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Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
2,045 backers pledged $210,237 to help bring this project to life.

Everything Has Shipped!

It’s humbling to see all the pictures of people unboxing Zpocalypse. Words cannot express how we feel right now from all the thank you emails we have received. Thank you for your support and your input. Without you Zpocalypse would have never been the game it is today. Even moving forward, it’s terrific to hear ongoing feedback. Keep it coming! Here’s an example:

“Today the UPS driver – normally a friendly guy – cut his engines and rolled to a stop in front of my house. He glanced forward and back, left and right before furtively darting from the truck with a box tucked tightly under his arm. Reaching my walkway, he raised the package above his head and launched it through my front window. Abandoning caution, he bolted back to his truck. Seconds later, skid marks and the smell of burnt rubber were all that remained of his dreadful delivery.
On my living room floor amid shards of glass lay a bloodstained box from which demoniac moans could be heard. I scrambled into the room, shredding my feet on the glass, tore open the box and lifted up my copies of Zpocalypse and the Zmaster Expansion. Before the authorities carried me away, the whole neighborhood heard a soul-torn madman screaming and laughing, “It’s mine! It’s here! It’s mine!”
Congrats and thanks!
Ed M.”

Follow us on facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates. We are also on BGG and would appreciate your reviews. We look forward to hearing your stories, strategies, homebrew rules, and any comical happenings during your game plays.

Jeff and Theresa will keep a lookout for you at the launch party this Saturday (March 16th.) Head up to Myriad Games to say hello!

Thank you!
All of us at Greenbrier Games

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Zpocalypse Map Editor and Squad Board App!


We are really excited to see people are receiving their games. We cant wait to see pictures of you playing the game, please post them up on When you are there we would love to hear what you think about the game.  Feel free to post any questions you might have to our forum or BGG.  We have also created a list of frequently asked questions FAQ to help our first time players link.

Upcoming Demo’s and Conventions:

Theresa and Jeff will be demoing Zpocalypse at Myriad Games in Manchester, NH March 16th 12-4pm. 

Coming up next week March 22nd - 24th we will be at Pax East in Boston! The whole team will be at the convention so stop by and we will sign your game! We will be located in the Tabletop section, booths 203, 201.

Squad board App:

Last week we showed off a preview of our Digital Squad board app. Google and iTunes have both accepted the app and they are posted up online. We have 2 versions available, a lite version and a paid version which includes the custom squad board skins and the soundtrack.

The easiest way to get the APP is through our website. Please note only the iPad is supported as the app does not work on small phones.

Scenario Creator:

In order to help make the Zpocalypse Experience even better we are releasing a free scenario creator. Several years ago, Mzi developed an open source generic map editor for board games, which can be downloaded at We are releasing a Zpocalypse map pack so you can create your own scenarios! For now we have included just the base game but Zmergency will soon follow! 

 Click here to download the program with Zpoclaypse Map Pack included. 

 Click here to download just the Zpcalypse zip assets for BgMapEditor.

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A Message from our Warehouse

"When you post the next update in the next day or so, please be sure to notify everyone that, due to the volume of packages, we are shipping out batches. Internationals are on the way to their individual drop points and domestics are going to be arriving to all US backers by March 15th, so if you see someone else got theirs a few days before you, it's not because we like them better - it's just because we're shipping out hundreds per day until they're all on the way. If you have not received your package by March 18th, please email or call 1-800-459-5516 and we'll make sure you're all set."

Home Stretch AKA we told you there'd be one more.

Here's the highly awaited status, direct from Game Salute to our brains, which we pass on to you:   The most complicated parts of sorting, organizing, and processing custom pledge levels are nearing completion. Next up is the less complex, but more heavy lifting round to complete the standard pledge levels. This is actually good news! We're on schedule for the 3-4 weeks of processing that we planned for. All backers in the US should have their pledges by March 15th and international backers will receive theirs in the weeks following that. *

*Delivery time dependent on your location ** 

 **Antarctica gets delivered last. While you stand there frozen to your mailbox... 

Here is our next developer's blog entry! Julie let's you know how if feels to be a monkey at a typewriter for an infinite amount of time! Link  

Also, once you get your hands on your stuff, you may get bored with the physical components. Hey! It could happen! So here's a sneak peak at what's coming next - picture below.

That's all for now. Stay vigilant Survivors!

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TotalCon, developer’s blog and- wait for it- the games have arrived!

So how was your weekend? Because ours was a little busy.

They’re here.. no really see how full the truck is? It’s a biiiig truck... that we had to unload. Then we staged the packing area and began to figure out how to pack and ship 2000 games. So easy, right?


Do you remember all those extras? Have you thought of all your custom content?. That’s more than 130 unique package combinations folks. So the factory line won't work for all levels. Please bear with us as we make sure we process your packages correctly and in a timely fashion. We will ship them as fast as we possibly can but please be patient in this last phase of packaging. We are shooting to have all packages shipped by the end of the month.

While you wait by the mailbox: We will be at Total Con February 21-24. Come over to play with us, and tell your friends this is their last chance to pre order. Between getting some demoing in, we will continue our ridiculous antics with the guys from Hull Breach! who are well into their Kickstarter campaign. Also, Jeff and Julie will be on the discussion panel for “Zombie Survival” Sunday morning! 

Next up for our developer’s blog is Ricky. We love it because it reads exactly the same as he sounds in real life. Also because of all the pretty pictures. Now back to the packing tape. We hope you hear from us soon... via mail.   Link to his blog.

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