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Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
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Zpocalypse Nominated for 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2013

We wanted to share our heartfelt gratification for being nominated for the top 20 most anticipated board games of 2013. If you can't wait for Zpocalypse to show up on your doorstep as much as us please head on over to BGG and cast your vote. We humbly appreciate your continued support. You can find Zpocalypse listed at the bottom in Category: Best of the Rest.

Shipping update: Zpocalypse made the boat! The container was last reported somewhere in the China Sea East on its way towards the Panama Canal, with the final destination being New York Harbor landing February 5th. Don't get too excited as it still has to clear customs which can be anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. That is followed by 5-7 days for the truck to haul the 40 foot container to the warehouse.

In other exciting news we have overhauled our website with the latest images from the manufacturer’s proof. Please head on over to to check out the new look. Zach worked some magic to make it all possible.

Thank you,
Greenbrier Games team

Planes Trains and Very Large Boats

We are excited to announce that Zpocalypse is finished production and currently sitting on a boat. The "UASC Doha v.1301e" is scheduled to leave this Saturday and arrive state-side the 5th of February. After that we just have to clear customs and have it trucked over to our warehouse which could take up to four weeks. Two if we're lucky.

There is one catch. I'm not sure if you have heard but we just missed having a strike at our US ports. Hopefully they stay in agreement however If a strike were to happen it could be extremely bad for both you and us. Not only would it delay the container getting through customs but would cost us thousands of dollars as it sits on the docks. We have been checking the following site for the latest updates:

Now for something a bit exciting. You may remember that K-mini (renamed Zmergency) was upgraded several times during the course of Zpocalypse. We saw the opportunity and the time while waiting on plastics to turn this into a full expansion as a gift to you all. Zmergency comes with 12 tiles instead of 8, a rule book, as well as tokens which were all not planned on. As pictured below is the full spread of everything which comes with Zmergency! Zmergency is included as a free expansion for all 55+ backers:

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Holiday Card and progress

Right Click download (Front of Card) <   -- mirror

Right Click download (Inside of Card) <  -- mirror

Hello backers! Its been a couple of weeks since an update so we wanted to share for the holidays. Above is the link to a holiday card you can print out and give to that extra special person. We understand Zpocalypse may have been a gift so feel free to print it so they know what's coming to them.

Don't think we've been hitting the 'nog early- we've been quite busy the past couple of weeks. For one, we started shooting our production tutorial videos. We setup our very own studio in Jeff's basement. It's all very Hollywood. Working on stop motion video is pain staking but still allot of fun. We also have started looking at what comes after Zpocalypse. (Yes besides certain doom.) More on that later...

Each week Jeff talks to GPI and each week we hear the same response "We are still on schedule". This means they are now looking into which boats are will leave China the beginning of January. I wish there was more to report but that is all we've been told.

Ho ho ho!
The Team at Greenbrier Games
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Production has started!

We're back from Texas, and before we massacre a turkey with our loved ones, we wanted to let you know how BGGcon went.

Jeff got to play Nothing Personal, the game created by Tom Vasel. It funds in just a few hours so GO THERE NOW AND BACK IT!!! It was a fun play and if you have any inclination to play a game with PVP components to it then please help support the project.

Jeff and Theresa extend there gratitude to all the backers and newcomers who came by to try out Zpocalypse. Jeff did demo Zpocalypse, he swears! But there were some other really terrific game designers there. He got a chance to talk with Stefan Brunelle from Asmodee who showed him an upcoming title called Seasons. He also ran into Ben Harkins, game designer and fellow kickstarter success story from his first game Legacy: Gears of Time. Then Jeff got a chance to personally meet Steve Jones for the first time. He is the man behind our USA printed dice towers over at Finally Jeff met Bent Povis, the game designer of Moreis a quick mushroom collecting game. Each designer, and many of the play testers of our own game were really friendly, down to Earth people. What was really great was that they offered great advice and new ideas for us newbies.

Now start the drum roll...production has started!  Now that the final miniatures have been approved it means we can start full production. GPI has everything lined and printing has begun! In fact just got word the custom Squad boards are finished. This is very exciting! It's also nerve racking because the games all have so many pieces. They have become awesomely created, creepy little what-if's that keep us awake at night. However, we're confident that GPI has the skills and experience to get it right, because all samples have just been mind-blowing. Estimated completion date is the first week of January. Then it hits the boat... and another 30-45 days for shipping. Waiting is worse than zombies.

That’s our update.Have a great day of thanks! We include all of you in what we’re thankful for. Mushy regards,

Greenbrier Games 

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Board Game Geek Convention and Zmaster Miniatures!

I know, we've shown many of these but it really never gets old...


As you can see our Zmaster miniatures final production sculpts just came in. They look beyond fantastic, which is a HUGE relief for us. As excited as we are for them, we also wanted to show you our Hero miniatures. Do you see them? No? Yeah, neither do we. Sadly we haven't gotten them in the mail yet. Even more tragic is that they are the last items we need before we give the final green light to start production. They will arrive any day now, and when they do... destiny.

Also there's this... Board Game Geek Convention: Jeff and Theresa will be attending BGG convention this year and have both Zpocalypse and Zmaster on hand for you to sit down and try. If you're hoping after seeing the pictures below, yes the prototypes will include almost all final miniatures! We will be located in the Exhibitor hall with Game Salute booth 209-207. 

Shout out to Ruse: Ricky and D.T met Levi and Sarah creators of Ruse at Pax Prime. Ruse is a murder-mystery card game with a steampunk setting. Game play is takes about 30 minutes, and they are a fellow Game Salute developer so check them out: 

You are now updated! 

Greenbrier Games

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