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CoffeeNotes performs coffee analysis on a smartphone so you can brew that perfect cup of coffee and share your recipes with the world.

CoffeeNotes performs coffee analysis on a smartphone so you can brew that perfect cup of coffee and share your recipes with the world. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on August 8, 2013.

About this project

Coffee Science + Smartphone = Awesome tool for analyzing coffee so you can make that "Perfect Cup of Coffee" consistently.

Mobile App + REST API = Global sharing of coffee recipes with our "Collective Intelligence."

What Is CoffeeNotes?

This smartphone app aims to change the way we brew coffee by focusing on the grind. The CoffeeNotes app gives you the unique power to evaluate your coffee so that you consistently brew that perfect cup of coffee.  Never before has it been possible to perform coffee grind analysis on a mobile device equipped with a camera. This innovative mobile coffee app uses patent pending technology that allows the user to analyze their coffee grind and achieve the perfect extraction using any brew method. This easy to use tool will assist both the professional barista as well as the home enthusiast to ensure that the brewed coffee meets their taste preference.

Why Should I Support This Project?

After a year of self-funded development, the Kickstarter project is being launched to get additional grassroots support for completing the Android and iOS versions of the app, as well as the backend server API used for sharing recipes throughout the world. Industry leaders, professionals, and consumers have all embraced the possibilities of CoffeeNotes which opens new ways to control brew variables and share coffee recipes accurately. Ch’ava Cafe owner Richard Park: “CoffeeNotes lays out a great approach, not only to understanding the variables associated with creating good coffee, but more importantly it helps us understand what it is we are tasting and leads us to a better understanding of how to manipulate brewing parameters in order to achieve specific sensorial goals.” Mr. Park believes the app’s particle size distribution analysis will “become a standard tool of any quality oriented coffee business and will revolutionize the way our industry discusses coffee.”

What About the iOS Version?

We know a lot of you use an iPhone and would like the iOS version of CoffeeNotes. Once we reach our STRETCH GOAL of $80,000 we will offer the iOS version of CoffeeNotes so you can choose which version you would like to download.  So, please help us meet this STRETCH GOAL by supporting us and by sharing this Kickstarter project link with all your friends and colleagues.

An Important and Worthy Project

CoffeeNotes is not just another social media app or notebook.  

A UI That Brings Forward the Physical Parameters You Can Control in the Brewing Process
A UI That Brings Forward the Physical Parameters You Can Control in the Brewing Process

The science behind the app is based on the CoffeeNotes extraction model.  Our lab tests have shown a strong linear correlation between grind particle size or surface area and coffee extraction.  Once you know the grind distribution, we can accurately predict coffee strength based on the type of brewer used and its characteristics. The CoffeeNotes extraction model is designed to improve as more users share their recipes accurately.

But, How Do You Analyze My Grinder?

The CoffeeNotes grind analysis feature is a very exciting breakthrough and something completely new to the coffee industry. Today, very expensive lab equipment is used (by the few who can afford it) to perform grind distribution analysis. CoffeeNotes performs this same function directly on your smartphone at a small fraction of that cost. Everyone who is in the coffee business, and home brewers alike, can benefit from doing an analysis of their grinder.  This is an example distribution graph generated from the grind analysis feature:

What Is an Open API and Why Does It Matter?

CoffeeNotes has started development on the API (Application Programming Interface) that will allow coffee recipes and ratings to be shared to the cloud for further analysis. It is the collective intelligence of all the data that will propel the coffee experience to a new level. For example, what are the strength preferences in the U.S. versus that in Europe or what new crops of coffee are trending higher? The data will provide validity to the coffee extraction model and serve as a springboard for analyzing a wider range of conditions that impact future enhancements or refinements.

Sharing recipes and ratings will bring a fundamental change in how we experience coffee by exposing new ideas and trends that can be more easily reproduced throughout the world. Because roasting and brewing is so fundamental to the coffee experience, why not share your techniques and recipes? By contributing to the shared community using our open API you earn badges and gain followers to grow your business.  Sharing of recipes and ratings can also be restricted to a select group of users or simply kept private.

Thanks to Our Supporters

We greatly appreciate your support!  We know you are excited about what CoffeeNotes can be and this is just the beginning of what is planned. Having grassroots support for this project will open the door to sharing your perfected recipes as accurately as possible on an open API platform throughout the world.

A special thanks to The Stone Creek Coffee Factory in Milwaukee, WI and Christian Ott, Dir of Coffee for allowing us to film at their location.  Also, thanks go out to Gaslight Coffee Roasters in Chicago, IL for use of their facility after-hours and to an amazing barista, Jenn Chen.

Risks and challenges

Programming a major application like CoffeeNotes is an expensive and time consuming task. There are always significant challenges in delivering reliable software on a tight schedule with limited funds. These challenges present risks associated with delivery of the CoffeeNotes app on both Android and iOS. The iOS version of the app will be offered as a stretch goal once the funding has reached $60k.

Fortunately, the Android version of the CoffeeNotes app is almost complete and the other components have been prototyped. Having years of technical product development experience under our belt will mitigate the development risk. Another significant challenge with Android development will be the number of different phones that need to be supported. We have decided to only support Android version 4.0 and above to reduce this complexity. Having an operating Android version will reduce the development time for the iOS version of CoffeeNotes.

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  • No, the LIMITED GRINDER ANALYSIS REPORT pledge is a one-time detailed report based on photos you supply on a 4x6 inch index card. You can send up to five different grind sizes with multiple photos of each size. The intent of this pledge is for those who use the same grinder and do not want to do the analysis on the smartphone.

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    Pledge $2 or more About $2.00 USD

    SUPPORT: You just want to help the project be successful. To show our appreciation we will post your name on our contributors page on the CoffeeNotes website.

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    Pledge $9 or more About $9 USD

    BASIC APP: You want to brew great coffee but don't need to share your recipes with other CoffeeNotes users. This is the basic Android 4+ app (and iOS once Stretch Goal is reached) with pre-installed generic coffee brewers such as auto drip, pour-over and French press. The grind analysis feature and global sharing are not included in this version. But, you can still estimate your grind size using traditional methods. Sharing basic brew settings will be possible using email and other social media sites.

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    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    FEATURED COFFEENOTES APP: You want to not only create great coffee recipes but share some of those recipes, as well as learn from other CoffeeNotes enthusiasts. Includes the BASIC APP plus more advanced features such as taste ratings and global sharing using the CoffeeNotes open API. Share your recipes with your friends and explore trends throughout the world using CoffeeNotes cloud computing.

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    Pledge $29 or more About $29 USD

    LIMITED GRINDER ANALYSIS REPORT: Be one of the first to support CoffeeNotes, receive the FEATURED COFFEENOTES APP and a written Grinder Analysis Report from actual photos of your grinds at up to 5 different settings.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $49 or more About $49 USD

    COMPLETE ANALYSIS PACKAGE: You are serious about coffee and need the best tools available. Includes the FEATURED COFFEENOTES APP with the add-on grind analysis feature. Impress your coffee geek friends by analyzing their coffee grinder the next time you go for coffee.

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    Pledge $99 or more About $99 USD

    BETA TESTER AND EARLY RELEASE: You want to test the app and influence its design. Be the first to receive the CoffeeNotes Android app and evaluate all the new features. Beta testers will have early access to the CoffeeNotes cloud platform and API.

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    Limited 5 backers
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    Pledge $595 or more About $595 USD

    CUSTOM BREWER CALIBRATION: Nominate a brewer to be calibrated at PocketMatter Labs for use in the CoffeeNotes app. The brewer will be featured in the brewer section of the app for all versions of CoffeeNotes. The brewer must be shipped to and from PocketMatter Labs, Inc. during testing. In addition, the COMPLETE ANALYSIS PACKAGE version of the app will be included.

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    Pledge $895 or more About $895 USD

    COFFEENOTES "SIP" POSIUM: You and 9 of your friends will attend an educational "Sip" Posium at The Stone Creek Coffee Factory in Milwaukee, WI. Other locations will be available during U.S. SCAA and Coffee Fest Events. Package includes 10 COMPLETE ANALYSIS PACKAGES, factory tour and educational lecture on using the CoffeeNotes app to improve coffee brewing. Each attendee will leave with a "goody bag" that includes a pound of freshly roasted coffee.

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