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The film made for Sriracha lovers, funded by Sriracha lovers!
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Sriracha Fest / CBS News

David Tran meets his admirers at the LA Sriracha Festival
David Tran meets his admirers at the LA Sriracha Festival

Yesterday I met lots of great people at the first Sriracha Festival. Over 800 attendees, many of whom were very excited to learn about the film! David Tran walked around relatively unnoticed before word spread that he's the man who makes the much-loved sauce. By the end of the event, a large line of Sriracha groupies formed to take pictures with him!

CBS News

CBS shot some footage and interviews at the event, which they'll use to accompany the interviews they got with David Tran and me last month. Their story about Sriracha and the film was set to air this morning, but because it's not breaking news, it was bumped to later in the week. Keep your eyes peeled for the story on CBS This Morning, and if I hear the definitive airdate and time, I'll let you know!

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    1. Creator Avena on October 29, 2013

      Hi Griffin,

      Not sure if you heard about this bit of troubling news for Huy Fong. From LA Times:
      "The city is asking a judge to stop production at the hot sauce factory until the company submits a plan of action for mitigating the spicy odors, Galante said.

      “If they fix it and the odor problems stop, we don’t need this order; but so far the odor complaints continue,” said Galante, who said about 30 residents have filed or signed complaints to the city about the smell.

      A judge is scheduled to decide whether to grant the order Thursday, Galante said."

    2. Creator Matthew Winne on October 28, 2013

      It's amazing what happens when you follow your passion. Who new this humble little film about a condiment would eventually get national news attention. Great job, Griffin. Can't wait to see the finished project.