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Tomorrow, Sriracha on CBS News (but no me)


Tomorrow, CBS This Morning will air a story that I was originally featured in. But with the news today that the City of Irwindale is trying to shut down production of Sriracha, CBS replaced my tale with this more dramatic, trending development.

Here's the gist: Residents in Irwindale, CA have complained of painful chile fumes emanating from the factory, and the city has asked a judge to force Huy Fong Foods to halt production.

KTLA used some of my footage in their story.

Having been in and around the factory, the complaints surprise me. Sure, the fumes from grinding chiles are intense when I stand in the mixing room, but outside? I've never caught a whiff. I've also read the legal filing, and see the complaints began mid-September 2013. I wonder why no complaints were issued last year when the same seasonal process occurred at the factory.

Anyway, let's all wish Huy Fong Foods luck solving this problem!

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    1. Creator Vince Montelione on October 31, 2013

      some people just can't take the sriracha :)