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A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
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WIP Wednesday 6: The Source

Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)

Ahoy Dear Crew,

Everrain and the Coins and Tokens- Never Till Now  

Whilst we wait for our manufacturer to produce samples of the metal coins, we thought we’d share our current sculpts for the production pieces.

We’ve recently identified that the anchor on this sculpt needs a little changing to be more true with the punchboard alternative included in the core game. We anticipate that we will have actual production pieces for this very soon which will enable us to share their quality with you all, though anyone who has played Village Attacks knows that Eastar produce very nice metal coins.

We also had some questions about the acrylic tokens, these are our current sample pieces produced for us regarding the tokens. The tokens are approximately 3mm in thickness and have one design side and one see through. 

Hungry, Hungry Models.  

Today we got our grubby hands on some new pre-production miniatures! We’re pleased with these miniatures but as always we’ve got a few small changes to make before we’re completely happy (We’re perfectionists and we’re not sorry!)

The Cook *Female Sculpt*
The Cook *Female Sculpt*

We always print everything in the physical form to check scale, depth, and to ensure that there are none of the sculptors finer details lost in the production process. 

Mercenary *Male Sculpt*
Mercenary *Male Sculpt*

These are our rough production resin sculpts so don’t worry, final production will be much smoother and finer!

Master Gunner *Female Sculpt*
Master Gunner *Female Sculpt*

Skipper, Roll the Dice   

We also recently received our mould copies for our dice. These dice are used to produce the moulds which in turn make our wonderful dice! As with Sculpts, we always produce production copies of the dice to check the quality and design.

In this case we found something important! The designs were losing some of the wonderful sculpted details on the corners (Highlighted so that it’s nice and obvious in the image). 

 We immediately contacted Eastar to change the size of the dice from 16mm to 18mm in order to correct this and will be producing more copies to further check this over. 

As you have no doubt guessed by now Eastar’s production lines are back open! We’ll be steadily feeding ever increasing amounts to them over the course of the next few months as we get closer and closer to final production of the components. 

We continue to work on things like the trait system and refining combat and look forward to showing more of this in the future.

Stay Aloft and Loose the Sails

The Grimlord Games Team 

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    1. Sebastian On Board

      On a second thought about the coins, I like them, I would still make them differ more from each other in both sides, especially the back that, at the moment, is exactly the same for all values unfortunately...
      Still, I like the coins enough to be ok with them, and I am gettim them no doubt!

    2. J. Z. on

      Really good Update 🙂

    3. Chris Lester on

      I'm iffy on the coins. Are there any thoughts of them having different backings, or being made to resemble pressed coins rather then mouled ones?

    4. Missing avatar

      Pample on

      During this step, don't you check the sculpted miniature bases too (stretch goal)?

    5. Missing avatar

      G on

      Nice update! Concise and informative, love it! :)

    6. Sebastian On Board

      Lovely update, coins as mebtiined could be more in theme, perhaps with the style of the metal coins of "Robin Hood and the Merry Men" Board game by Final Frontier Games, also with different engravings on the back for each value.

      I like them enough though, they are okish

      I still have great hopea for the dice, they look amazing in the renderer, so vibrant and translucent!
      Finger crossed!

    7. Barry Duran

      Looking good:)

    8. Missing avatar

      HAIRIE Florian

      Coins are good, but I would have expected another side depending of the value rather than the same anchor. Anyway to think about this ? Otherwise all seems great! Keep the good work!

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Link

      Great work but... I have to suggest that the coins may be better as in-ese instead of out-ese. Old coins where generally pressed out of blanks not made in molds... I'd be interested to see the reverse of these models.

    10. Peter "Dia Fir" Andersson

      Looks fantastic!
      Keep it up! And thanks for another Wednesday update!

    11. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on…

      For everyone wanting heads and tails pictures!

    12. Missing avatar

      Kip Rood on

      Could we get a “heads” and “tails” picture of the acrylic tokens? Considering upping my pledge – just wanted a wee closer look...

    13. Mark-Ders on

      @Makkek: I have the acryllic tokens from Village Attacks and those are awesome. These look the same, so will be great as well imo.

    14. Makkek on

      Damn, I wasn’t going for the coins and acrylic tokens...might have changed my mind now

    15. Mauler on

      NICE. More info! A week is too long!

    16. Crabby on

      Sweet update! The dude holding the mini does indeed have a grubby hand though haha.

    17. Theo on

      Wooooow what an update !!! Those models look sick !! 🤗🤗🤗
      Will wait next week to get the art book update, but glad to get the updated every Wednesday as you said 👌