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Four commonplace events are connected by an unnoticed and sinister thread. Fund it and I'll release it under a Creative Commons license.
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Greg Stolze

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Another year, another project.

Greetings, supporters of "These People Mean Nothing To Each Other."  I've started fundraising another short story, and like "These People..." it operates heavily on what's unsaid and not shown.  Unlike "These People..." it's not a gritty crime story.  Instead, it's called "Shrimp" and it's about the martial arts. 

I've been studying jujitsu for years now, and I wanted to tell stories about the sorts of fascinating people I've met in a small suburban dojo.  "Shrimp" is the first such story I've put up for funding, and it's not about badasses fighting for glory and survival.  It's about people coping with divorce and child-rearing.  They just happen to be studying the deadly arts while they do it.

If you're curious, click the link and check it out.  Thanks.