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Presenting a beautiful world of deadly magic, NAIN is a triple-sized supplement for the REIGN roleplaying game.
Created by

Greg Stolze

124 backers pledged $2,565 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

High Magic and an Artful Cover

Hey there, NAIN backers. You were tolerant of my ham-fisted illustrations in order to get a story of magic with wand-waving wizards, cunning warriors, and giant egos sneering their way across the political landscape of a fantasy world. Now, you can get something rather similar, but with a lovely professional cover by Pat Loboyko. You can see said cover at this link.


What's inside that cover is a 90,000 word novel set in Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet's exquisite fantasy world, as presented in the game 13th Age. I've been fortunate enough to be involved in their game of big spells, quirky humor, strange monsters and fascinating characters from (almost) its beginning, and I'd barely finished reading the pre-publication PDF before I had an idea for a novel. That novel is written and is ready to be published. Moreover, you can read the first two chapters here and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. 

Pledging for the KS not only gets you the novel, it subsidizes ancillary fiction involving my characters. Tales by three talented authors are already in the works, but I'd kinda love to see what Tweet himself would make from my minor characters. If you're curious too -- or if you just want one of the bargain book bundles from the many reward tiers -- please consider pledging in support of this project. Not much time remains!


Stolze's Other World

Hey there, NAIN supporters. I hope you've all been getting hours and hours of good gaming out of my realm of wands, wizards and wintry intrigue. I'd like to beg your indulgence while I describe something entirely different, however.

"A Softer Apocalypse" is another setting, as carefully crafted as NAIN, but it's SF instead of fantasy and a webcomic instead of an RPG supplement.

(I figure at this point, some of you have already stopped reading while others are thinking, "Hey, do you use the same skills to make those very different things?" I can only assure you that I do.)

What I want to do with "A Softer Apocalypse" is script a weekly black and white webcomic for artist Nick Butler to draw. (You can see examples of his work at the Kickstarter page, to which I shall link presently.) It's a story of personal revenge in a broken world, a near future where the weather is wild, the economy's clinically depressed, the police are well-armed, and the desperate and crazy gamble their lives for black market biotechnology that weaponizes the human body.

The setting has all the detail you'd expect -- I have zero interest in doing a by-the-numbers stereotype postapocalyptic gritty superhero cyberpunk story. But I have a keen interest in taking everything interesting about those genres, hammering them with logic until they make sense, and then putting them in a bottle and shaking it until they fight. If that sounds even mildly amusing to you, please check out "A Softer Apocalypse."

But wait, there's more! If it clears, I'll write and release another short story -- CC: license, assorted formats, free for everyone to download from my website at . It might be something that extends the webcomic's setting, or it might be something else entirely. I'll be polling the backers to see what people want, then comparing that to what I think I could write well. It could even be a story set in NAIN...



Another taste of Whimsy, but differently Flavored...

If you supported NAIN, I'd hope you're aware of "Dinosaurs... in SPAAACE!" but certainly there's a chance you aren't.  So if you've been under-informed, let me remedy that right now.

It's another game fund-raiser, right here on Kickstarter -- in fact -- but unlike NAIN, this one won't go out for free to everyone.  (Though if you're curious about the mechanics, they ALREADY went out free to everybody at .)  "Dinosaurs..." is my cockeyed love-letter to fifties drive-in movies, along with time travel and conspiracy theory.  In its way, it's as much of a light-fingered web of weird as NAIN, but coming from a place of leather jackets and square-jawed Nazi punchers instead of wands and dragon-slaying.  Check it out!


What more could NAIN need?

How about "more everything"? In case you're unaware, the new supplement "Grab Bag" at...

...has new side effects and backshocks specific to NAIN, along with new loose-dice charts for one-roll monsters. If that's not enough, how about rules for running lopsided combats in which you pit a company against a single entity? Just right for that "dragon besieges the Bleak Monastery" plotline you've been dying to run. Or you could take the "Cults of Ardwin" article, file off the place and race names, and stick it into the Nain Kingdom as a nasty surprise for magicians who think they have a monopoly on enchantment. Click the link and check it out!


...and now, your heroic reward.

The ransom for ARDWIN just cleared, and, in the established tradition, it'll go out with a list of the backers who made the PREVIOUS supplement (i.e., this one) possible. Rather than message each of you individually, I'm just posting this update, which will (I believe) get emailed to you. If you DO NOT want your name listed on the "Special Thanks To..." page for Ardwin, let me know. Otherwise, I'm just assuming you're all good with having your contribution acknowledged.