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A graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa.
A graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa.
A graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa.
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8,452 backers pledged $340,270 to help bring this project to life.


You guys. You guys. I mean, you guys.

A few hours ago, you nailed the $300,000 stretch goal, and now the trade paperbacks of the "Code Monkey Save World" graphic novel will be 104 PAGES and will include several pages of JOCO FUNNIES, newspaper-style comic strips inspired by Jonathan Coulton songs and drawn by the likes of Ruben Bolling, Adam Koford, David Rees, and Greg Pak!

Now we're in the FINAL 24 HOURS of the Kickstarter campaign. And it's all about MR. FANCY PANTS.

If we hit $325,000, we'll add a short "Mr. Fancy Pants" story to the trade paperback of "Code Monkey Save World." Who is this Mr. Fancy Pants, you ask? He's the main character of the classic Coulton song who wears his fancy pants in the Fancy Pants Parade and who's "gonna be the best. The best in terms of pants." 

Check out Jonathan singing the song right here.

Speaking as a writer, let me assure you, THERE IS LIMITLESS DRAMA TO BE MINED FROM THIS CHARACTER.

So tell the world. Share the song. Point folks to and let's put this baby over the top!

Also, feel free to check out Greg on Twitter today - he's going to post a uncolored-pants-version of the Code Monkey image below and will retweet the fanciest coloring jobs y'all do on it. Wheee!

And that's not all!


As Greg has been teasing on the Twitter, he's adding a BONUS to the "More Pak Comix" digital download bundle that's already been added to all pledges at the $50 level and above. Now if you pick a $50 pledge level or above, you'll also get a digital download of the 10 page "Los Robos" comic book story that Greg, artist Takeshi Miyazawa, and letterer Simon Bowland did for the "Shattered" Asian American Comics Anthology! And Jessica Kholinne is coloring the story, which was originally published only in black and white! See below for a glorious sample page.

We'll also include an extremely rare physical copy of the "Los Robos" comic signed by Greg with the $150 Pak Voicemail packs, the $160 Super Swag packs, and the $250 Super Secret Insider packs. Also please note that Greg will include three signed comics that he's written with the $150 Pak Voicemail pack as well as an original sketch based on a one-word description from you. Message us for more details!


There are already $50, $80 and $110 levels that let you add various combinations of the T-shirt, Challenge Coins, Big Poster, and Mug to your pledge -- and a tip of the hat to all of you who have taken advantage of those!

But if you're at one of the higher pledge levels, we've also made it possible for you to add swag.

For those who selected the $75 Signed Script level, the $100 Jonathan Coulton Music level, or any rewards at the $125 level and above, you can add items to your order by increasing your pledge by the amount noted below and by sending us a message via Kickstarter describing what items you're adding.

***Please note this only applies to those who are already bidding at the $75 signed script level, $100 Jonathan Coulton Music level, and all levels at $125 and above.***

For an extra $25 - add one item from this list: the Challenge Coins, the Mug, the 24" x 36" Poster, or the T-shirt

For an extra $50 - add two items from the above list

For an extra $75 - add three items from the above list

For an extra $115 - add the Super Swag Pack, which includes all four items listed above plus three extra Challenge Coins plus the signed script plus all the Jonathan Coulton music in digital form (minus the Christmas album).

For international orders, please add $10 if you add a mug and $10 if you add a poster.


To cap off this whole campaign, Jonathan and Greg will appear tonight at a FREE show at the Comic Book Club in New York City that will be livecast via the internet! We'll talk about the project, give away stickers and buttons, and Jonathan will sing. It's going to be a blast, and it will be webcast so everyone can check it out and ask questions via twitter. The show starts at 7 pm at Fontana's, 105 Eldridge Street and will be livecast here:

For all the details:

So there you go! Thank you so much for your support. This entire experience has been a mind-blowing thrill for us, and we're over the moon about the opportunity to work on "Code Monkey Save World" and "The Princess Who Saved Herself" and all the extras you've made possible.

SPOILER ALERT: YOU have the fanciest pants we know.

So many hearts,

Greg Pak •

Jonathan Coulton •

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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Seeman on

      Thanks for the update @Greg!

    2. tarasis on

      Thanks Greg for the update, that is wonderful. I need to catch last nights stream.

    3. Nadine F. on

      We made Fancy Pants!!!!! WooHoo!

    4. Ams on

      @Greg that is wonderful news!! (See I told you, less than an hour) I am so excited!!

    5. Greg Pak 5-time creator

      Daniel, Ams, and tarasis - good news! I've talked with all the relevant parties and yes, the Fred Van Lente/Ryan Dunlavey stories, the JoCo Funnies, and (if all goes as it seems like it will) the Mr. Fancy Pants story will all be included digitally as well as in the printed edition! The only items we know for sure that will only be in the printed edition are the advertisements. Thanks for your patience!

    6. Ams on

      However, in update 19, when they posted who gets what, they did differentiate between $15+ (digital supporters) and trade paper back supporters. So they have been transparent. If digital supports get the expansions, they are going above and beyond what they promised. That being said, if they don't 1370 supporters will be crushed. I know I for one have been compulsively checking this kickstarter almost every hour to see if we reach Fancy pants. If we do, but I still can't get it- I will be very, very sad.

    7. Ams on

      @ Daniel and tarasis, at the live stream, some one asked them if fancy pants will be in the digital version of the book. They said they have been debating about what will be in the trade paper back (physical copy) and what will be in the digital version. Pak said "More than likely Fancy Pants will be in the digital version" the Coulton said "If it isn't, e-mail me and I will scan it and send it to you". I say this because I am in the same position as you guys, I don't live in the States. On top of that, I am a university student.

    8. Missing avatar

      Shane Swanson on I added $115 to my $200 pledge to add the Super Swag bundle...and to help us to push to the $325k mark...go Mr. Fancy Pants!

    9. tarasis on

      Thanks for the answer Greg, I hope that it can be worked out that the digital copy does have it.

      Like Denis I live elsewhere (Germany in my case) so for me the jump from $15 to either $25 +10 or $50 + 10 is simply too much, esp as I don't want any of the physical items beyond the print comic & nor do I want to deal with customs.

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Seeman on

      Agreed with the others, I hope that the digital copies would include the extra content - I'd even want the ads, given the choice.

    11. Missing avatar

      Joshua Carmody on

      Whoa whoa whoa. The digital issues will "probably" contain the extra pages? This is the first I've heard of this. I was going under the assumption that the digital version of the book would be exactly the same as the physical version. I mean, why wouldn't it be? Every other digital comic book and digital kickstarter reward I've gotten up until now has been identical to the print version.

      The reward tier I pledged at does include a physical book, but I honestly care much more about the digital one. I hope you can get this worked out.

    12. Denis Ryan on

      Re: "Hard copy"- In defence of Greg, I think it's just his industry insider shining through. Hard copy is the standard term I with printing when referring to the physical object over the digital. In future, maybe he could be persuaded to use the more casually recognizable "physical copy" when referring to the printed trades.

      Also, I stupidly got my math wrong in my previous comment. It's $15 extra for the physical copy shipped to Canada, not $20. Mea culpa. It's early. I just had my coffee.

    13. Denis Ryan on

      @ tarasis: Thanks! I was about to ask the exact same question! I'd gladly upgrade to the physical for just $10 extra, but I'm in Canada, so it'd be $20 extra just to get a few more pages. This especially stings as I'm almost 100% digital these days thanks to Comixology. It's just so much more convenient than storing comics and trades in our small apartment, and I can read them anywhere again and again without having to remember to pack them.

      Also, I'm desperately hoping this is the start of a beautiful relationship between Greg, Jonathan, Takeshi and the Code Monkey team! More in 2014.

    14. Quentin Hudspeth on

      Like Ian, I was also confused by inconsistent terminology. I went for the $35 slot specifically because it did not state the book was paper back, ergo it must be hardback. Probably the hard in "hard copy" tricked me. I'm not going to downgrade my pledge, because of all the awesome stretch goals that have been unlocked. Totally worth the extra $10. But, in the future, please try to be more clear and consistent in your terminology.

    15. Greg Pak 5-time creator

      Hey, Ian. Thanks for the note! All of the books are trade paperbacks. We only used the term "hard copy" to distinguish the physical books from the digital copies. My apologies for any confusion!

    16. Ian Cull on

      I'm puzzled, maybe concerned, about this "trade paperback" business. I am at the $50 level of which lists "gorgeous hard copy of the Code Monkey Save World graphic novel" - is this different?

    17. Michael Askew on

      Fancy pants or bust?! I don't want "bust"!

    18. Greg Pak 5-time creator

      Thanks for the question, tarasis. The additional pages are definitely going to be in the trade paperback. They will probably be in the digital issues as well, but we're still nailing down some of the details there, so we're not guaranteeing that just yet.

    19. tarasis on

      I apologise if i missed it, but is only the tradepaperback getting these additional pages or the digital version too?