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If you've read "Mask of the Other," you can fund a short story sequel. If you haven't, you can get the novel AND fund the sequel.

Mask of the Other is a novel about soldiers confronting the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos and watching their lives fall apart in the aftermath.  It's been well-received and I found myself wanting to go back to those characters again, after the horrible events of the book, to see what other horrible events were going on.  If I can raise $550.00, I'll release the story that arose from my continued interest in Dirty John, Rick Hazard, Doug from Wisconsin and one other character, a minor one: Lala.

"Whatever Happened to Lala?" touches on Dirty John's girlfriend and common-law wife.  In the novel, she talks to one of the soldiers on the phone, and later John reminisces about her in a very vague and drunken way.  But I felt there was more there and I wanted to dig it out.  This story is the result.

It's not a monster story, but it is a horror story.  There's no paranormal stuff going on: This is just fallout from the novel's events, a hurt that keeps on hurting even after death.  It's a story about trying to do the right thing in a world that doesn't care, and doing it to people who care rather too much. 

If it's funded, I'll put it up for free, for everyone, on , with all the other fruits of my Kickstarter projects.  Hope you like it!


(The music in the video is a Bach Toccata performed by Felipe Sarro, accessed through -- which was funded right here on Kickstarter. Hah!)


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    For a mere three dollars, you get a podcast of the author reading the story, in all his grumbling glory.

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    In addition to the podcast and the story itself, you get an electronic edition of "Mask of the Other," the novel that started all this madness in the first place. It comes as both PDF and ePub.

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    If you liked those colored linocuts of the "Schröedinger's Cat Press" logo in the video, you can get one! Signed by the author and mailed to your home, you also get the electronic version of the novel and access to the podcast of the short story.

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    US ONLY. At this level, in addition to the podcast and the e-book, you get a BOOK, a physical artifact that you can stick on your shelf, lend to your friends without Congress bugging you, or hurl in fury at somebody's head. It won't be one of the signed ones, but it will be 100% tangible and mailed to your home.

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    This tier's a little different. You get your podcast and e-book, but you also get a half-hour conversation with the novelist himself, via Skype, Google Conference or old-fashioned telephone.

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    The highest height of the reward tiers is available to anyone on the globe. (I'm nervous about trying to get it to Antarctica, but what the hey.) At this level you get the podcast and e-book, as well as one of those linocut prints, but you ALSO get a signed copy of the novel itself. That's a lot of stuff!

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