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A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
3,994 backers pledged £360,605 to help bring this project to life.

WIP Wednesday #4

Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)

Dear backers,

The seas are calm and the winds are low....which is our way of saying that this week's update is a bit of a quiet one :D 

Pledge manager - have you completed yours yet?

We have had a fantastic response since the pledge manager opened with many of you already finalising your orders. 

However, there are still a number of backers who haven't yet completed their pledge. 

You may not be aware that Gamefound does not automatically send out reminders to you to complete your order, prior to closing the pledge manager, as some other backer kits do. 

With this in mind we have sent out an email to those still yet to complete this evening. We will do this on a monthly basis from now until the planned pledge manager closure on 17th April 2019 at 00.00 GMT.

Be sure to not miss out and finalise your pledge as soon as you can! 

Next week we hope to have some newly completed sculpts to show off, and some more finalised artwork. Until then!

Stay Aloft and Loose the Sails

The Grimlord Games Team 

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    1. Sebastian On Board

      Sorry for my usual typos

    2. Sebastian On Board

      I agree you cannot ask for everyone's trust given the limited game play shown... but for me personally, what's im the campaign os empugh to catch my interest and given their success with VA they have my trust on this one.
      I am goimg all in no doubt !

    3. Missing avatar

      James Phillips on

      Why would I complete a pledge manager in early February that wasn't going to close until mid-April?
      I guess if I had all the information I needed about the game, was confident that it was worth my money, and had a real sense of what added value the expansions were going to offer, I MIGHT decide to get it out of the way now.
      If I was still waiting on a proper game-play video, was worried about whether the expansions really offered me anything other than extra plastic, and generally felt that communication on the campaign had been lousy, then I'd probably leave it.
      Possibly leave it until the last minute, and forget to ever complete until the deadline had passed...

    4. Mark Baxter on

      So this was an example of the email that would be going out not the actual email ?

    5. Dat BRaat on

      The last update almost borders on an impertinence. Since weeks there are no news about gameplay, rules and other open points. A full gameplay video is long overdue. Such things should already be there during the campaign. It exceeds my horizon how anyone can spend so much money on empty promises. It's good to see that other Bakers are also worried if everything is going well. Questions are simply ignored and the past doesn't shed a good light on Grimlord Games either. All this just looks like a big sales show. Vote with your wallet people!

    6. Manuel Jesús Calderón Sánchez on

      Guys if you check the section of comments, you´ll see why we didn´t complete our pledge. That will helps.

    7. Elias Evjen Hartmark on

      @GG Can you post a picture of the metal coins and acrylic tokens?

    8. LongGe

      I need to not skim the emails. I saw the picture saying I didn't complete the backerkit and freaked out a little.

    9. Sebastian On Board

      So the Pledge Manager is not closing the 1st of April anymore?
      New closing date is the 17th of April now?

      That must have been an April fool for sure lol

      Glad I have a little more time to gather more funds.

    10. Luis on

      Many of us, as discussed here, have not completed our pledge manager because we find it's fair and actually necessary knowing what are we paying for in terms of rules/mechanics, etc. We are still missing a clarification of rules, a full idea of the game, a clearer sense of the beginning and end, replayability, a full game in fact... That's a basic in every kickstarter game...