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$22,059 pledged of $50,000 goal
$22,059 pledged of $50,000 goal

The new forums, Dev Diary - Base & Zombie Attacks, Shout out - Exogenesis


Thank you all for the feedback so far on the potential re-launch. We are still taking things into consideration so make sure you tell us your feelings on the matter here in the comments or via direct message on Kickstarter.

On Steam Greenlight are so close to 80% mark toward the top 100. The thing I find really great is that, unlike other games in the top 100 on Greenlight we have a very even split between Yes/No votes at almost 50/50. This apparently varies from others in the top 100 where it appears the split is usually closer to 40/60 Yes/No.

The Forums

We have the new forums set up and we plan to be active on the boards talking with you all. There are already a few topics where we would love to get your feedback! In the event that we do decide to cancel and re-launch that is going to be the main base, the hub, ground zero if you will for information where we will be asking for a lot of input and we hope you will all join in! You can login and create an account using the login with a social network section at the top of the page.

Until we figure out a better solution feel free to create an account and then send us a message here on Kickstarter with your username so that we can make sure we get you marked as a supporter, give you your special rank, and grant you access to the restricted early supporter forum.

Dev Diary - Base & Zombie Attacks

So with everything else in the works we haven’t posted a dev update in awhile. As such I wanted to get back to the base and talk about the base and zombie attacks.

Each night there is a chance that the undead will attack the player’s base. When this occurs the zombies will be trying to get to the base center and the player must stop them with their defenses and weapons. Any characters the player has who are not assigned tasks and who are not out defending the base are considered in the base center during a zombie base attack. Those characters will have a chance of being killed whenever a zombie reaches the base center.

Each time a zombie manages to reach the base center (which has an actual graphic in the base), the center’s storage capacity will be reduced by some amount (1-3 spaces, say). Empty spaces would be removed first, but eventually spaces with supplies or gear in them will be removed and those supplies and gear will also be lost.

If the base center ever has it’s storage capacity reduced to zero, the base is considered destroyed. If this is the last base owned by the player then the player has lost the game as his band of survivors scatters to the winds, lost in the wastelands with no hope for tomorrow.

Once a zombie attack is over and the center’s storage has not been reduced to zero, it will be possible for players to repair their base center and return their storage capacity to it’s original number. This will take time and materials, however, so it is always better for the player to defend his base center than let it be overrun.

Shout Out

We have found another really interesting game here on Kickstarter - Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~. Obviously being a post-apocalyptic game is something we love! Check it out if you are interested.

Inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games, Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~ is an ADVENTURE GAME/VISUAL NOVEL HYBRID which combines the point-and-click gameplay of adventure games with the heavy focus on storytelling found in visual novels.


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