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Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG Print On Demand Now Available At!
Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG Print On Demand Now Available At!
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Day 24 - Hazards & Healing Chapter + Injuries!

Posted by Daniel Fox (Creator)

Hey gang,

It's the final countdown! We have seven days to go before reaching our $53K goal: to release ZWEIHÄNDER under the Creative Commons License 3.0 to reduce, remix and reuse these rules as you see fit!

In hopes of raising more funds, we'd like to present the entirety of Chapter 9: Hazards & Healing with the community. We're also going to include the excerpt from Chapter 11: Game Mastery to show you critical Injuries! Finally, this will also show you the format we're releasing our Early Access PDF in; a beautiful sepia tone, with awesome borders and a handful of cartouches from our artist Dejan Mandic.

Characters in a grim & perilous world are fraught with danger from all sides. Beyond the sword blows of marauders and gunshot of highwaymen, there are other ways to perish. Raging infernos, drugged foods, exhaustion, plummeting from upon high and even the poisonous effects of alcohol can whittle down the weary. If it were not for enterprising barber surgeons and apothecaries, the lich yards would be overflowing with the bones of the dead!  

Categorized within are several types of natural hazards you will face in a game of ZWEIHÄNDER. They include Disease, Disorder, Extreme Weather, Falling, Fire, Intoxication, Poison, Sleep Deprivation, Starvation and Suffocation. The following outlines these hazards and related effects, along with how to recover both your Peril and Damage Condition Track. Finally, Materia Medica outlines how you can prepare medicines, gunpowder and other dangerous substances at the end of the chapter.

Download from Google Drive

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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    1. Missing avatar


      To pick up on a comment by Raphael regarding the file size; in which resolution are you planning to release the full art PDF? If at all possible please (with a cherry on top) don't go below 200 dpi, or better yet 300, even if that results in a massive file size. Too many times PDFs are of such low resolution (I'm looking at you 100 dpi WFRP 2E pdfs and all other 150-dpi-or-less files that I've had to suffer through over the years) in order to keep file size down that there's massive artefacting in graphics, which become super apparent when you zoom in (often a necessity on super high res screens).

      In fact, in case of small maps and the like where there's lots of fine detail this actually more often than not hurts legibility. Not to mention the eyesore inducing quality it gives when you want to print out a part...

      And besides, a high dpi pdf can always be redistilled by the users themselves to a lower dpi of acceptable if need be, but not the other way around.

    2. Daniel Fox 2-time creator on

      @Raphael excellent suggestion on the italicized text. Updating now!

    3. Daniel Fox 2-time creator on

      @Raphael Early Access PDF is being created in Word, which is of my own devising. Our layout artist Milena is working on the final print product, which will be vastly different in layout. All excellent points, however, which I will forward over to Milena for consideration!

    4. Raphael

      Which software do you use, by the way? The stuff I've seen so far, LaTeX could create with ease (if you have some skillz, obviously) and make it look even nicer. But nobody in publishing uses it...

    5. Raphael


      Some technical comments.

      1) The slanted font you use e.g. beneath "Bloody Flux" is hard to read. Use a less condensed variant?

      2) While pretty, the design is probably hard on less powerful devices (heck, even Evince on my gaming PC takes a while to load each page, and printing even one page takes ... a while) and printers. Will you be able to provide a "plain" version without border art and background? (The border art doesn't look too good out of a 300dpi office laser printer, anyway).

      3) Almost 10MB for 25 pages is ... a lot, given that there's almost only text. Do you use PNG compression for these graphics? Does your software include the border/background art only once or one time for every page?

      4) Kerning of the headline font is ... suboptimal. E.g. for "GAME MASTERY EXCERPT: INJURIES" the RY and NJ combos are awkwardly far away from each other. Do you use an OpenType font with full kerning tables? Maybe there's a variant of that font that's better.

      5) Tables as the ones on the last pages look too cramped; you may want to add some inner padding. Also, bottom alignment feels odd to me, but that may be a matter of taste.

      6) Ragged lines give me the creeps (used to LaTeX output here). Please check if your software manages decent full justification. It may be worse with lines as short as these...