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Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
2,045 backers pledged $210,237 to help bring this project to life.

Your name in our Rule Book and GenCon

The new is-

We are all excited for GenCon. Julie and Ricky will be starting their road trip on Tuesday! Jeff, Theresa, and Todd will be flying out shortly after that. We are psyched (and a little smug) that all our events are sold out and we can’t wait to meet more of you in person! There is a small chance we might have a show and tell. We wont tell you in case it doesn't happen, but let's just say, it's a big deal. 

With out you our backers Zpocalypse would not have been possible. As a tribute to your help we have listed your names (provided in the survey) in the rule book. We wanted to give you one last chance to ensure you name was correctly listed PDF LINK, for those who supported at the $55 level and above. Anyone who is missing please contact:

Now we will leave you with a picture from Ricky of Zmaster:

August 1st Deadline for all Survey Updates! Plus Manufacture News!

Hey people!

This is your last chance to update your survivor cards and survey! The cut-off date has been set for August 1st! We are writing in exclamations to get your attention so you don’t forget! Please go to the following link and make sure you have all your correct information in order (ADDRESS, custom Survivors, additional dice, tiles, t-shirts, the kitchen sink, you name it)! We don't want anyone missing out! 

Click here for instructions from our previous update.

Onto other news-

Early this week we had the pleasure of visiting the manufacturer for Zpocalypse. After much consideration of different manufacturers we choose to go with Grand Prix International. Ricky and Jeff took a drive out to their corporate office to sit down and finally meet our project manager face to face. Skype is cool, but sitting in person to review all the details was worth it. They got to see the building was an old mill converted into an artist’s escape. They thought it was awesome that the president of the company wanted to hear the story of how Greenbrier Games came to be. Then he proceeded to tell them about the history of GPI and how his father started their company. Their expertise, quality, attention to detail, and ability to handle such a complex project is just a few of the reasons we choose them. If that wasn't enough insurance for you of the quality and reputation of GPI, we are not the alone - Steve Jackson's Ogre project is using… that’s right… GPI. we’re so excited we are going to be delivering not just a fantastic game, but a quality manufactured game!

While they were there, Jeff and Ricky sampled many different types of card stock for the game and settled on 280GSM purple core cardstock. The purple core gives it that snap everyone loves and the linen finish provides that extra bit of quality! It costs a bit extra, but it was something we thought you would love to have.

Now onto what you're all waiting to hear, the projected timeline. As of a couple weeks ago all files for the main game Zpocalypse were submitted. We talked to GPI about how long things were going to take. We’re going to be honest here and lay it out as it was presented to us. Keep in mind they have been working on plastics for us for already over a month. Due to the added expansions, complexity, and all the miniatures we are sadly not going to be able to meet our original time line. As it has been conveyed to us, they may be able to start production in October after all proofs of plastic and paper are signed off on. Forty five days for production brings us into mid-November, and another 30-45 days on the boat sets us beyond Christmas. Which means you may not see Zpocalypse till late January if all goes smoothly and there are NO problems. This breaks our hearts, but it’s the truth of the matter. We did our best to try and fit everything you wanted into the timeline for October, but let’s be honest... you’re getting A LOT!

We have come so far, from originally just seeking to produce Zpocalypse, to adding the first expansions, mini-expansion, adding over 60 miniatures and creating all the custom cards. Finishing all the extra content, which was not planned for at the start of Kickstarter, took some time and effort to ensure it was going to be a quality game.

So.. you’re sitting there probably thinking to yourself, fine the game is going to be delayed. You probably figured that was the case all along due to how big everything got with all the add-ons. However we at Greenbrier Games wanted to do one last thing as an extra surprise for you as well as a thank you in advance for your patience.

If you haven't figured it out by now Zmergency will no longer be coming with just 8 tiles. We are going to give you an extra 4 tiles for a total of 12 tiles. We also added new tokens and an extra set of both Goal and Scenario cards, 12 in total. We also created a 4 page rule book on how to use the new Encounter cards and tokens. What used to be just a simple map pack and a few cards grew into so much more.

I think this lovely picture from Ricky sums up Zmergency showing both the Hospital and Fema camp with the adapter set in-between.

Click here to see a bigger picture.

Thank you!

Greenbrier Games

Custom Survivor Card Builder and Backer Survey Updater!

Hello everyone!

We apologize for our Backer Update Survey being down the other day. We appreciate all the emails and messages we received from those who had early access. We have been working on it and now have the system up and running.  

You can now look at your survey and check to make sure it is correct. For all those custom survivors you can now fully customize your survivor card stats and special abilities.  You can also purchase our new, “I Helped Spread the Infection” Zpocalypse T-Shirt while double checking your backer information, you did help start it! If you wish to purchase any additional custom dice, adapter tiles, or the Zmergency map pack... now is the time! This is time sensitive so please make sure you check soon.

You may purchase the T-Shirt directly at:

To reach our Backer Update Survey:
If you have a forum account already, log in. If not, please create an account with the same email address you used for our Kickstarter campaign. If you use a different email address, you MUST  contact us via a kickstarter message. It may take some time to activate your survey for editing, so please try to use your Kickstarter email.  This is done for security reasons. :)

NOTE: Your login name could be XXX_XXX from your kickstarter displayed name.  For example "John Smith" would have turned into John_Smith.  

Once logged in, there will be a button on the top navigation bar called [BACKER SURVEY UPDATE], click this. You may edit your survey, and any survivor cards you had with your order. Note: For backers in the main game, you could see a draft of your in game card. This does not represent the final card which was submitted to the manufacture.  More news to follow about the manufacture next week!!!

Below goes over what you can edit, and what you should look at for correctness.
Here you may make corrections to your Kickstarter backer survey, and each survivor card you have paid to have created (if any). We regret to inform you that during the survey phase of our Kickstarter, they ( ) were experiencing some issues with how the survey questions were ordered.This caused confusion on both your end and ours.

Thus we built this tool to allow backers to make corrections to their surveys, and their custom content. This tool will be available until August 1st of 2012.

Survey Corrections

The main areas we need you to check are the following:
All Backers 
Mailing address information
Additional blue dice, adapters or Zmergency (k-mini) tiles red dice and t-shirt.  Just click the buy more button. The name you wish to have in our rule book (Not what you think the rule book should be called)

Custom Content Backers $100+
Custom Squad board type (edit on Survey page)
Custom Squad Name (edit on Survey page)

Custom Content Backers $125+
Survivor Name (edit on Survivors page)
Survivor bio (edit on Survivors page)
Survivor Class (edit on Survivors page)
Survivor Trait (edit on Survivors page)
Consent to use photo (edit on Survey page)
Consent to use for future marketing (edit on Survey page)
About this Survey tool

This survey confirmation tool was delayed due to a number of reasons.
We had some problems with character encoding types from the data we received (I'm looking at you Office 2003 *shakes fist at cloud*). We had late entries of surveys, which had to be manually entered into our database. Hunting down photos on the forum, email and elsewhere for custom survivor cards. Ricky rendering the photos to the survivor card format (note, not all photos are complete, of what we recieved, about 80/90% are complete. )

You may only submit a photo once. You may not change it later so choose wisely!

Thank you

Greenbrier Games

On the Road Again...

Just wanted to let everyone out there know we're going to be out and about if you want to meet us or play the game.

1.) We will be at Connecticon July 13th-15th Say, "Hey" to Ricky and see if he has shaven his beard yet. If not tell him to get back to work. Jeff, Theresa, and the whole Scooby gang will be there too.

2.) Gen Con Indy 2012 is August 16-19 Anyone on the road from Boston to Indianapolis- Ricky and Julie are road-tripping. If you live somewhere on the way, and want them to stop in to play a round of Zpocalypse with you let us know. Jeff and Theresa decided to fly... was it something we said?

3.) PAX Prime is August 31st - September 2nd The lovable DT may even make an appearance for this one.

See you soon!

EDITING!!!!!!!!!!! KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are coming up for air. We promise to go back to editing it just a second. No, we swear! It's your fault really. How can we update you, when you gave us all those great suggestions on how VERY MANY mistakes we missed. Better now, than when the zombies are attacking and you are confused though, right? Right!


The latest news:

1.) We have all the components of the Maine Game aaaaaaaaaaalmost finished. Last nail is being hammered into the coffin, so to speak. Isn't it shiny?

2.) Since we know you love zombie games, we wanted to let you all know about a new one on Kickstarter called Z. They have a cool thing going on, and we are pretty excited to play their game when it comes out! In addition to being efficient in naming themselves, they have the very good taste of liking us as well - we are going to be featured in their game as a card! It's pretty awesome. Tell them we said, "Hi!"