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An epic 1-6 player Sci-Fi co-op fight for survival, set amongst the ruins of the N.W.E. Hikari spaceship, now with 121 miniatures.
An epic 1-6 player Sci-Fi co-op fight for survival, set amongst the ruins of the N.W.E. Hikari spaceship, now with 121 miniatures.
An epic 1-6 player Sci-Fi co-op fight for survival, set amongst the ruins of the N.W.E. Hikari spaceship, now with 121 miniatures.
1,652 backers pledged £130,592 to help bring this project to life.

Rule book 1.1 is here!


Dear backers,

We've finally managed to complete the first graphically designed and updated version of the rule book, which you can find here:

Want to help Endure the Stars? Then give us your feedback! This is just the first draft of the final rule book so there's still the odd spelling mistake here and there, but if there's anything that you think is confusing or you don't feel is explained properly then tell us so that we can make this rule book the best we possibly can.

The Grimlord Games team


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    1. Pete Jones on

      Multiple Noises: What happens if a GEP is equidistant to 2 noises from a different area and they are both the same level?

    2. Missing avatar

      Ville E. J. Tikka on

      Read through it during the mid-summer holidays! Below are my thoughts, in somewhat page-per-page manner (page numbers would have been nice *wink wink*):

      - The Basics: Crisis ability = once per "game" – in a campaign, does this mean once per mission or once per campaign?
      - The Basics: Passive/Active/Crisis could be written on the Survivor Dashboards, I see no reason to leave them out
      - Accomplishment cards: during a campaign, can you carry the unlocked rewards from mission to mission?
      - The Enemy Phase: the 3D-dice are somewhat hard to read (the face in question is the one on the side? Weird.) – basic logos/images of the faces would be more clear IMO
      - The Enemy Phase: Leg damage is missing the minus ("1 max movement" instead of "-1 max movement")
      - Combat: "Only the dice values are added together – – " should read something like "Only the amount of dice are added together", right? (I.e. he/she throws 2d6 and hits 0-2 times, not 0-1 times..) An example of dual wielding would be great.
      - Combat: Assault rifle's card shows the amount of attack dice as 2, but in the example it's 4 (+ the line of sight in the picture is questionable at best.. :P)
      - Boss Combat: clarification: boss speed = 1?
      - Boss Combat: Turn in detail 2 = Attack or move (or move AND attack, as in the example), right? If the boss is out of range, and therefore unable to attack, what happens to the attack card?
      - Core Rules: "Game" feels a bit of weird term. Mission or campaign (or mission/campaign) would fit here.
      - Running out of tokens: Just any token in the game, or radar tokens or something else spesific?
      - Refuge Phase: the diagram has the phases backwards (i.e. it implies you could proceed to the next mission before drawing a Refuge Event card). So phase 1 should be on the left (yellow) and phase 2 on the right (blue)
      - Missions & Campaigns: "Trading post" in text, "Junkyard" in the graphics

      General notes (+ a few comments regarding physical stuff):
      - Page numbers (and in text references to pages) would be much appreciated
      - Hopefully the zones in the map tiles will be easy to read and decipher from the backround. A bit concerned just now, as it is a core mechanic throughout the game, and some of the pictures were a bit hard to understand zone-wise...
      - Resolve Cards: are the numbers printed on the back or front? Wouldn't it make sense to have them on the backside, as you're not supposed to see them before a certain point in the game?

      So that's my two cents. Getting really excited – keep up the good work!

      - V

    3. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Half a dozen typos / grammer being instead of begins and A instead of an - is ther an email address so I can send marked up pdf.

      In character ability section does not actually point out that third paragraph is critical ability - the others are named so this should be.

      LOS parallel is not explained well ,I think you mean orthogonal e.g. like a plus sign + but not diagonal like a cross X.

      The shaded overlay to everything may set an atmosphere but makes the rules hard to read and as a reult all the colours are poor.

      Overll good rules and most questions can be resolved.

      Are noise tokens cumulative - theme wise they are not simultaneous so does 2 x 2 draw more attention.

      Why doesn't distance impact noise e.g. a 3 at 3 range should be the same as a 2 at 2 range. Creatures should then be attracted to the closer sound as sounds at range are not as sharp. .

    4. Matthias Schneider on

      Error (429) This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    5. Grimlord Games 3-time creator on

      We've just put the rulebook up on our website for those struggling to access it here!

    6. CK Lai on

      Still Error 429. Looks like a lot of eager backers ;-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

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      This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    8. Jamie Bergman on

      Apparently too many people are trying to access it. I'm getting a 429 error.

    9. Eric

      I like the font size. Seems like it will be easy to read.

    10. Missing avatar

      Hai Tran on

      Weapons Card example
      "The Scout ... 2 zones from his" - I'm guessing it's "from her"
      "She wishes ... , so he rolls" - and "she rolls"

    11. El Vincieñte on


      And thanks for sharing the draft rulebook, I'll read it this evening. But at first glance. Could you maybe increase the contrast between the text-color and background ? In my opinion this will increase the readability.

      Also, but I think you'll already be adding this after all things manualwise are final. An Index is always a nice thing to have.

      Best regards,

    12. Christopher - Incandescent on

      You want to clarify on the expansion exclusive content that they are expansion exclusive content.

      So the Artemis, Sip, Primus and the expansion exclusive class should be marked with *Sold separately* or available inside x expansion box.

      It's great for us kickstarter backers who have bought everything, but may not be helpful at all for those buying at retail.

    13. Stephen Daly on

      Awesome! Such detailed illustrations.

    14. Christian Wolff on

      the Explanation of the Leg Injury is missing a minus in front.
      I guess is shoul read "-1 Max Movement per Turn"
      or better "2 Max Movment per Turn" (as i guess leg damage is not cumulative)

    15. Martin Langfeld

      Nice! I'll read it this evening. What happened to the other three painted minis? Was looking forward to see more of those awesome minis.

    16. Christian Wolff on

      Trade Section could be a little bit Clearer.

      Say if the the Captain Gives Card A to The Medic and he gives Card B in Return.

      Does it count as one "swap" and thus cost 1 Aktion.
      or does it count as two actions. as two cards are involved.

    17. Mister Nova on

      Did a quick read through, this game is seriously looking awesome.

    18. IluvatarIrmo on

      I know what I'll be doing tonight :-P