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A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
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Co operative play: sailing the dark tides with friends

Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)

Dear backers,

Time for another update, and this time we're focusing on playing the game co operatively! The Everrain has been designed to play as botha solo and co op experience, with each way presenting unique and interesting experiences. But what does playing co op actually mean? How do players actually work together?

Come together....right now!

The progress of the game centres around the Discovery track, which encircles the board. Both the players and the enemy have a token on this track, and players must work together to advance their token along it whilst trying to stay ahead of the enemy's token

Advancing this track is done in a variety of ways. Firstly, Relics can be discovered as the result of Events and exploring Shipwrecks, and these can be traded in at a University in Port. This is one of the most straightforward ways of advancing on the Discovery Track

Then there's Events. This is a somewhat more unpredictable way of advancing the Track, but the Narrative decks are balanced in a way to encourage players to explore the map and try to advance on the Discovery track in this way. There are many rewards for exploration, but this is the most valuable

Capturing enemies is also an option! Should a player decide to build a Brig Below Deck, they will be able to capture certain enemies and interrogate them for Clues. Players must be very careful doing this however, because if you are ever boarded then the enemies in the Brig will escape!

Lastly, there are Clues. Clues are by far the most reliable way to advance the track, and are awarded for a great deal of things. You can be awarded clues from discovering new tiles, defeating enemies and completing Events, and after a player has earned 10 clues, they can instantly exchange these to advance on the Discovery track 1.

One of the best things about this system is that it allows players to pursue the main goal in a great variety of ways. Players can even largely avoid combat and focus on discovery and exploration if that is how they want to play the game.

A friend in need

So what about actually interacting with each other? All of the above is great, but a lot of it can be done on your own. Well, for starters players can trade almost anything with each other. You can trade Gold, Crew, blueprints for Rooms Below Deck, Treasure and Clues. This is a very important part of the game, because players either win or lose together.

But you can also come to each others aid in battles! In ship battles, players can attack and pursue the same enemy, which is cool enough in itself, but how you help each other out with Deck battles is probably our favourite can fire on each others ships! Below is the early WIP image of how damage is dealt to player ships when attacked, and players can actually target the zones on other players ships in an attempt to drive enemies from their vessel! This can be a fairly risky strategy, but desperate times cal for desperate action, and ship are easier to repair than valuable crew are to find!

 Though a lot of player actions are taken on their own ships, players will need to work together in the dark and perilous world of the Everrain. That's it for this gameplay update, on our next one we'll be discussing the Avatar of the Old One, his role in the game and how he affects play

Lay aloft and loose all sail!

The Grimlord Games team


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    1. underAtack

      Good to know that there will be thorough proofreading; no one seemed to notice on Card #8 that it tells you two different amounts to advance the Enemy on the Discovery Track...

    2. Cherusker on

      Lemme help with the proofreading. See PM

    3. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on

      Don't worry crew, none of these cards a remotely near the sign off stage. We have multiple thorough proof reading sessions, and for a game as narrative heavy as this it'll be more like a dozen :D

    4. Missing avatar

      Dennis Kendrick on

      Very nice having solo and coop my personal two attributes I look for in a game. Nice work.

    5. Missing avatar

      Κώστας Κατέρος on

      Will we have updated rulebook soon with the Avatar of the Old One rules?

    6. Missing avatar

      Fish on

      Finally!Awesome update!

    7. Missing avatar

      Dennis Thompson

      Awesome! Great update.

      Small addition to the proofreading notes others have mentioned, the word is "iMprisoned" with an M, not "iNprisoned" with an N.

      Really looking forward to the game! Would love to hear some about the Avatar as well and how that fits into play.

    8. Cherusker on

      Can those ugly prisoners escape to participate in the on-deck-battle?

    9. Blazingsoul on

      Fantastic update! I am really excited for this game and can't wait to see the extra content that will be revealed in the coming days!

    10. John C

      Love these updates!

    11. Mel On KS

      +1 Good update!

    12. Herbert Geekswain on

      Great update. Love the sinister creeping feel of the game.

      Agree with Cherusker on the proof reading.

      I actually like the verbosity, I think it fits the theme but there is quite a bit of repetitive text thar could be removed to save space and increase the professionalism; e.g. “Proceeding with the utmost caution you proceed to creep...” would read much better as “Proceeding with the utmost caution you creep...” and the final “this” in the sea event card is redundant.

    13. Mauler on

      Looking forward to this! A mate in I board his ship to assist with blade and shot or do I keep safe from afar and blow bits of his jalopy to matchwood? Haha :D

      I'm assuming that the Discovery Track's progress is inherently balanced by the results from card draws? Event/Exploration cards can have a downside so the more players = more cards drawn = more risk of advancing the enemy along the track?

    14. Cherusker on

      I hope somebody will proofread everything. The text of the Wyrm event reads "The crew have gather on deck". I would rewrite aka shorten the text as to not take up so much smallprint space "Rushed footsteps and panic striken voices awake you at night. On deck the crew has gathered around a pale creature, Twitiching and with eyes darting to and fro, it professes to have once been a man and wishes to warn you about things to come. The repulsed crew, eager to end this madness swiftly, awaits your decision on the creature's fate"

    15. Lightbringer on

      Great update on the coop gameplay!

    16. Missing avatar

      Vipe on

      Every update here makes me happy :) Thanks!

    17. Makkek on

      Great update!
      One of these each day keeps the whiners away...
      Love the friendly fire, “hey friend, I will fire a cannonball at you but it really is for your own good...really”
      I personally would have liked a semi coop also, with a little traitorous feeling to it. I guess I have to settle for shooting cannonballs at people

    18. Kaelung on

      Awesome update ! Love the interrogation and ESPECIALLY the "friendly fire but for his own good" concept :D. Keep 'em coming !

    19. Missing avatar

      jerall on

      Thanks for this Update!
      I cant wait to play the Everrain in my own!
      Will you Show some more Gameplay in the near Future?