by Greg Stolze

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    1. Alex Neilson

      The last 3 days are traditionally a busy time for any KS project - I'm hopeful (and fairly confident) that this one will reach its goal :)

    2. writingmonkey on

      I don't exactly have many followers, but I'm doing my part to spread the word via blog/FB/Twitter.

    3. Michael Pedersen on

      I'm pretty confident you'll make it. And I hope no one takes that $200 tier. I hope you get to keep it.

    4. Missing avatar

      veronika on

      We just broke 6000$! woo hoo, the project is funded, you get to make the book!

    5. Alex Neilson

      Funded, and still 3 days remaining :D

    6. Richard Mattocks on

      You made it.. now onward and upward! :)