the Hamish on

      I really dislike the idea of putting that additional, hyper-exclusive punch board into the art book. Forcing me to buy it, so I could get those few pieces of carton which would enrich my game. The book should defend itself not by those additional game components, but with its original design. That's, of course, my humble opinion.

    34. Missing avatar

      James Newman

      It all looks very pretty but.....Still no gameplay videos?

    35. The Monster Beneath Benjamin Aitken on

      Great to read about the trait system! Nice to know a bit more about it all