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A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
3,994 backers pledged £360,605 to help bring this project to life.

And we're live

Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)

Dear backers,

We're live. Finally (albeit it an hour late). Nothing like some last minute issues to keep us on our toes. 


Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Check your email. You should have received a welcome email from asking you to 'Start Here.'  Please click on the button in the email. If you already have a gamefound account registered with this email you should be able to go in and simply start shopping. If you don't yet have an account you will need to SIGN UP (using your KS email address)  and set your password for your account. 

Alternatively Go to and SIGN UP or SIGN IN  directly on the site.

2. Once in your account please click on 'View Credits' (the total value of your Kickstarter pledge) which have already been automatically added to your account. Please note if you are an early bird pledger an extra £7 has been automatically added to your credits to allow you to select the base level 'Seafarer Pledge'. 

3. Pick your items. Use the categories to navigate through the system and select your products. To confirm a product just add it to the cart. The value of credits the product relates to will automatically be deducted from your total. You can add new/more items to your pledge (over and above your existing credits) and pay the difference with debit/credit card via Stripe. Your shipping charges will be calculated once all items have been selected, prior to checking out and confirming your order.

4. You will receive two notification emails, the first confirming your order and the second confirming whether your payment has gone through. Please double check these to ensure your payment has gone through smoothly. (Please be aware that some banks require authorisation of Stripe payments and may hold these until they receive this from you). WE SUGGEST YOU KEEP THESE EMAILS as your order reference. 

5. If you decide you would like to add more items to your order after you have checked out and paid via Stripe, simply SIGN IN and click on 'My backed projects.' Click on 'View orders' in the relevant project and select 'Actions' on th relevant order. You will then see a drop down option to 'ADD ITEMS.'

6. If you wish to change your shipping address after checking out and paying via Stripe simply SIGN IN and click on 'My backed projects'. Click on 'View orders' in the relevant project and select 'Actions' on the relevant order. You will then see a drop down option to 'Change shipping address.' Alternatively you can do this by clicking on 'Change Address' on your order confirmation email. If you need to change your shipping country then you will need to contact us to do this manually at Please note you are solely responsible for changing your shipping address prior to dispatch.

7. If you wish to remove items from your order post checkout or cancel your order you will need to contact us directly at 

N.B. Paypal is not available with this pledge manager due to its policy on pre-selling. Please register under your full name, not an alias, and provide full address details to ensure shipping is accurate and easy to track.


The pledge manager will close on Monday 1st April 2019 at 200.00 GMT (a closing email and update will also be sent out to you) so you have plenty of time to decide on your options. 


Not to worry. Simply click on the 'late pledge' button on our KS page or visit our pledge manager directly and begin your pledge using the step-by-step guide above. 


Unfortunately these shipping charges are calculated based on the total weight of your order and destination. We cannot alter these prices as they are set by our fulfilment centres. Currently all European fulfilment will be handled from the UK, USA and Canadian fulfilment will be handled from inside the USA and Russia, Asia and Australasia from within Asia. 


Please email us at and we will endeavour to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. 


Shipping for The Everrain is estimated for October 2019. We will keep backers up-to-date with regular news of production development. 


If you are a business wishing to purchase The Everrain you may do so by selecting the retailer option within the pledge manager. However you will be required to provide proof of business authenticity (gaming/hobby related as well as a bricks & mortar store) and if applicable your VAT number. Retailer pledges come in multiples of 4 which includes 4 x copies of the core game and 4 x all KS related content. Up to 3 retail pledge can be made per retailer. 


Unfortunately our previous partners have not been able to confirm their participation as yet. As such we have reached out to alternative partners. If and when these language options are confirmed we will make them available in the pledge manager and notify all backers. 

Thanks for bearing with us.

Lay aloft and loose all sail!

The Grimlord Games Team 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mandin Christophe on

      Je rentre mon mail utilisé sur kickstarter et ça me dit de consulter ma messagerie mais je ne reçois absolument rien ? Que faire ?

    2. Nozeminer on

      *appreciate -_-

    3. Nozeminer on

      I'd really appreachiate an update concening the receipt issue D:

    4. Timo Krahl

      So... German and Italian Backers basically just.... wait... for now?

    5. J. Z. on

      All backwards. I'm sorry for my false information. It looks you get immediately charged, in this case there should be indeed the mail given to you.

    6. Missing avatar


      Early bird here. 7GBP were indeed added to the amount. Went smoothly. Well done Grimlord.

    7. J. Z. on

      As already wrote. You have not to pay yet, no money will gone before april.

    8. SimAlien

      Same here with email receipt, "placed and paid" in Gamefound, Order Confirmation email received but no email to notify of payment, even checked my Spam Email just in case. I checked my bank account and the transaction has taken place and money is deducted. Anyone got a reason for this yet?

    9. J. Z. on

      It doesn't make sense to pay now if the Pledge Manager close on 1. April. So you're order is only accepted till this date. You still can add items, if you wish to, before the closing of the PM.

    10. Missing avatar

      TEZY on

      CAN WE PUT ALL ADD ON IN TH BAG (20 POUNDS) in the pledge manager

    11. Tavis Hill on

      I also have the same issue with my email receipt "Placed and awaiting payment" - but on Gamefound shows placed and paid.

    12. Nozeminer on

      I payed via credit card but didn't recieve an email-confirmation of it, just one for my order where status states incorrectly "played and awaiting payment" while the status of my pledge on gamefound itself shows correctly "placed and paid" as it should. D:

    13. Patrick SAYET

      honestly at first look seems quite confusing, I think I'll note the detailed content of the Seafarer pledge, and the things I want / need, see if there's a "grouping" for some ...
      Well will come back later

    14. Missing avatar

      Andres Van Belle on

      @Barry Duran: I have the same problem. I received the order placement e-mail but not the payment confirmed mail. In the gamefound case it gives the status placed and paid...

    15. Stefano Lo Cascio on

      I will wait trusting in the Italian translation of the game ...

    16. Benny6Toes

      @Helge Haasler

      OR they could provide a GOOD user experience and show a conversion so i can easily tell how much i'm spending.

    17. Helge Haasler on

      Read the Update. They are explaining everything

    18. Michael on

      No Early Bird Pledge, No German Version?

    19. Helge Haasler on

      100 GBP in USD
      Just write that in google .. it really helps ;) . Espacially as it is the daily exchange rate and not a hard written number.


      Just change the currency status within Gamefound.

    20. IcyChris

      I guess they added 7 gbp in the manager and only debited your card for 78.

    21. KoenVDH on

      Still in doubt about the early bird pledge (I am backer 156): Seafarer costs 85£, my credit is 85£. No extra 7£ anywhere.

    22. Missing avatar

      Rossbacher on

      Please make sure that german versions are available! The story definitely feels better in your mother tongue. Seriously - if you need a translation for the whole thing, just give me a free all in and I will work it out for you, no problem at all. :)

    23. Benny6Toes

      IS it possible to get a USD converted price in the pledge manager instead of only having it in GBP?

    24. SJ Matthews on

      I understand that you're shipping through fulfilment centres but I want you to know that I've withdrawn from this because of the shipping cost. To have a shipping charge of nearly 125% of the cost of the item is ridiculous. I expect an Australian tax, but 27 quid to ship a single, light book to Oz is obscene. I understand you didn't set the prices, but you should be aware of how ridiculous that sort of costing is.

    25. Sebastian On Board

      Guys who was an early bird should just find an additional £7 added by Grimlord Games to your original credit, there is no "early bird" pledge on Pledge Manager. You just have those extra £7 for free

    26. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Howald

      The EU is being fulfilled from the UK? What is the plan for changing that if Brexit goes through? I'm really excited for this game, but not enough to have to deal with getting a package from outside the EU. I'll wait to fill out the pledge manager until there is more info on that.

    27. Barry Duran

      Anyone else experiencing a discrepancy between Gamefound PM and the Email confirmation? Appears I completed the check out in the Gamefound PM. The email I got shows the shipping outstanding with a status = "Placed and awaiting payment" showing the shipping still due ( it appears ). I navigate to my backed pledge in Gamefound and shows the whole thing is paid. So - is the error in the site and I still owe the shipping ( maybe the CC didn't go through ) or is the error in the email confirmation and everything is good?

    28. Jonathan B on

      The same as Payet Matthias

    29. Missing avatar

      Payet Matthias

      I don’t find the early bird pledge in the pledge manager :(

    30. Missing avatar

      John Kessler

      Finished mine, cant wait.

    31. Richard El-chamaa

      umm is this a joke? closing on april fools?

    32. Missing avatar

      ManicJest on

      The neoprene mats should all be included in the seafarer pledge, which is why it says 'Included in the seafarer pledge' in the pledge manager. 1 gameboard mat and 1 bundle of 4 player mats.
      You can buy extras in case you want to buy extra copies of the game.

    33. Missing avatar

      jonathan bonnici on

      Regarding the neoprene player ship dashboard and Game board, are they included in the seafarer pledge, since they are stretch goals and pledge states all stretch goals unlocked included?

      Thanks in Advance.

      As I saw they where an optional add on as well

    34. Missing avatar

      Colin on

      It said it was included on the add on itself when I looked.

    35. Missing avatar

      Damon Casale on

      The campaign noted that the Undertow of Madness expansion would be included for free as part of the Seafarer pledge, but I'm not seeing any note to that effect in the pledge manager. Would you clarify?

    36. Matt Gilmour on

      I know the shipping costs during the campaign were only an estimate. But damn, that's a bit of a jump from what i was expecting.

    37. Scott Mohnkern

      Will the expansions and add ins be available post campaign? I’d kind of like to play the original game and see if I like it before investing another $100 or more in expansions.