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A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
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Work in Progress Wednesday: (Pieces of) Eight

Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)

Ahoy backers,

Whilst we're chugging away and getting things ready for a surprise or two we'd thought we'd show you some of the work we've been doing in the past week!

Cross My Palm with Silver

Last week we showed the initial line art of our updated coins and this week we wanted to show you the development of them. We chose our favourite of the initial designs and now we've run with them!

 Our favourite 3!

 From these, full colour and shaded images are produced, we find these give the sculptor a better contextual reference. These will also be the punchboard card stock included in the core game as standard

 From these inverted casting models are made which you can see below

And there we have it! These are already with China so hopefully we'll have some lovely prototypes to show you soon, nothing better than having physical pieces to show off to you after all.

Now a really important question:

Which coin face should be for which value of coin? Let us know in the comments below!

Mini adjustments

The process for refinement is an essential part of the designing of miniatures. We're now onto our second draft of several of the miniatures we weren't entirely happy with. We'll get these printed on our resin prototype printer for us to get a literal feel for them (and yes our dirty hands will make a reappearance). 

Here is some information regarding the exact edits made:

female gunner - added grain and scrapes to ammo box and cannon

 Cultist 2 - increased the number of hairs/ more hair detail

 female mercenary - increased fur detail on clothing trim

 Female Cook - Increased the number of hairs/ more detail to her hair

We're somewhat focused on hair but we often feel that this aspect of models lacks a certain something and that getting this right can make the difference between a good model and a Grimlord Model.

It's Hip to Be Square

Square vs rounded? It's an age old question, probably responsible for mankind's glorious strides forwards in all things. We discovered fire, built aqueducts, tamed reality, made atoms our B*TCH and the one purpose was to tackle that singular question.

And we aren't sure we have the answer.....So we thought we'd show you both options! These files have come directly from our Chinese manufacturers and soon we'll have these in our hands to really get rolling them and seeing how we feel about the difference.

 *Writers choice; I'm personally very fond of our Borg cubes here, there's a definite increase in the size of the face available for detail and I like all my dice to also be usable weapons....but that's just me!*

 The different faces on the different Die included in the core game!

 I don't think the red conveys the feeling of danger these little combat die really inspire but let me tell you, seeing that blank face come up when a cultist is about to slay someone....there's no thrill like it. Or disappointment when the opposite happens......

South America Shipping

At Grimlord Games we endeavor to grow and develop with every project that we create. As part of this sometimes we have to react to things we simply cannot change. With Village Attacks we found that shipping to South American regions was one of our largest issues to deal with. 

South American customs laws are VERY strict when it comes to importing anything into the country. Because of this many services charge additional fees to cover their additional leg work when dealing with customs. 

Because of this Backers in these areas often experience egregious fees often exceeding 100% of the value of the parcel. Now, there was a time that companies would declare a lower value than was strictly true to circumnavigate this, this categorically cannot be done any more. Customs are clamping down increasingly on this form of fraud and it is the companies that face extreme penalties for falsely declaring values.

Because of the difficulties we experienced on our last project Grimlord has had to adopt the following policy:

We will not be splitting parcels in order to declare lower values on the constituent parts, nor will we be able to falsely declare the values of these parcels. In line with this, our Distribution partner Spiral Galaxy does not ship parcels out via undeclared mail or royal mail. This is a protective measure as many parcels are lost using this method without the means of claiming 

Grimlord Games cannot accept any responsibility for customs or shipping fees incurred by any backer. 

We're truly sorry that we cannot do more to support our South American fans but unfortunately our avenues for combating this are completely closed.

Web designers we need you!

Bet you didn't know that our operations director made our website, I know right! It's super pretty but we think it's time we give it some proper love and attention! To that end we're looking for freelance web designers to help us make the new Grimlord Games home! If you or someone you know works in web design please reach out to! 

 Stay Aloft and Loose the Sails!

The Grimlord Games Team


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    1. under-cat on

      Bronze - Anchor
      Silver - Skull
      Gold - Creepy Eye

      Square cubes (resistance is futile)

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthias Kühnemund

      Square cubes!

    3. Mauler on

      Keep up the good work, chaps!
      Bronze - Anchor - the way every journey starts
      Silver - Skull - upon the waves there be death
      Gold - Eye - searching for knowledge is priceless, the reward is beyond value


    4. Ben Cook on

      Agreed with Ramir; Darker red on dice👍

    5. Luke Howell-Williams on

      I’d definitely go with the squared edges for the dice!

      As someone with far too many dice (I’m sure that applies to a fair few of us here ;) ) I can confidently say that my square dice look better and are more satisfying to roll than my rounded ones!

    6. Luke Howell-Williams on

      I’d definitely go with the squared edges for the dice!

      As someone with far too many dice (I’m sure that applies to a fair few of us here ;) ) I can confidently say that my square dice look better and are more satisfying to roll than my rounded ones!

    7. Hdgami on

      Square dice!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Captain Blackmore on

      Bronze Eyes, Silver Skulls, and Golden Anchors. Also I'm 100% in favour of square dice!

    9. Chris Lane on

      +1 for square dice

    10. ADH2112 on

      Square Dice please!

    11. Enrique on

      Square dice better.

    12. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on

      We've created poll on our fb page for The Everrain - Have your vote NOW :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Tim Wenclawiak on

      I'd also vote for square dice. For rounded dice, the artwork doesn't really work, IMHO. The detailed framing looks real nice on square dice, but on rounded dice, seems cramped on too small a surface area and kinda distracting from the main shape/icon you want to see in a glance when rolling multiple dice.

    14. Kevin Knox

      Sun should be gold (because gold is typically associated with the sun), skull silver (because silver is associated with bones), and the anchor copper (because process of elimination)

    15. Marcel Claxton

      Bronze Skulls, Silver Anchors, and Golden Crosses/Eye also makes sense to me as it denotes the lowly value of a bone skull (boo, hiss), the noble pursuit of sailing and then the golden value of vision (yay!). It now makes me want to reopen the PM and get them shinies!
      Regarding the dice, I too think that the form should fit the design, and seeing that they're square... and this is coming from someone who normally loves rounded dice edges (they just roll better)
      Thanks for sharing!

    16. Missing avatar

      Christian Kober on

      I would say, if you have just a value of fife coins, you're as good as dead, so skull -> 5
      If you have a value of 10 coins you are kind of good anchored and if you have all the coins (or at least 20) you have the blessed (or cursed) view of the rich.

      And for the dice, go square!
      (Or at least change the frame around the symbols to be roundish as well...)

    17. Xris Wraith on

      Since the designs on the dice are square the dice themselves should also be.
      The coins look nice, no preference to face/value... yet.

    18. Justin Boehm

      Bronze Skulls, Silver Anchors, and Golden Crosses (or even Eyes of Gold) makes sense to me.

    19. Justin Boehm

      I’m with Moonbeast on the coins values to image concept, skull 5, anchor 10, sextant/navigator cross with eye 20. Manpower and life is cheap, an anchor can save your life, and fate and the power of the navigator rules above all.

    20. Rumplestiltskin6 on

      Great update! Appreciate the time adding such fine details such as hair and damage\wear to the miniatures.
      Definitely square dice.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lawson on

      I like the names bronze compasses, silver skulls, and golden anchors. I think they sound great. I believe people would have used names for rhe different currencies, so how they sound is important.As for the dice, I like mine to roll freely, so rounded edges for me. However, which roll best down your dicetower I have invested in?

    22. Elias Evjen Hartmark on

      It's great to be square.

    23. Ivo van der Hoeven on

      About the coins: higher symmetry feels more basic, so I'd have the eye as copper, the skull as silver and the anchor as gold.

    24. Ivo van der Hoeven on

      Square dice look better.

    25. Missing avatar

      Robin Pfeifer on

      Dice: square. This isn't cuddle Cthulhu.

    26. Ramir on

      Thank’s for the update ! It’s great ton follow your process.
      For the questions :
      Coin : Anchor 5, Skull 10 and eye 20
      Red : a more dark red would be better, sure.
      Dice : round dice please.

    27. Bernd on

      Borg Cubes for me

    28. Missing avatar

      aldo giannotti on

      square dice fore me and 5 anchor 10 skull 20 eye . 2 shirt questions : shouldn’t the bases have extra detail according to the last stretch goal ? And are we getting some rules updates soon ? keep up the good work !

    29. Missing avatar

      aldo giannotti on

      square dice fore me and 5 anchor 10 skull 20 eye . 2 shirt questions : shouldn’t the bases have extra detail according to the last stretch goal ? And are we getting some rules updates soon ? keep up the good work !

    30. Justin Boehm

      5 skull bronze
      10 anchor silver
      20 sextant/cross gold

    31. Justin Boehm


      Skull for Bronze/copper
      Anchor for Silver
      sextant/navigators cross for gold

    32. Justin Boehm

      Square dice for sure, sharper edges are always better. Also that red die could use a more... maroon/blood darker color :)

    33. Vegabond on

      You need to fix the pistol handles that are inside the female gunners knee.

    34. Mel On KS

      As long as the dice roll and a Genie suddenly appears...

    35. Missing avatar

      Moonbeast on

      Square dice please. The rounded corners shrink the space for the artwork too much.

      Coins: 5 = Skull, 10 = Anchor, 20 = Eye. Everyone dies, therefore the skull should be on the value of coin that everyone is most likely to have. Eyes often symbolize enlightenment, a state that is highly valued, and so should be on the highest value of coin.

      Will the art book contain the sketches, and unused concept art? I love art books that do, it’s a great look behind the scenes.

      Last, I LOVE the increased detail on the minis!

    36. Missing avatar

      CoramusPrime on

      Borg cubes for sure.

    37. Aonline

      Does the art book contain Lore not found int he game book/materials?

      Square dice

    38. Carlos Lettes on

      Square dice.
      5- anchor, 10- eye, 20-skull

    39. kerys on

      Square dice. I’m the only one at my table who uses a dice tray, & rounded dice are more likely to roll off and get eaten by the dice goblins.

    40. Carmen on

      Square dice for sure!

    41. Iliuthenin on

      +1 for square dice! I'm happy with whatever you decide with the coins.

      Thanks for improving the minis even further! :)

    42. Sammael95 on

      I vote square dice too!
      And if you really want round dice, please change the art on the die faces to something round and not square

    43. Ben Cook on

      - Square dice

      - Coins = 5: Anchor, 10: Sun eye, 20: Skull

    44. Patrick Kirby on

      I vote square dice with larger face details. Definitely better than "Why did that roll so far?!" situations. :)

    45. John C. Sheetz on

      Square dice - skull coin 5, eye 10, and anchor 20.

    46. Missing avatar

      Richard Striebel on

      Square dice obviously look best and skull coin for the 5, anchor for the 10, and eye for the 20.

    47. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on

      @Ian Foster

      What sort of information would you like to know more about in regards to the Art Book? This way we know what to include for you in the future update.

    48. Ian Foster on

      Square dice is my vote.

      Any further news on the art book? I'm holding off completing my pledge.....

    49. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on

      Also lovely backers:

      Let us know which coin face should represent which value???