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Update #60

Building Communities... One Project at a Time


Dear DRIVEN Community,

This is my 60th, and likely final, update to you about our project JENS PULVER | DRIVEN. It's been nearly a year since I began sending out DVDs to all of you, and I still can't adequately express my appreciation for your very kind and generous efforts in getting behind this project from day one. It simply would not have become the success it has without your early support of the project, and willingness to build community around it.

The making of the film and this endeavor here on Kickstarter has taught me a great deal over the course of the past two years, and worked to crystalize the focus of my career... to explore our contemporary American culture through the stories of remarkable people.

It is in that spirit that I now embark on my next journey, and my next story of a truly remarkable person, Kirk Noble Bloodsworth.

In 1985, Kirk Noble Bloodsworth was sentenced to die in a Maryland penitentiary for the brutal rape and murder of 9 year old Dawn Hamilton. A crime he did not commit. 

My new film, BLOODSWORTH, recounts the remarkable true story of how this honorably discharged ex-US Marine with no criminal record was charged, convicted and sentenced to death for this crime, and, how through this ordeal, Kirk Bloodsworth became the first individual in the US to be exonerated by DNA evidence, sparking an important shift in the criminal justice system.

Beginning production on an independent documentary film, even with some level of success behind you, is always a difficult task, especially when it comes to funding. A reality that once again brings me to the Kickstarter platform as I start work on this new film.

As DRIVEN has made it's way out into the world, I've spent the past several months working to gain momentum and support for BLOODSWORTH, but am at the point now where I need to push forward with production. To do so, I've launched this campaign:

I know many of you came out in support of DRIVEN out of your respect and admiration of Jens, and his story. I appreciate and thank you for that, and understand if your interest in independent documentaries does know some bounds. :)

That said, if you appreciated my work on DRIVEN, I would sincerely appreciate you taking a moment to review BLOODSWORTH, and if it moves you, please considering joining me in this next endeavor.

Finally, I'm happy to report that DRIVEN continues to do well in it's North American Video on Demand release (, garnering numerous 5-Star reviews across the web, and ranking in the top 100 documentaries on iTunes since its release in July.

Thank you again for you belief, your interaction, and your generous support. 

I sincerely apologize if this message is redundant for any of you.

With Warm Regards,


Update #59

One LA Screening down...


Hey Friends,

Getting ready to head out to our 2nd screening of JENS PULVER | DRIVEN in Los Angeles. Tonight's screening at TIGER TKD/MMA Academy (12221 Industrial Ave in South Gate, CA) at 7PM, is open to the public, and will benefit Coach Koon and his non-profit BlackMat MMA which works with at-risk youth.

Last night we were up in Oxnard at West Coast Jui Jitsu where the film, and Jens, received an incredibly warm response. Here are couple photos from the event.

Tonight we'll be shooting a number of photos, and the Q&A. Look for some video coming your way tomorrow!

Thanks again for the support. We're 60 backers strong with 6 days to go and over $5,200 raised in our campaign to distribute the film!

Warm Regards and Many Thanks,


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Update #58

Jens Pulver has landed


Hey Friends,

Jens has arrived in LA and we're about to head out to WEST COAST JIU JITSU for our first LA screening.

Throughout the weekend we'll be posting updates from our screening events and the Beverly Hills Film Festival premiere, so stay tuned!

We have 7 days left to reach our goal in our GET DRIVEN Film Tour Campaign, and are moving along nicely now with 53 backers pledging nearly $5,000! In this final week we need all the help we can get! Here's the link to check out and share:

Thank you very much for being part of this film from day one. It's incredible to see this film take on a life of its own and go out into the world in this way. Very excited.

With Gratitude,


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Update #57

Warner Bros. picks up JENS PULVER | DRIVEN


Dear Friends,

Today I was sent word that Warner Bros. has picked up the VOD (video on demand) distribution for JENS PULVER | DRIVEN. We knew this was in the works, but are excited to finally have the official word!

Our current GET DRIVEN Kickstarter campaign was anticipating the cost of delivery for this distribution...but, now that it's 'for reals', we could really use a boost. 

I encourage you to share this news, and our new campaign with your friends, and pitch in if you can. Lots of new great stuff on offer! We still have an up-hill battle to reach our goal, and every little bit helps.

Here is the link to share!

Thank you again for being part of this film from day one!


Update #56

Jens Pulver and DRIVEN heading to LA for festival premiere and more...


Hello DRIVEN Community!

Well, it's finally here. Tomorrow I'm off to Los Angeles to premiere the film at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Jens will be joining me for the festival screening, and will be helping kick off our GET DRIVEN Film Tour with 2 screenings at local area gyms.

If you haven't had a chance to check out our GET DRIVEN Tour, and the campaign here on to launch it, please take a moment and visit this link:

With the GET DRIVEN tour we're creating opportunities for fans and organizations to host their own screenings, and keep the proceeds. We do this because in the end it's not just about getting the film out, it's about spreading goodwill.

It all starts next weekend in LA when we take a break from the festival to partner with area gyms (including Coach Koon's BlackMat MMA) that work with at-risk youth. The film will be free for the youth, and a large portion of the proceeds from those screenings will go directly to the gyms, and their programs. That's what this tour is about. Positive impact on communities.

You can read my most recent article for Filmmaker Magazine for more background on how this all came about.

We're closing in on our April 15th deadline for this campaign, and can use all the support we can muster. I encourage you to take a look at what we have on offer, (like Jens' new "Evilution" T-Shirt), and explore how you can now be part of the distribution of the film you helped make.

With gratitude,


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