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For $450, I'll release a 4,500 word short story to everyone, forever. It's about the martial arts, among other things.

If you supported Shrimp or any of the other short stories that have wound up on my fiction library, you know how this works.  In return for a one-time, collective cash payment, I release a story under a Creative Commons license for everyone on the internet to enjoy.

If this is your first time, welcome!  Kickstarter has been a great help in enabling me to communicate directly with fans and supporters, creating a growing collection of web-accessible, free fiction.  I'm lucky to have the freedom to write what I want in some hope of getting paid for it.

While I'm best known for games and for fiction that tends more towards the vampire-robot-and-tentacle-monster end of the scale, I've recently felt moved to work in a more realistic vein.  Shrimp, and now Falling, are stories that revolve around a small suburban American dojo -- a school for the study of judo and jujitsu.  I have vague ambitions of doing a lengthy series of these stories, each self-contained but also contributing to a bigger, overarching narrative.

Falling doesn't really continue the story of Shrimp, though some characters recur.  Rather, it introduces and focuses on different people.  Both these stories are about the martial arts, but neither is just about the martial arts.  Shrimp covers judo and regret.  Falling is about jujitsu, but it's also a story of desire, both thwarted and fulfilled.

If you haven't read any of my fiction, click on the links and see.  If you like what's in the fiction library, you'll probably like Falling too.



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    A podcast of the story, as read by the author, including the mildly sexy bits.

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    A handsome patch, in red and gold, depicting the Schröedinger's Cat Press logo with the Latin motto "EGO NON SAPIO."

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    It's a linocut print, handmade and unique, signed by the author/linocutter. It's an illustration of the falling technique described in the story, as seen at the left.

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    One-on-one author chat! I'll contact you on Skype or G+ if you're on it, via olde-fashioned telephony if not, for a minimum of thirty minutes. Ask me where I get my ideas, pick my brain on game design, or just shriek racial epithets for half an hour.

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