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A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
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work In Progress 3: The Search for German

Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We have some news we are very excited to share with you;

Grimlord games is very happy to announce that The Everrain will be in German

Whilst we will still be looking into the possibility of obtaining a German publisher, the team have decided that because of the outstanding demand for this content we will be producing the German version whether it is published ourselves OR with a 3rd party.

What does this mean?

If it is produced by Grimlord Games we will be contracting the same translation team that was used to translate the German version of Village Attack, which per user feedback was very well received.

What if you've already completed your pledge manager?

If you have already completed your pledge manager, have no fear you can switch to German at no extra charge by cancelling your previous pledge (Per our WIPW last week)

The Pledge manager

We can see that a large number of our backers, over 1900, have yet to access the pledge manager at all. We would encourage backers to do this as soon as possible. Time really does fly by on these managers, we’re already had 2 weeks fly by since we opened it. In an effort to keep backers informed we will send out reminders 1 month out from the final date, however, if we have learned anything from Village Attacks it’s the importance of the pledge manager.

The pledge manager gives us our final production numbers for components, we only produce a small margin for internal sales, replacements and loss. As individuals have found out on Village Attacks; we cannot produce individual core games if you have forgotten to complete your pledge manager.

The link for the pledge manager is here.

As a reminder everyone’s individual invite’s should have gone out directly to them. If you have’t received these, please check your spam folders. If for whatever reason this isn’t present please sign up to Gamefound using the email you USE FOR KICKSTARTER.

We cannot stress this last point enough. If you fail to do this, your kickstarter account will not be linked and your credited pledge will not sync with it.

If anyone is having an issue with this and requires assistance then we encourage you wholeheartedly to reach out to our support team at:

Production and Chinese New Year

Currently our Chinese Production manufacturer is closed for Chinese New Years, this is something we have accounted for in our timeline and so comes as no surprise. It does however, mean that we will be unable to show in progress production shots until early march when the factories and work staff are back working on Everrain again. 

Stay Aloft and Loose the Sails.

The Grimlord Games Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      me on

      It is a lot of work to crosscheck the translation. I guess there are some backers who are willing do that work. No clue about translation quality of VA (cause I don't have it) but how about building a pool of "backer-beta-checkers" who are willing to crosscheck. If you sent the translations to this pool I am quite optimstic this puts some extra value for the Germans (and most probably the other translations as well). This can be done online without causing extra costs (beside you add some little "thank you" in the box). My suggestion: Sent the translation to about 10-20 backers. They share the work, check the offical translation, check changes among themselves and get a hopefully better version at the end. This should be done as early as possible and, if you wish, I would help within this pool. Just one possible solution wihtout too much extra work/costs for the project itself...

    2. Missing avatar

      Coltaine on

      I am German and have read fantasy and science-fiction books in English since high school, just because there are so many bad German translations (Black Library books are a prime example).
      I missed out on the Village Attacks Kickstarter and was happily surprised that my girlfriend found a Pitchfork pledge for me for Christmas. I would have bought it in English, but as most of the people (including her) that I play boardgames with are not that fluent I was fine with it.

      Until I read the backs of the monster dashboards and the snippets of storyline in the scenario section. In my opinion, it kills the atmosphere completely. German is a language, in which you can construct very elaborate, very long, multi-clause sentences. It is just a pain to read. Don't get me wrong, I think the rules are translated fine (a bit long-winded, but better than leaving stuff out), but all the flavor text reads like a 12-year olds first essay on monsters in school after he learned he could put more than 10 commas in a sentence to sound sophisticated. And then gets everything wrong...
      As Everrain will be a story-driven game, I would actually be quite concerned, if you took the same translation team. If I wasn't stressed out so much with finishing my thesis at the moment, I would offer to translate for you. Just to make sure it will be up to par... ;)

    3. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on

      @Lee Altpeter Simply put its a financial thing, we lack the facilities to produce, ship and then store an additional 600 copies on the off chance some of these backers then approach us regarding their shipment. It means that a tremendous amount outlay for us when it's much easier to simply remind and ensure that people fill out a pledge manager :)

      Italian Language: We still have no direct plans on italian language but as always are continuing to look into it, as we were with German.

      Ariakas: We're sorry to hear you have this issue, is there someone you recommend instead?

      Catlion: We weren't and we will look into this. Thank you for informing us.

    4. Catlion

      Cancelled my English order and did a new German one. In the order confirmation it does not explicitly say that the Seafarer Pledge is in German. Are you aware of that?

    5. Mark-Ders on

      @ARIAKAS and Patrick: this is ARIAKAS' and his friends' experience with the translations. Could be others didn't have as much trouble with it, so you did't find mentioning of big issues. It's often very personal.
      I don't like reading Dutch translated books from English/American writers. I will probably also never pick a Dutch translation over an English original for a board game.

    6. ARIAKAS on

      @Patrick: Die Übersetzung ist einfach schlecht und lässt jegliches Flair vermissen. An gewichtigen, regelbezogenen Fehlern ist mir zwar bisher nur 1 aufgefallen, aber Stil, Satzbau und Englisch-Verständnis waren ganz einfach offenbar nicht vorhanden. Möglich, dass einem das gar nicht so auffällt, wenn man sich nicht explizit damit beschäftigt - aber meine Gruppe hat beim Spielen schon mehrfach die Augen verdreht. Es tut mir irgendwo auch leid für die Leute, aber ich hatte sie rechtzeitig auf mehrere Sachen hingewiesen, die falsch oder missverständlich formuliert sind (hatte ein Lektorat für mehrere Flufftexte von denen gemacht), welche sie aber samt und sonders unverändert übernommen haben - und zwar ein halbes Jahr, bevor das Ganze in Druck gehen sollte. - Von daher ist es für mich zugegebenermaßen vielleicht auch etwas persönliches. Ich für meinen Teil werde einfach keine Produkte mit Übersetzungen von denen mehr kaufen.

    7. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      @Marco He answered Marco Boos.

      @ Bernd Perplies Thanks i somehow missed it.

      @ARIAKAS any more info on this? I didnt found any major flaw Threads about the Translataion of Village Attacks. As this would be my first Product from this company any help is appreciated.

    8. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      I meant if there is news for the Italian translation.

    9. ARIAKAS on

      "we will be contracting the same translation team that was used to translate the German version of Village Attack, which per user feedback was very well received" - This is make believe.
      I'm sorry @GG, but after the last disaster with the German Translation of Village Attacks, I am now ultimately out and give this game a pass. I respect you as a company, but the delivered translation was far below professional standards.

    10. Bernd Perplies on

      @Marc: Yes. Just cancel your order, you get you money back (as funds you can spend) and then you order the German version. I just did it and it went absolutely smoothly.

      @Patrick: You can select the German language for the expansions in the PM (at least the "Flood Bundle" offered the German option).

    11. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      Italian language?

    12. Oliver Steiger

      thank you for those fantastic news!

    13. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      What about the translation of Addons? And maybe the possibility of buying them via Pledge Manager?

    14. Francisco Dias

      There will be a translation in Somali ?

    15. Stefano Lo Cascio on

      Fantastic!!! But news for Italian translation?..

    16. J. Z. on

      Fantastic News! And Pledge Change went smooth on Gamefound👍

    17. El Küppi on

      @ Michael C
      You're literally reading the third weekly update, have a look at #31 ;)

      Great news languagewise!

    18. Missing avatar

      Κώστας Κατέρος on

      Give to the people a gameplay video and a complete rulebook or none will finish his pledge. I will not give my money to something that don't know how it works.

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrea Andolfo on

      news about italian translation? :/

    20. Missing avatar

      Lee Altpeter

      Since you have already received funds for the copies, why would you not still produce the games? Worst case for you, the people come back and say hey, sorry I missed the PM, here is my info. Best case is they were all murdered by serial killers, never contact you again, and you have tons of inventory to replace parts and potentially sell a second time.

      I understand there are shipping costs, but I imagine most of those are for the final legs of the deliveries and not the initial shipment from China. So just deduct those from the amount you produce and you are still fully covered by what you already received.

      Not trying to be an asshole, I am just curious about this.

    21. Crabby on

      Grats German peeps!

    22. Michael C.

      Will there be weekly updates as well (same we see for other campaigns you did)?

    23. Missing avatar

      Marc Boos

      So I have to go to the pledge manager and cancel my pledge? And then select the German version?

    24. Charles Phillips

      Just waiting on the Paycheck at the end of the month to do my pledge manager.

    25. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on

      1 minute late....I blame Kickstarter delaying that image upload!