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    It's a blasphemous amulet! If you're familiar with REIGN's Ob-lob culture, you know they revere their uncaring abyssal creator god with a spiral design indicating the sixteen syllables of its name. But reversing the spiral is the ultimate act of blasphemy. Carrying the reflection of the holy name indicates a willingness to degrade and corrupt oneself in order to express contempt for all creation. Now you, too, can express that contempt! Or, if you prefer, use this woodcut print on archival paper as a prop for a game involving Ob-lob blasphemy. Or you can just use it as a handsome decoration. -G.

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    Be Greg's editor for a day. A fair amount of the fiction I've written has been "We need something that shows off this element of the setting, it needs to have a big betrayal of trust, and, also, a monkey." Editors and publishers get to do this -- set parameters for fiction writers who then, like chefs with limited ingredients, try to produce a delicious meal. If this ransom clears, I'll write a short story (probably 2-5,000 words) and release it for free through my trusty internet library. But if won't just be ANY story. If you pledge $50+, you can dictate ONE element that must be present. I'll limit that by saying no fanfiction, but stuff in my established settings -- eCollapse, Milonda, PROGENITOR -- are all fair game. (I'll just have to hope and pray there's no crossover.) Or maybe you want a love story. Or a revenge drama. Or for someone to get caught in flagrante delecto with the babysitter. You name it, I'll do my best to put it in there. Will it be a hilarious mess, or an exquisite corpse? Only the high rollers get to decide.

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