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Create adventures with a system of gritty realism, clandestine conflict, political intrigue, vicious reprisal and supernatural horror.
Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG Print On Demand Now Available At!
Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG Print On Demand Now Available At!
1,265 backers pledged $61,743 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kristian Hartmann on

      Well then, work away and overawe us with the next supplement. What was it again?

    2. Daniel Fox Creator on

      Unfortunately not. We're working hard on getting our next Kickstarter prepared, and of course working on our not-so-secret next supplement!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kristian Hartmann on

      @Daniel and Team: Will you be at the Spiel in Essen?

    4. René Schultze

      @Kristian: AWESOME!!! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Kristian Hartmann on

      @Rene: I live in Düsseldorf. Thats what happened at Customs:
      After I showed the invoice, the Customs officer asked what "Grim & Perilous" means.
      I translated it "Düster und Gefährlich".
      He: "Ahem, ok, please open the parcels".
      I opened them and he had a look at both books (one with the normal cover and one with the kickstarter special).
      He: "Oh, is it something like a comic or a manga?"
      Me: "Well, yeah, something like this."
      He: "I rather like Tintin. Ok, take the books. No taxes."

    6. Missing avatar

      Andy Platts on

      Thanks for that, emailed you a short while ago, curse this slow mobile internet and international timezones

    7. Daniel Fox Creator on

      @Andy Platts: please message me with these details and your postal address. I'll get it sorted.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andy Platts on

      Hi, my book is supposedly in the hands of Parcelforce in the UK, and they claim to have attempted delivery but been unable to due to an incomplete address (in one message they claimed the address didn't exist, which doesn't make sense - I suspect they have made no such attempts to deliver it whatsoever), and they have also claimed that they are notifying the addressee, yet no such attempt has been made. I have tried contacting both them and you (via the contact us section on the grimandperilous site), although I've yet to receive a response about it; could you possibly get parcelforce to stop fannying about and actually deliver the package? I don't want to publish the tracking number in these comments, will message them to you if I get a response.



    9. René Schultze

      After I have fought the custom cultists (burn, burn!!!) now I'm holding the Zweihänder in my hands - and after holding the book forma while I know why Daniel chose this name ;)
      Thank you for this great and wonderfully crafted book.

    10. Missing avatar

      mcv on

      My book arrived! But it's damaged. There's a big dent in the front cover which continues through a number of pages.

      Now I noticed on the tracking page for the parcel that it includes up to $200 insurance. How do I make use of that insurance?

    11. Drew

      Tell us more about the GM screen Kickstarter and the first of your settings books for Zweihander. Will back as soon as it goes live.

    12. Alandor on

      My Zweihänder Book arrived yesterday.
      @Daniel and the Team of Zweihänder
      Thanks for this KS. You did a great job.
      This book looks awesome and is impressive!


    13. Paul

      Wow! I have backed quite a few Kickstarters, and considering the size of the book, I was impressed that it arrived without any dings or dents. Very few arrive in perfect condition. This is a beautiful tome and I can't wait to read it all. Thank you for putting the time, effort, and funds to make sure the books arrived damage-free. I will be supporting any of your future Kickstarters.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason Baldwin on

      Got some weekend reading material today. The book is pretty solid, and very impressive. Many thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Wayne Naylor

      Referencing Jonathan Marshall's post I am that friend and my book arrived fully intact, no signs of damage cosmetic or otherwise. Very satisfied with my product... now how to fit it on the shelf

    16. TeichDragon on


      Damn it... I saw your comment to late.
      After I received the snail mail letter from german customs, I was to fast replying to them.

      Didn't even except some updates about this here.

      If there's any trouble, I'll send you an email.

    17. Daniel Fox Creator on

      @TeichDragon did you send me an email yet?

    18. TeichDragon on


      German custom office hold my book back, since there wasn't an invoice attached to the package.
      I'll have to find out if those people even understand kickstarter...
      And they want money for everyday they keep it, and will send it back in 10 days (on my cost) if I can't sort things out with them.

    19. Res In Aere

      Just got my pristine copy here in Italy.

      What can I say? The book is just fabulous, and now I just cannot wait for the supplement.

      Great Kickstarter and awesome book!

      Thanks a lot!

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hayes on

      Book arrived in UK in perfect condition. Really good quality binding and paper. The only down side being that it's a bit heavy to carry round to games!

    21. Phillip McGregor

      FWIW my copy of the Book arrived here in Sydney, Oz (not Nova Scotia!), around 11 am today ... in pristine condition due to the most secure and rugged packaging that I've seen in many years.

      The book looks great, after a quick flick through ...

      Congratulations to all involved.

    22. Missing avatar

      e.carletti on

      French customer here,
      my two parcel are arrived, one last monday, the second today.
      The took a little bit of battering, but considering the trip they made, they are in good condition.
      Yessss, my precioussssss....

    23. Daniel Fox Creator on

      Based on the handful of invoices I've issued, the countries that have require invoices for educational material over $7 Euro are Finland, Denmark and Germany.

      If your book is stuck in customs, I can issue you an invoice. Email me - don't message me here please - at

    24. Missing avatar

      Blanca Blancovic on

      it did arrive but...dont underestimate the power of Hauptzollamt Berlin / German Customs :-/ have to pick it up there.

    25. James Robertson

      Australian customer here. Both of my books arrived in fantastic condition, despite the packages having taken a bit of the battering. Whatever you did with the packaging was nothing short of marvellous, and one more example of the fantastic attention to detail you've shown throughout the kickstarter - thank you! :-)

    26. Alex on

      Got my book today! Its in perfect condition despite Canada Post apparently using the package as a football at some point ;)

    27. Dave Harrison

      Lovely looking book arrived in Cambridge, UK. Thank you.

    28. JayOBedlam on

      Arrived in London, UK today. Gorgeous, gorgeous book. Very happy to have backed this, well done! Looking forward to seeing what comes next... and running Zweihänder of course :D

    29. Robert Mills

      My book arrived in the UK this morning, lovely

    30. Missing avatar

      Rick parker on

      Beautiful book well worth the wait

    31. Daniel Fox Creator on

      So far, so good! Books are popping up all over: Canada, Mexico, Finland, Poland, Australia, Germany and all across the UK. Be sure to email me if you didn't get a tracking ID yet. Don't message me here on Kickstarter, as I am more responsive by email during work hours.

      Only a few reports of damaged books (one was water-logged, one was completely crushed). If you have experienced significant damage to your book during transit, you can make a claim with the USPS. This may vary by country, but this is as much info as I can ascertain:

      You must immediately present the article, mailing container, wrapping, packaging, and any other contents received in damaged condition and/or with missing contents to a Post Office™ for inspection. The Post Office will verify the damage and give you a PS Form 3831, Receipt for Article(s) Damaged in Mails, for your files.

    32. Jonathan Marshall on

      My copy just arrived, West Yorkshire UK.

      Box was a bit dented and crushed, there has been some minor crushing to the bottom corners of the book and a small scuff near the bottom of the spine that has lifted the matte laminate unfortunately.
      Only minor cosmetics really, still a beautiful book.

      A little worried about my friends copy though, he had it shipped to my address, his box looks in a worse state than mine was, will find out when he opens it this weekend.

    33. Balgin Stondraeg

      My book arrived here today in England in good condition. All's well :).

    34. Balgin Stondraeg

      Glad to know people are receiving their copies already. I'm still waiting for any sort of notification here.

    35. Drew

      Most important in all this I got my massive sword here in the UK. I call that a win :). Books will be here soon.

    36. Necrozius on

      Cool I'll try that! Thanks

    37. Daniel Fox Creator on

      I do this with all my books with ribbons. I used a tongue depressor and slather a generous amount of fast-drying superglue over the stick, open up the book halfway, stand it on its spine and rub it over the ribbon where it butts against the spine backing. Be sure to leave the book open when you do this so that you don't glue the spine down.

    38. Necrozius on

      Argh the headband detached from the pages at the top. Any recommendations on how to re-glue it back?

    39. Necrozius on

      Got mine here in Ottawa, Canada. Perfect condition: such a beautiful book. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing what else you folks come up with!

    40. Missing avatar

      JohnX on

      Well packed. Received in Canada in perfect shape. Very happy from start to finish. Looking forward to future stuff.

    41. Crimsonsun on

      Tracking number received, though I'm not entirely sure of how USPS works in terminology, as my parcel left Heathrow yesterday morning towards my location, but I'm only 70miles from Heathrow so unless they are walking it down the country it should be at the depo by now. I'm sure its just down to it being the weekend or that its in customs at Heathrow and its not left at all.

      Must say Daniel I was impressed by how fast it got here that's pretty damn quick! Thanks!

    42. ThimGrim on

      I got mine tracking number and Zweihander is going really fast, some spell probably. Starting next week I will probably have it in my home.
      International baker from Poland

    43. Gian

      How can we redownload the Crowdox files? Links dont work currently :)

    44. Daniel Fox Creator on

      What I can tell you is that the books were put back on pallets and moved across Chicago to a new distribution center, where they will tag the books for mailing. I'll have firmer details Tuesday or Wednesday. The extended Labor Day weekend throws off a lot of businesses here in the US because it's a bank holiday Monday.

    45. Necrozius on

      Has there been a mention as to how long the delay might be? For adjusting the packaging for international backers, I mean.

    46. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Brown on

      Fair enough. Let's hope it's quicker than a month!

    47. Daniel Fox Creator on

      Unfortunately it's too late to change shipping addresses.

    48. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Brown on

      Too late to change address for international shipping? I have a surprise interstate move coming up.

    49. Necrozius on

      @ Niels Visser
      International shipping has been delayed because the packaging failed it's Toughness check. See the latest update:

    50. Niels Visser on

      Is there any update on the international shipping? I (I'm located in Europe) have not received any shipping email yet.

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