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Make a new dance, explode it, get sweaty, meet new people, learn to sing, and jog your way to glory with Green Chair Dance Group. Read more

Philadelphia, PA Dance
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This project was successfully funded on September 20, 2011.

Make a new dance, explode it, get sweaty, meet new people, learn to sing, and jog your way to glory with Green Chair Dance Group.

Philadelphia, PA Dance
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About this project

We’re Green Chair Dance Group, a uniquely collaborative dance-theater company from Philadelphia, PA. We make work that is tender, athletic, frequently humorous, and always full of the joy of moving together.

Our company is seven months in to the creation of a new piece. We’re researching new dance-making structures and new ways of working together that expand and deepen our collaborative model. For the first time, we’re working with musicians, designers, and directors who can challenge and enhance our vision. And we’re hiring a production staff for our performances so that when we leap off the edge of the cliff, we can trust that a safe and comfy landing place awaits us.

We’re majorly excited by the way our new project is shaping up, and we think you’ll enjoy it, too. But we need help with the practical side of it all - paying our collaborators (and ourselves) for their art and their time.

We’ve nicknamed this adventure Project Cone, and since we often make dance maps as part of our choreographic process (see below), we want to share Project Cone with you as a kind of map. Please join us!

The Project Cone Roadmap

StartWe launched Project Cone in November 2010 by making quick and dirty dances, dream choreographies, and Venn diagrams of practical and complicated movements. We pushed our collaborative process to new heights and learned how to talk and dance at the same time (it’s like patting your head and rubbing your tummy). Click here to check out a video of some of the things we've tried.

You are here
We’re immersed in a wacky choreographic world of introductions and departures that plays with the rhythm of expectation and evokes cut-and-splice home movies. In August we will be using the material we have to make a new dance every day for a week. Yikes. Cheer for us as we zoom by!

Welcome hitchhiker!
We’ve recently picked up an awesome collaborator: Rosie Langabeer, a talented musician who is composing original work for this piece, teaching us to use a sound sampler, and not laughing too hard when we try to sing. Rosie composed the music you hear in the video above. Take a detour to her website.

Rest stop: A Vegan Kids Dance for Adults with Nudity
We’re producing a show and performing Project Cone material in September’s Philly Fringe Festival. If you live in the area, we hope you’ll meet us at this spot on our map so we can share what we’ve been creating and say hello in person! 

As a mega-bonus, Philly’s Gabrielle Revlock (mano/damno) and New York’s devynn emory (beastproductions) will be showing their latest works as well.

Construction zone  

Curious about what would happen if we set off some dynamite inside our working process? Yeah, we are too. So we’re inviting NYC Director Dan Safer (Witness Relocation) to come down and experiment with us for a week. He’ll help us question our assumptions, push our performance presence, and spike the emotional tenor of the dance.

X marks the spot
The delicious last bite of the Cone is an evening-length performance on February 3 & 4,  2012. The show will be at Philadelphia’s Annenberg Center as part of their curated By Local series. Mark your calendars with a giant X in your favorite color!

Why we need you, riding along with us

We’re passionate about our dance-making, and after working together for seven years, we are thrilled to have reached a point where we are able to take a full year and a half to really fulfill this project and deepen our collaborative processes. Along the way we’ve created, played, refined, questioned, pushed, laughed - and there’s lots more work to be done. This is a big adventure, and many people are on board with us - a musician, a lighting designer, a production staff, invited directors, other dancers - all of whom deserve to be paid for their wonderful creativity and time.  We want you on board too, because your support is essential in bringing this goal to life.  

Learn more about us, view more photos, follow our blog about working with Dan Safer in the fall (pending funding), and stay up-to-date with twists and turns in our road by visiting our website at If you have questions about Green Chair or Project Cone that aren’t answered on our website, or you just want to say hi, please feel free to email us at We look forward to connecting with you.

Thank you very, very much for your support!


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