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Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
2,045 backers pledged $210,237 to help bring this project to life.

Post GenCon Update - Aftermath Pre-orders & Ninja Dice!

We had a great time at Gencon! It is always great to meet some of our backers at cons! Our booth was very busy and all of our demo time slots were sold out. Our next convention is the Boston Festival of Indie Games Sept. 14th in Cambridge MA.  We hope to see some of you there!

Aftermath Pre - Order At Kickstarter Prices

 We wanted to give everyone a heads up that we have a pledge manager available on our site that will allow you to still pledge for certain levels of our Aftermath Kickstarter campaign. New backers will be able to pledge for a limited time while supplies last. Also remember, international backers will receive a discount on shipping when they back for the Aftermath campaign. You must email us to be able to apply the credit for you before you check out.

At this moment we only have 175 Fortress levels left. This is your last chance to get it at a 40% savings off retail! That is about $80 in savings. This level includes almost all the Aftermath items, with the exception of the "Adapter Set 2.0" which can be added as an addon. Click here to order - >


 With the games out to everyone and a lot of new people picking it up at GenCon we would like to ask anyone that has the time to head over to and review the game for us. Please be honest and tell us what you think after you’ve played it. Now that we have a new influx of players we would love to have some more current reviews in there! 

Squad Board App 

 Since this was released earlier this year we wanted to let everyone know we do have a small little app that may be used as a digital Squad Board for the game. There are two versions and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. Keep in mind it is intended for use on tablets as the dials can be a bit difficult to manipulate on small mobile screens.

There are two versions available, a free version that is just the basic Squad Board. The second is a premium version that allows you to change between the different squad board textures, name your Squad, and comes with 4 soundtracks attached to the four phases of the game to enhance your gaming experience, all for only $0.99!  

Download  Here

Manufacturing Update:

 Good news everything is approved and manufacturing has started. We should see final production samples mid October. Those are the last samples we get to approve to catch any last minute mistakes. This means at this moment ( knock on wood ) we are on schedule to deliver in December. 

Coming Soon! 

We have a new game in the works coming up on kickstarter very-soon called Ninja Dice! The premier of Ninja Dice was a huge success at Gencon.

-The Greenbrier Games Squad

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3 Hours Remaining for Aftermath Kickstarter!

First, I have confirmation the EU games have made it to the Warehouse and should soon be on the way to your house.  It could be as soon as tomorrow that the EU games will start shipping!

Zpocalypse - Aftermath Kickstarter: In the last few days we’ve surpassed our original stretch goals and started adding on new ones. As of this post we’ve unlocked the Hospital Horde Pack, 2 more celebrity minis; Total Biscuit & Jim Sterling as well as unlocking a total of 4 Survivor Card Packs one of which is the Animal Pack. Below you can see the latest renders of the miniatures!

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Update on Shipping & Aftermath Kickstarter now with Survivor Packs!

We wanted to give you all an update on our current Kickstarter for Zpocalypse Aftermath and talk a little bit about the international shipping fiasco. If you haven’t been watching we successfully funded within the first 11 hours and we are well on our way through stretch goals. We have a number of pledge options available some of which include expansions from our original Kickstarter if you missed out the first time around. In addition, the main focus of this Kickstarter was to enhance the base game with some miniature versions of our fortifications while providing some new elite survivors that tie into our under development RPG.

International Shipping

Let us start out by offering our deepest apologies to all the international backers that have been affected by the shipping problems. We are extremely sorry that there have been so many issues with the shipping. You all are very important to us and we feel horrible that there have been so many problems with shipping. Also, we’re sorry if we haven’t been clear or provided enough information about the international shipping but in all honesty we are still sorting through all the things that went wrong. As always we strive to be transparent with the backers so we do want to clear the air and provide some insight into things. We are still sorting through all the details and we plan to provide an in depth update about what happened to cause all the delays later this week. We do want to make it clear though that it had always been our expectation that ALL backers would receive their copies before retail and before or shortly after our current Kickstarter launched. Most importantly, it was always our expectation that backers would receive their copies before retailers. We did later find out that the distributor allowed retailers to pay to have stock of the game shipped to them via air freight. We have most definitely learned a lot from this process and the problems that arose and we are working diligently to ensure that we don’t experience these problems going forward with more clearly defined contracts and setting clearer expectations with our distributor.


$125 <The Fortress> Pledge 

This is one of our main pledge levels and the first pledge level where stretch goals get added on. This level is included in all of the higher levels as well. Now that we are further along in our funding we wanted to show you all the additional add-ons that have been added to this level and give you a breakdown of the value.

So for a value breakdown, as of this post we’ve surpassed 6 of our stretch goals adding on quite a few new additions to < The Fortress > Level, below is a complete list:

  • Alpha Team $25 
  • Fortifications $40 
  • Backer Mini $10 
  • Beta Team $25 
  • Angry Joe $10 
  • Linkara $10 
  • Dr. Insano $10 
  • Horde Pack 1 $20 
  • Military Tiles $10 

With all the new additions for you are getting $160 worth of goods, for a $35 value over buying each piece separately The great news is we still have some stretch goals to go and they will only continue to add value to this level and the higher levels. We are almost at our next celebrity miniature Total Biscuit and 5 promo weapon cards that backers voted they wanted added in the next stretch goal. Following that is the Hospital Zombie Horde Pack!

Hospital Zombie Horde Pack

So what is this new Hospital Zombie Horde Pack? It is a set of NEW zombie miniatures that you can use with Zpocalypse. This will include 8 new zombie models with a hospital theme to them. The pack will include a total of 24 zombie miniatures! Take a look at some of the concepts below.  This miniature set will be unlocked if we hit our $155,000 stretch goal.


We have a number of new add-on options now that we are further into the Kickstarter. To get add-ons you need to pledge at the $5 <Trader Post - Choose your Add-on> level or higher. The current selection of add-ons includes some limited print run items not available in the previous Kickstarter. Here is a full list of all the add-on options:

  • $10 Your choice of one unlocked Celebrity Miniature. (Exclusive to Kickstarter & Conventions) 
  • $10 Adapter Set 2.0 with a set of 8 Double Sided Tiles. (LIMITED PRINT RUN) 
  • $10 Military Tile Pack with a set of 8 Double Sided Tiles. (LIMITED PRINT RUN) 
  • $15 Zpocalypse Dice Bag, Set of 8 Custom Red Dice and 4 Custom Blue Dice. 
  • $20 Horde Bonus Box set Number 1 ( 20 standard zombies ) 
  • $25 Z-Team Alpha Pack 
  • $25 Z-Team Beta Pack 
  • $40 Fortification Pack 
  • $15 Survivor Card Pack 1 (Exclusive to Kickstarter & Conventions) 
  • $15 Survivor Card Pack 2 (Exclusive to Kickstarter & Conventions) 

Survivor Card Packs!

As you know our last Kickstarter was successful beyond our expectations; we think a lot of that was due to the custom character cards you could get. A custom Survivor Pack was highly requested and now we are offering just that. We had 491 custom survivors. Yes, Ricky’ s hand almost fell off. A vast majority of them gave us permission to use their card in other projects.

These two packs each contain a fixed set of 25 unique survivor cards of our wonderful backers from the previous Kickstarter. In addition they each contain 2 blank survivor cards, so you can create your own custom survivor. If you had a custom card from the previous Kickstarter, we know you might want to know if you will be in a pack or which pack it will be. At this point we don’t know which survivors will be in which packs. We’ll be choosing the survivors for these packs at random, but we’ll make sure there is no duplication between different packs.

So even if you aren't interested in the new minis there are still some options for you to enhance your current Zpocalypse with some new tiles and additional survivor cards. Who knows, if you got a custom survivor card last time you might be an option for everyone to play with soon!

The Greenbrier Games Squad.

<< Below are some of the Hospital Zombie concepts, find more pictures on our Kickstarter & Update section, including a few which have been recently modeled. >> 

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International Shipping Update


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Zpocalypse: Aftermath - Live on Kickstarter

Dear Backers,

When we started Zpocalypse we set out to make a few hundred copies of a board game, the first ever for us. Many things have happened since then. One of the most important things we learned was to be as forthright as humanly possible with your backers. The second is that producing a quality product takes a LOT of time. We really wanted to have a few months where everyone got a chance to play our game and really know it before we started our next Kickstarter. Of course when we started we never planned for our level of success, or what that would mean for our time table. It's a lesson we have taken to heart going forward. However if we want to go forward, we can not wait to start our next Kickstarter if we want to deliver it to you in 2013.

That being said, we are pretty excited about Zpocalypse: Aftermath. Rather than start another expansion (and believe us we want to do that too) we listened to what players and backers wanted to make the game even better. The biggest comment we have gotten was, "Wouldn't it be great if you had fortification minis in this game?" We completely agree. To that end, Aftermath is a Kickstarter that would enhance your Zpocalypse game. The fortifications of course can also be used in any game. Also, we are introducing new military-based characters that fit into the world of Zpocalypse the board game, and will also be characters incorporated in our future RPG project.

Unlike our first project where we started with cardboard and ended with numerous miniatures and expansion packs, we've learned a lot about the manufacturing process. We now know to set realistic goals which can be made for both the backers and ourselves to make the entire process worthwhile.

We are pretty proud of all the work we've done to make this happen. Jed Wahl has worked with us to make some fantastic characters based on Ricky Casdorph's art. It's pretty awesome and we are so excited to move on to the next chapter of the Zpocalypse.

We thank you for all you have contributed, and hope you join us in our next adventure.

The Greenbrier Games Squad