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Use REIGN to fling mankind into conflict with psychic ETs who regard us as, at best, 'murder apes' and, at worst 'OUR murder apes.'
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I've written another REIGN mini-setting, and this time it's near-future SF. "Out of the Violent Planet" is about 16,000 words long, describing the psychic aliens who come to Earth and are astonished to meet the very first species with no telepathic receptivity to speak of. Most humans are too psychically weak to even communicate with entities that never had to develop the spoken word. But by the same token, we're the first race immune to their centuries of carefully studied systems of mind control...

Once the project's pledge goal is met and collected, I'll release "Out of the Violent Planet" as a PDF and host it online indefinitely. It will, once funded, become free for everyone.

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10

    The first thirty people to pledge $10 or more get a hand-made woodblock bookmark. It's just a little abstract design, but I like it. As a bonus, I'll put an inscription on the back, if you like.


    Reward no longer available 30 backers

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