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If you've read "Mask of the Other," you can fund a short story sequel. If you haven't, you can get the novel AND fund the sequel.
81 backers pledged $949 to help bring this project to life.

A very brief sequel to "Mask"

Posted by Greg Stolze (Creator)

Hey there, supporters. I sincerely hope you enjoyed Whatever Happened To Lala? If it left you wondering about other loose ends from Mask of the Other, I've got some good news for you. The stretch goal for my current fiction project, "Locked Up," deals with the question of what happened to all the genetic information that Ishii and his team of Japanese-speaking scientists dug up. (One answer is "Some of it got to North Korea," as explored in my story for the Whispers From The Abyss anthology.) But it has traveled all over the globe, and the bits that ended up in the good ol' USA are the center of the story Specimens.

As of this posting, the project "Locked Up" is at $805. If it raises $1,000 by its deadline, I'll release Specimens as both a CC: file in several DRM-less formats, and as a podcast. That's in addition to a pair of fun gritty crime stories, Careful, She Bites and The Murder Queen's Fan Mail

If you're curious about Specimens (or the other stories) just click on this link and check out the project. Thanks!



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