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A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
A 1-4 player co-operative story driven exploration game in a world on the brink of annihilation
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The combat rules are live!

Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)

Dear backers,

The combat mechanics have been added to the WIP rulebook! The Everrain uses a dice based combat system, and in this update we'll be explaining how the same dice are used to resolve both Deck and Sea combat scenarios. Please note that all of these graphics are WIPs and the graphic designer will be having a good go at them before reaching the final rulebook ;) Also, all of this info can now be found in the updated WIP rulebook on the main campaign page

The Dice

In the Everrain there are 3 distinct kinds of dice; Attack, Evasion and Enemy. Attack and Evasion dice are used by the player to attempt to damage the enemies and avoid their attacks, and Enemy dice allow the enemies to move, attack and activate their special abilities. There are 5 of each in the core game.

The Attack, Enemy & Evasion dice
The Attack, Enemy & Evasion dice

And they do this:

Deck combat

Deck combat is when Crew and enemies duke it out on the Above deck section of the Player dashboards. Players or enemies can initiate combat, but no matter who does combat in the Everrain plays out like small skirmishes, with each combatant able to deal damage and possibly avoid attacks.

When enemies appear on a Player’s Ship dashboard, they must use their crew to repel the invaders. Combat is initiated when:

• A Crew member is in a the same zone as the enemy it wishes to attack AND the player issues an Attack Order OR

• When an enemy attacks a Crew member

All attacks made by both Crew and enemies have 0 range, unless otherwise affected by an ability. When a Crew member is ordered to fight, they must roll Attack and/or Evasion dice equal to their Combat Dice value on their dashboard against the enemy’s dice to determine the outcome.

Creating Combat Dice pools

1. When Crew are attacking an enemy – The player takes Attack or Evasion dice equal to the Crew member’s combat value & Enemy dice equal to the enemy’s Enemy dice value. 

2. When Enemies attack – The enemy rolls Enemy dice equal to their Enemy Dice value and spends the results accordingly. If they manage to reach a Crew member and can deal damage, that Crew member can attempt to Counter. All dice added to the pool are now rolled simultaneously to see the result of combat.

Crew attacking enemies

When a Crew member attacks an enemy, he must be in the enemy’s zone (unless a Trait changes this). The dice pool is created, and the dice are rolled. During this kind of attack, only Attack and Wild symbols count on the Enemy dice. Movement results are not counted.

Combat example #1

The Captain decides to attack the Drowned man, and may roll 3 dice, so she chooses 2 Attack and 1 Evasion die. The Drowned Man rolls 2 Enemy dice, so these are all rolled together and the results compared. The Evade result cancels the enemy’s Attack result and the Crew’s attack result deals 1 damage to the Drowned Man. Lastly the blank result and the Enemy movement result are ignored.

Combat example #2

Using the same scenario as above, the Captain’s results are the same but this time the Drowned Man rolled 2 symbols that activate its special ability Life Siphon. 1 damage is still dealt to the Drowned Man, but its special ability deals 1 damage to the Captain and any other Crew above deck. Damage from special abilities cannot be evaded using dice results.

Countering an enemy’s attacks

Each time an enemy scores an Attack result against a Crew member, they have the opportunity to counter by rolling an Attack or Evasion die. They may roll 1 die for every Attack result the enemy rolled, up to their Combat Dice value.

Counter example

 The Captain has been attacked by the Drowned Man, who has rolled 2 successful hits. She decides that she’s going to make a gambit and counter with 2 Attack dice, knowing that she will take both points of damage. She manages to roll 2 successes, dealing 3 damage and killing the Drowned Man! Though it was a risky strategy, it managed to pay off in the defeat of her enemy!

Sea Combat

A player can choose to engage in combat with an enemy ship when they are in range of the ship with one of their weapons. To fire a Weapon, the enemy must be within its range, and a Crew member must be manning the relevant node.

Enemy ship activation

When an enemy ship activates, it will try to move to and attack the nearest Player Ship. Enemy ships always hunt the nearest Player Ship. If there are multiple targets the same distance from the enemy their targeting priority is:

1. The first player

2. The player with the most damaged ship

Damaging nodes

Whenever a ship is the target of a successful attack, whether it be from another ship or an enemy Above Deck, a Damage token is placed over the target node. Nodes with these tokens covering them are inoperable and lose any bonuses and colours attached to them. They may still be entered and passed through as zones. If all nodes have a damage token on them, then the ship is considered sunk. Nodes can be repaired whilst in town or by Special Crew.

Taking damage from enemy ships

If an enemy ship manages to successfully land an attack on the player’s Ship, then they may attempt to evade. To attempt and evade, a Movement Order must be issued. This generates 1 Evasion die for each successful hit the enemy ship has rolled. For each point of damage received a Damage token should be placed on a Node relative to the direction of the attack.

Damage is dealt to your ship in relation to the direction of the attack
Damage is dealt to your ship in relation to the direction of the attack

Node targeting priority

Nodes are targeted in the following order:

1. Purple

2. Red

3. Blue

Nodes that exist in more than 1 zone are considered when either zone is attacked. If more damage is dealt than can be received by the target area, the next area on the ship is damaged, moving clockwise.

Ship combat example

It’s the Enemy Phase, and the Damned Frigate has activated. It rolls it’s 4 Enemy dice and scores 2 Movement results and 2 Attack Results. The Player decides to issue a Movement Order to attempt to evade the hits, rolls 2 Evasion dice and manages to evade 1 of the results. The second results lands however, and strikes the purple node on the starboard side. A Damage token is now placed onto this node.

One of the things we really wanted to convey in the Everrain was the sense of dynamic combat, with ships and crew dodging and countering in a more realistic manner then simply the enemy taking a swipe at you on their turn, then you taking a swipe at them on yours, and we feel this combat system really evokes that feeling. That's it for this update, I hope this has shown everyone just how exciting the combat in the Everrain will be!

Lay aloft and loose all sail!

The Grimlord Games team

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    1. J. Brian - Cage the Hellephant on

      Keep the die thematic...I dig it!

      And I'm really enjoying the sense of combat, and choosing each encounter to defend or counter... so much cooler than just rolling attack-vs-defense.

    2. John C

      As to the symbols on the dice. Sure, they are a wee bit odd, but we are in a seafaring, fighting, exploration, dungeoneering, OLD ONES universe, and that sort of begs for oddity, NO?
      The attack/evade dice are not at all confusing. In fact, I showed them to a co-worker who is NOT a gamer, and she understood them (and the battle mechanics) immediately. Yes, the enemy dice images are the weirder ones, but these are WEIRD enemies, and, really, can anyone here imagine not getting used to what each symbol means after the first 5 battles?

      I say, KEEP 'EM UNUSUAL! We got too much USUAL in the world outside of games.

    3. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      So, if your ship has a couple of monsters on it you'd have to use quite a few orders to get your crew into position, then more orders to attack. Does this mean such a melee often takes many turns before it's over?

      In short, just wondering how much of a typical game is chewed up if a melee happens on a ship? If all the other players are travelling around with all their orders it seems you could quickly be left a bit behind on the exploration front.

    4. Mathieu Simard on

      Dice mechanic looks cool. The iconography on it could be more clear, even though i think they look pretty cool in my opinion. At least having a easy reference on the board or a rules references cards would be useful.

    5. Jasberfloob

      Please can we have a couple of nice player reference cards as stretch goals just to aid us remembering what each of the faces means and the turn order priority please :)

    6. Will Baker on

      Ugh those dice symbols

    7. Elgracka

      Thanks for the rule clarification. Sounds great with the choice of being on the offense/defence in both attack and defence phases

    8. Alex Bass on

      The combat rules look good. Thank you for the update. Please share a gameplay video as soon as you can. This campaign needs a boost!

    9. John C

      Love the update! It's very informative (and the dice are striking)...

    10. Missing avatar

      Brian O'Koon on

      I love the idea of being able to roll either attack or evasion as a counter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Vipe on

      It looks awesome

    12. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on

      Q: Can you clarify the counter attack? Does it cost me anything? What happens if I don’t make a counter attack?

      A: It doesn't cost you anything and choosing not to counter would be a very risky strategy :O

    13. Cherusker on

      Let's get cracking on the SGs guys.

    14. Russonc

      Nice update. Looks to be easily learned after a few plays.

    15. Thomas M

      Nice Update!

    16. Iliuthenin on

      Elgracka: you can choose to roll attack or evasion dice when defending, so it doesn't really "cost" you anything (it's just a strategy you choose, preserve more hitpoints or damage the enemy).

    17. Elgracka

      Can you clarify the counter attack? Does it cost me anything? What happens if I don’t make a counter attack?

    18. Grimlord Games 4-time creator on

      We have no intention of changing the dice mechanic Sebastian :D The system we've developed really evokes the feeling that each combat scenario is a "fight" rather than just one side standing their whilst the other takes the hits, or doesn't simply because the attacker misses.

      I'm sure once we show the dice mechanics working in real time it will allay any fears people might have of the dice mechanics being overly complicated. Simplicity was why we adopted the same dice and similar combat mechanics for both Deck and Sea combat, though each has their own nuances that sets them apart from one another.

    19. Sebastian On Board

      I wouldn't simplify the dice mechanism, perhaps instead I would chose a more intuitive design for some of the dice iconography.
      Said that I am fine with the way they are, you just need a couple of combats and you would memorize what they do, keeping it thematic.
      Just my opinion.
      Please do not make the mechanic boring

    20. Walter Cavalcante on

      little complicated.... please simplify desing and mechanics!!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Dirk Mantik on

      +1 for simplifying the dice design

    22. Gamborg on

      +1 for simplifying the dice design

    23. Preston

      Wow those dice mechanics are complicated.

    24. Kyari PP

      yea the dice looks pretty abstract attack is attack why make the enemy attack diff from the player attack symbol.. it only makes ist more complicated when comparing results.

    25. Tim

      Is the enemy dice iconography final? The player dice seem relatively intuitive as to what the icons represent, but the enemy dice are a bit abstract I feel.

    26. Missing avatar

      GhenrikG on

      Nice! I like it!