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If you've read "Mask of the Other," you can fund a short story sequel. If you haven't, you can get the novel AND fund the sequel.
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A Semi-Related Matter

Posted by Greg Stolze (Creator)

If you enjoy stories of grimy and ill-considered crime in America's heartland, you might enjoy a very short story I've written entitled "Kindness."  Currently, it's going to be available only to people who support one of my charitable endeavors to the tune of $10+, but if I get enough supporters for it, I'll put it up on the web site for free, as per our usual arrangement.

Even if you don't want a short slice of surprising injury and emotional weirdness, however, you might still want to click on this link and check it out just as a way to make the world a tiny bit less depressing and illness-raddled.  My church is raising money to install a water purification system in the Kenyan hinterlands.  As of this writing, I've raised $270, but I'd really like to get to $500.  Please?




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