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If you've read "Mask of the Other," you can fund a short story sequel. If you haven't, you can get the novel AND fund the sequel.
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Ooh, Another Project!

Posted by Greg Stolze (Creator)

If you like narratives about dark pasts that lurch up to bite people, there's quite a bit of overlap there between Whatever Happened to Lala? and my current Kickstarter fiction project, The Forgotten Monk. Or, to present the title in a larger, linked format...


The differences are as follows. Lala is a short story with a modern setting, while The Forgotten Monk is a full-length novel in a world of high fantasy. But the commonalities (beyond sharing an author) include clear abuses of authority, gruesome subterfuges coming to light, and some snappy backchat in the dialogue. If you like those things, I hope you'd like my book. Or, at least, I hope it appeals enough that you click the link for more information. Thanks!



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