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A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
3,994 backers pledged £360,605 to help bring this project to life.

Work in Progress Wednesday 2: Electric Boogaloo

Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Well isn't this an exciting time, the pledge manager is live and so many of you are already signed up!

Early Bird Pledge

A few backers have asked us about the early bird pledge prices. Rather than risk confusion, delay as we develop complex API or increase man hours on our end to provide certain backers with access to an early bird we instead opted for a simpler approach. All early bird backers were granted additional credits over what they had backed for, to make up the price difference. 

So if you are an Early Bird backer who pledge £78.00 you will notice you have been credited £85.00 instead. You have NOT been charged an additional £7.00

 Completing or Changing your order

           We've had a few backers contact us about a lack receipt or concern regarding their pledge funds not appearing to be confirmed. We're currently looking into the technological reasons for this but in the mean time if you have any doubts please feel free to check via the following process.

           Step 1: Having completed your pledge manager, go to My backed Projects.

Step 2: Under your backed projects select The Everrain.

Step 3: Select the drop down menu

Step 4 :Select view order
As long as the last action on this history is placed and paid, regardless of a lack of email your pledge has been handled by Stripe and is covered.

Step 5: Changing your Address
Changing your shipping address uses the same steps up to 3 as confirming your order. Instead of selecting view order simply choose change shipping address instead.

Step 7: Input your data into the field.
Once the data has been inputted into these fields you're all covered again. 

Editing your order: 

We've also had a few backers miss the descriptions of what is included in the seafarer pledge and thus pay extra money by backing for additional neoprene mats or expansions included in the seafarer itself.

The simplest way to resolve this issue is to follow the steps 1 through 4 shown above and then on your game order choose the cancel order tab shown below.

 Having cancelled your order, your expended credits will be returned to you as well as any additional funds you may have spent. Once you've completed your pledge manager again, any remaining funds that are unspent (Who knows you might decide you want a beautiful bag or dice tower...or second or third) can be refunded via Paypal or Stripe by sending us an email at

Whats Included in the SeaFarer Pledge? 

This banner indicates that one copy of this product is already included in the Seafarer pledge. 

 This means that the optional add on you are currently looking at purchasing has a copy innately included within the SeaFarer pledge itself. Whilst you may wish to buy more copies than what is included, we have put this on to serve as a notification to avoid people spending additional funds they may not need to.

Grimlord Games Board Game Bag

We are delighted to announce the Grimlord Games Board Games Bag. The bag is part of our spring line up and we challenged ourselves to think of chique function whilst maintaining a subtle style....Okay so really it holds an awful lot and you can look fabulous in it. In fact one of the team was able to comfortably fit his entire Village Attacks Pitchfork Pledge and All in Bundle into one (Not bad in our opinion!)

            Product Specification:
            Material: 10mm thickness sponge ,600D Oxford and 210T nylon
            Size: 330*320*520mm
            carry weight: 6-9kg

Date Change and a Full 3 Months

In our update on the 21st of January we mentioned that the closing date would be the 1st of April. By popular demand we moved the date to a full 12 weeks away, the 17th of April. This will give you, the backer, the longest time possible to decide on all the goodies you might want to get!

Stripe Payments

Stripe is an alternative payment system used in replace of Paypal which takes payment instantly for our backers. Stripe is also the official payment program used by Kickstarter. We use Stripe as it is fast and reliable and enable us to properly track any and all incoming or outgoing payments.

For more information regarding Stripe, please find the support page for stripe Here 

We've spoken to Stripe and moving forward, any backer who uses our pledge manager will automatically get a receipt confirming your payment has taken place and gone through. Anyone who backed before this and hasn't received a receipt please feel free to reach out to us to check via our support email ( and we will check and send you a receipt if necessary.

Language Versions of the Game

We've continued discussions with our foreign language producers. Unfortunately at this time our previous Italian Publisher does not wish to produce Everrain in Italian. This will mean reaching out to new publishers for Everrain for Italian Language options, something we have already begun putting feelers out for. 

Blackfire games our German Publisher, was recently bought by Asmodee. Currently our contacts at Blackfire have made Asmodee aware that they wish to publish Everrain, however, while the take over of responsibilities is still on going neither company can take on new projects in this regard. This leaves us a little trapped for the German language edition of our game, as Blackfire are dear friends of ours and we would be loathe to move away from them given their wonderful support at both conventions and our previous games.

It is worth remembering backers that this ISN'T bad news, we fully expect Asmodee will want to produce a German Edition of our game and we are always willing to explore other options if we have to. However, we have plenty of time to do this should we need to, in the mean time backers who may want language editions in these languages (Currently not available) are more than able to back for English language versions and then change this should these become available before the pledge manager ends (Using the above mentioned means of changing your orders) 

Lay aloft and loose all sail!

The Grimlord Games Team 

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    1. Catlion

      Cancelled my English order and did a new German one. In the order confirmation it does not explicitly say that the Seafarer Pledge is in German. Are you aware of that?

    2. Björn Kruse on

      My commitment to back a full version if available in German.
      Might help to argue against Asmodee ; )

    3. Caller_in_Darkness on

      Same for me here. Cancelation is not possible.

    4. David Glock on


      The given order cannot be canceled."

    5. Bernd on

      Thank you. I found it after they updated the Update

    6. Bannister

      Pity the bag shown isn't with VA-All-in inside it, or even Everrain & VA together.. might prompt people to grab it, when they see the proof.

    7. Kevin on

      Now that was a very good and informative update! This is what I need to restore my faith in GG. Well done Sirs!

    8. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      @Bernd: Please read the Update again, as it is confirmed in the last paragraph.

    9. Ben Cook on

      @GG =

      Awesome update guys! 😆👍

    10. Danny Tonge

      Got to admit I messed up and added an extra mat and undertow expansion but it won't let me cancel my order.

    11. Bernd on

      Still no informationen if we can choose Englisch Version and change it to German Version as soon as it'll be available :/

    12. Theo on

      Didn't expect an update this Wednesday! So glad !! Thanks for being honest 👌👌