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I've put out a lot of free fiction through KS: Now I want to release it all again in new formats.

First off, have you been to ? That's the heart of this: An online home for fiction that's been funded, released under a Creative Commons license and made available, in perpetuity, for free.  So far, people have paid me to release about 68,000 words worth of fiction - about as much as a slender novel.  Everyone with a NOOK reader can get at those goodies, as can anyone willing to read a PDF. 

That is not, however, everyone.  So, I'd like to convert those files into .mobi format for the people who use Amazon readers.  Moreover, there are people who just like old-fashioned paper books.  (I'm one of them - if the prices aren't sufficiently different, I'll buy something platform neutral and battery independent, which I can also lend out and use to start a fire if civilization collapses.) 

$500 will pay for me to get a Kindle (so that I can make sure the files look right - they were perfect on my Kindle emulator but rubbish on a friend's device) and for my time as I scramble up the learning curve to convert the files.  It also pays for my efforts preparing the book for print.

Back me and get free .mobis for the world.  Back me enough and you can get a print copy, or one of the linocuts, or both.


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The stories are all written, so the only element missing from the primary goal is "Greg's ability to convert them to .mobi and check them on a Kindle." I'm not primarily a layout guy, but I mastered .epub and PDF, and these are not difficult layouts, so that's a minor concern.

As for the premiums, the linocuts are made, and I've discarded the ones that looked crappy. The print books will be through, and I'll make sure to get one in my hands and examine it carefully before ordering any for anyone else.


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    THE DEAD TREE PRINT! See that lovely linocut of the dead tree in front of the sunset? You could get that! Or one of the ones where it's full on night, full moon shining on clouds - I can only promise random draw, but if you have a preference I can TRY to fulfill it. All, however, are signed.

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    THE PRINT VOLUME - CHEAP! When the book comes out, it's going to be $15 plus shipping and handling, but if you order it here, now, from me, you get it for $15 and I suck up the (domestic) shipping and handling.

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    THE PRINT VOLUME - SIGNED! Is my hand-written signature and personalized note worth $5? If so, my kids' teachers are sitting on an unsuspected goldmine.

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    PRINT AND VOLUME! A signed version of the linocut print AND a signed version of the novel. I'd say this is your best value, but it isn't, actually. It's nice though.

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