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Update #9

Another taste of Whimsy, but differently Flavored...


If you supported NAIN, I'd hope you're aware of "Dinosaurs... in SPAAACE!" but certainly there's a chance you aren't.  So if you've been under-informed, let me remedy that right now.

It's another game fund-raiser, right here on Kickstarter -- in fact -- but unlike NAIN, this one won't go out for free to everyone.  (Though if you're curious about the mechanics, they ALREADY went out free to everybody at .)  "Dinosaurs..." is my cockeyed love-letter to fifties drive-in movies, along with time travel and conspiracy theory.  In its way, it's as much of a light-fingered web of weird as NAIN, but coming from a place of leather jackets and square-jawed Nazi punchers instead of wands and dragon-slaying.  Check it out!


Update #8

What more could NAIN need?


How about "more everything"? In case you're unaware, the new supplement "Grab Bag" at...

...has new side effects and backshocks specific to NAIN, along with new loose-dice charts for one-roll monsters. If that's not enough, how about rules for running lopsided combats in which you pit a company against a single entity? Just right for that "dragon besieges the Bleak Monastery" plotline you've been dying to run. Or you could take the "Cults of Ardwin" article, file off the place and race names, and stick it into the Nain Kingdom as a nasty surprise for magicians who think they have a monopoly on enchantment. Click the link and check it out!


Update #7

...and now, your heroic reward.


The ransom for ARDWIN just cleared, and, in the established tradition, it'll go out with a list of the backers who made the PREVIOUS supplement (i.e., this one) possible. Rather than message each of you individually, I'm just posting this update, which will (I believe) get emailed to you. If you DO NOT want your name listed on the "Special Thanks To..." page for Ardwin, let me know. Otherwise, I'm just assuming you're all good with having your contribution acknowledged.


Update #6

A Side Project

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While you're waiting for the next REIGN ransom ("Ardwin" -- should be up in a few weeks) why not consider supporting "Zombis Blanc"? It's another Kickstarter project (at to be exact) from yours truly, a 4,000 word short story concerning zombies, revolution, murder, and unwarranted land seizure. Also revenge. Lots and lots of revenge. If nothing else, you can click on the link and see a movie of my wild, staring eyes as I desperately self-promote.


Update #5

...on a tangent...


If you like NAIN, you might enjoy the fruits of the next ransom I set up -- a clammy little short story called "Icke."


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