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Pay me $250 and I'll give away a short science fiction story, to everyone, forever. Pay me more and get two other stories too!

If I get the money, you get the story.

Thanks to generous support, there's already a healthy fiction library at...

...where you can examine my already free works and see if you want to expand their number.  TRANSMIT most strongly resembles Emily Speaks, in its communication focus if nothing else.  The Turning of the Time shares a setting with 7 and 7, though no characters.  (The Turning of the Time is a fairly claustrophobic little piece.)  As for Unripe Fruit, it's a bit like The Doom of Swords, not only because they're both low fantasy, but in their focus on unfortunate sexual misunderstandings. That last link's to a zipped MP3, by the way.

The listed cash goal is $250 for TRANSMIT though, of course, I'd like more and hope I'm not alone in that. To liberate The Turning of the Time, we'll have to get the funds up to $650. The third story, Unripe Fruit, gets unlocked at $1,370. 

Any questions?  Just ask.  Can't wait to start recording these podcasts!


(The image is "green sine" by Brandon Daniel, kindly used by permission.)


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  • Pledge $2 or more
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    Pledge $2 and get a podcast of me reading the story "TRANSMIT," probably striking a tone somewhere between somber and smart-alec.

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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    7 backers

    If we reach the stretch goal for "The Turning of the Time," I'll record a podcast for that and give you both that and the TRANSMIT performance.

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  • Pledge $7 or more
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    26 backers

    If this earns enough funds to get all three stories released, a seven dollar pledge gets you all three podcasts.

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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    15 backers All gone!

    You get a Schöedinger's Cat Press logo patch (I'll post a picture) in addition to podcasts of all the stories the project funds.

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  • Pledge $15 or more
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    7 backers Limited (3 left of 10)

    USA ONLY. I'll sign and send you a linocut print of the opening paragraph for "The Turning of the Time." Little weird if that doesn't clear, but life's a little weird too.

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  • Pledge $17 or more
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    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    INTERNATIONAL ONLY. The linocut, described above, only sent abroad via Air Mail.

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  • Pledge $30 or more
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    5 backers All gone!

    THE AUTHOR CHAT. I'll level with you: These have been delightful so far, so I'm hoping I get all five takers. If you're overseas, however, ONLY pledge for this if you're on Skype or G+ with chat. I can't pay for overseas long distance!

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