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A graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa.
A graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa.
A graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex Brown on

      Is there anyway to still get the music from my pledge?

    2. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Yes, Shelly, sorry! If you scroll down to the bottom of the email, you'll see the words "Don't want to receive updates from this project? That's okay, you can unsubscribe." Just click on that "unsubscribe" link and it'll take you to a page where you can opt out.

      Thanks so much and apologies again!

    3. Missing avatar

      Shelley Harlan on

      Is there a way to opt out of further updates? Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Seth Robison on

      Please stop with the other project solicits on this mailing list. Thanks.

    5. Derek Butcher on

      Are we going to continue to get updates on other projects on this one? I get more kickstarter email than I want already from the projects I have actually backed I don't need cross posts between projects.

    6. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      As promised, here's the second round of Princess Who Saved Herself T-shirts! Enjoy!

    7. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Hey, Vynce. Thanks for your note. We're going to launch a second Princess Who Saved Herself Teespring campaign that includes larger women's sizes and pink men's shirts, as folks have requested. If you have any other specific styles you'd like to see, let us know, and thanks again!

    8. Missing avatar

      Vynce Montgomery on

      I'm disappointed that the princess tee shirts show gender (and age) discrimination in the colors available. Please remedy this.

    9. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Hey, all. Sorry for the radio silence and thanks for your patience! Stay tuned for BIG news in the next few days!

    10. Argaen on

      I'm also waiting for an update on The Princess Who Saved Herself. The few illustrations we have seen look awesome!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tanya Stevens on

      Is there any new status update?

    12. Paul-Gabriel Wiener on

      KS mobile site isn't letting me comment on the update itself, but I have a question. If you're doing kid size shirts, how about Princess Who Saved Herself? Any chance?

    13. Missing avatar

      soggypretzels on

      New update looks really good. I was interested if any other backers had plans for making a print version of this from the DRM PDF's. Alternatively, Greg, if you guys started selling one, I would buy it right up!

    14. Asa on

      Thanks for the update Chris, much appreciated!

    15. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Hey, Argaen and Asa! After multiple drafts, the Princess Who Saved Herself script is locked and Tak will start drawing shortly! I'll post a more detailed update soon. All the best!

    16. Asa on

      I was wondering myself about the status of The Princess Who Saved Herself. I hope we might get it by the end of the year.

    17. Argaen on

      Any news on The Princess Who Saved Herself digital book?

    18. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Hey, Troy. It's the same link as before -- just click it again to download the updated files. All the best!

    19. Missing avatar

      Troy on

      Was the CMSW soundtrack link updated, or just given out as requested? Cause I'd like to request one too...

    20. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Hey, David. One more update -- I'll also be selling trade paperbacks with the RED VARIANT cover for the first time at the Special Edition NYC! Hope to see you there!

    21. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Hey, David. Yes! I am going to be there - in the Artists Alley, table T9, selling paperbacks of CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD! I'll also have a few buttons, probably -- if you're a KS backer, tell me and I'll hook you up!

    22. David Yvan Ross on

      So I saw on their website that Greg is going to be at Special Edition NYC this weekend. Will he be doing anything special or bringing any goodies?

    23. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Ryan, Josh, and Gregory - you should by now have gotten an email with download info for a new packaging of the soundtrack, with album art and song order. All the best!

    24. Gregory A. Swarthout on

      @Josh & @Ryan, thirded.

    25. Car Tag on

      Agreed @Ryan. No track order, no art, just mp3s pulled from the individual albums.

    26. Ryan Spence on

      I must say I am slightly disappointed the soundtrack didn't have its own cover art. It wasn't even tagged as an album, it was just the songs thrown together into a zip file. Makes me wonder what took so long.

    27. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Michael S - thanks for the kind words! Working on the Princess book now. Hoping to have more to update you about soon!

    28. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Gregory - soundtrack should be going out to you today!

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael S on

      The Princess Who Saved Herself digital book is the primary reason I supported you guys. All the other stuff we've gotten so far has just been so super awesome! Thanks again soooo much for creating this content. It has been a joy to consume. Looking forward to sharing the princess book with my kids!

    30. Gregory A. Swarthout on

      Any word on when we're getting the soundtrack?

    31. Missing avatar

      Brent Chartrand on

      I just wanted to leave a note on the Kickstarter page that this has been one of the best projects I've been involved in here. I got what I funded, mostly on time, and for Kickstarter that's pretty darned good (Heck, in my experience, it's pretty much unique...). Not to mention how cool and fun the art ended up being! So thanks, and I hope that after you recover from this you consider doing a similar project again!

    32. Gregory A. Swarthout on

      Acoustic album is there, but not soundtrack

    33. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      We have a 'Backer Page'..?
      Huh, guess I'll have to dig back earlier through these updates or something, couldn't see a link to anything from the last couple of pages of them.
      Truth be told I was just randomly going through some of my old Kickstarters and remembered that I should have some sort of music and/or soundtrack from this one.

    34. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      Hey, all! Apologies for the delay in responding. We'll post a more detailed update soon, but here's the quick lowdown:

      All of the physical rewards have shipped. If you haven't received yours, please email codemonkeysaveworld at jonathancoulton dot com.

      (The only exception to this are the original art panels for the likeness backers -- those will be sent out shortly.)

      The CMSW original song and the Princess Who Saved Herself digital book are still in production, so those haven't gone out yet.

      The CMSW soundtrack is available for download -- you should be able to access it via your backers page, the link to which you should have received in a number of earlier emails/updates.

      The Greg Pak digital comics package that some of you are slated to receive hasn't been uploaded yet, but I'll take care of that soon.

      Again, apologies for the delays and thanks for your patience!

    35. Argaen on

      @Ryan I'm still waiting for:
      - CMSW Original Song and Source Tracks
      - CMSW - Entire Soundrack
      - Princess Who Saved Herself Digi-book

    36. Ryan Spence on

      Am I the only one still missing a few of the digital rewards?

    37. Argaen on

      Hi, I received an email on February 4th saying that my comic had shipped. As I live in Santiago, Chile I'm used to wait for international shipping.

      Now, reading the comments here, I can see that many of the international rewards have already arrived.

      Is there a way to check the status of my package?

    38. Petter Strætkvern Fossum on

      The book, t shirt and mug arrived here in Norway on monday. The size size of the mug surprised me. I did not expect it to be as big as it is.

    39. Alex MacPhee on

      I got my package yesterday (thursday 13th March)! Thanks a lot, guys!

    40. Steve Mumford on

      My book arrived today, along with the coins and other goodies - looks fantastic :) Thanks to everyone involved!

    41. Greg Pak 4-time creator

      So glad to hear from all of you and so glad the rewards have been arriving! If you have troubles with your rewards, please email codemonkeysaveworld at jonathancoulton dot com.

      And Marjorie, sorry for the very late reply, but yes, if you received that request for a telephone number from codemonkeysaveworld at jonathancoulton dot com, it's totally legit -- the shipper requires telephone numbers in order to make the international deliveries.

    42. Missing avatar

      Balorth on

      IT'S HERE!!!!! It's awesome, the book is even better than reading it online. The tshirt is a great design and the challenge coins made me laugh.

    43. stephen gordon on

      Code Monkey get mug
      It's a little small
      Code Monkey not yet drink coffee
      So I can't rhyme

    44. Rick Floyd on

      I received my book and mug today. Both look great! Thanks for all your amazing work. I've really enjoyed everything that's come out of this project and appreciated the opportunity to support it.

    45. Thomas Newman on

      Everything made it OK, can someone tell me if the music download is available yet? Great Project!

    46. Briahlen on

      My book & mug come in today. I love them, thank-you! The mug has a minor defect, but it's OK. I'm happy I could support this project.

    47. Stephen Staver on

      I received my book and mug today! Very awesome, thank you!!!

    48. Lindsay Cullen on

      I have been so excited to receive each instalment digitally, and was delighted when the printed, signed comic arrived. It's made me re-listen to all the JoCo songs referenced by the main comic and the 'funnies'. I'm looking forward to the 'Princess' story and to downloading the music (I'm temporarily without broadband). Very happy backer! Well done!

    49. Marjorie on

      Hi there, Just got an email asking for my 'international tel number' - is this mail genuinely from you (it's not come via Kickstarter)? ('m in the UK)

    50. Gregory A. Swarthout on

      When can we expect the remaining digital rewards?

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