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91 - A New Old RPG's video poster

91 is a role-playing game in a modern-day setting. It uses today's design sensibilities in a retro roguelike-like format. Read more

Boston, MA Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on February 7, 2011.

91 is a role-playing game in a modern-day setting. It uses today's design sensibilities in a retro roguelike-like format.

Boston, MA Video Games
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About this project

91 is a roleplaying game (RPG) played in your web browser. Inspired by classic text-based "roguelikes" 91 is made with new HTML5 technology. The game world isn't standard fantasy or science fiction, but rather is a modern city named Flauston which has been cast into chaos by a surreal natural disaster.

I have been working on this game for over a year already! You can go to and play a demo of the work-in-progress right away. I recommend using a browser like Chrome since 91 uses cutting edge browser features and fast browsers make a difference.

You create your own character by choosing your name and gender the first time you save, then as you level up you choose which stats to develop, among Strength, Willpower, Dexterity, Intelligence, Beauty, and Charisma. Each stat will have different effects on your gameplay and will unlock different skills. Will you be a brawler who can shove away enemies and has the willpower to fight through extreme punishment? A sharp-shooter who can perform trick shots and sneak past tough enemies? Or maybe a manipulator, who can charm enemies into not attacking, and haggle with shopkeepers? It's a classless system, so you can also be somewhere in between!

Here are some more features:

* Enemies with different strategies to keep you on your toes
* Your character's stats influence your dialog options: a character with a high Intelligence might make an important insight, a high Willpower can let you bully people, and so on.
* Drag-and-drop inventory, with a huge variety of modern items from shotguns (for short range attacks against multiple targets) to sunglasses (which increase your Beauty score which in turn reduces enemy aggressiveness towards you)
* Specialized items like smoke grenades, which create a cloud in which neither you nor enemies can see. Great for surprise attacks or quick escapes.
* A cover system: standing next to cover and shooting past it will let you take out enemies while remaining protected
* Side quests along the way for extra fun and challenge
* Save several different characters using a account
* And more to come!

My design goals are: easy to learn, fun to explore, a compelling narrative, and increasingly difficult and strategic combat.

My plan: I want to finish this game! Not only that, I want to make more games using the same engine and continue expanding it. Also, I am considering making the code open-source when the time is right.

How will I do it: Many late nights and busy weekends of coding. Lots of coffee.

What the money is for: First, it's for costs I have incurred so far, such as hosting, software tools, and pizza delivery. Second, it's for future costs along these lines, but in addition to that I'd like to consider commissioning artwork and/or music for the game, as well as advertise online. All costs have come out of pocket so far.


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    In addition to all the above, an NPC (non-player-character) in the game will be named after you! If there are more contributors than NPCs, I'll keep your name on a list for future projects. In addition, your name and link will appear under on the bottom of the front page of

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