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Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
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New Zpocalypse Happenings

Posted by Jeff Gracia: Greenbrier Games (Creator)

It has been some time since an update and we have missed you! We wanted to tell everyone about a few exciting things happening over the next few weeks and into the future.

New Rulebook 

An updated rulebook is in the works from the great (UniversalHead of the Esoteric Order of Gamers) We plan to make the PDF available for everyone by (Summer). After compiling a lot of input from all of you, and keeping track of it in the FAQ and errata sections of our website, we were able to make the instructions flow better.

For now head on over to our website to check out his short 2 page rules adaptation.

PAX East 

We have our own booth at PAX East this year! Come find us at booth #199 to view a new digital project we will be talking more about next week, some of the Zpocalypse expansions, play a game of Ninja Dice or Hull Breach or demo our up-and-coming game listed below... read on!

Heavy Steam

Our new board game Heavy Steam is a steampunk themed strategy and resource management game that uses mechs called steam titans in miniature based combat!

Set in a steampunk universe, Heavy Steam is a game about piloting a giant mechanical humanoid war machine of doom. As a pilot you use the steam titan’s resources to strategically complete scenario objectives. More often than not it’s to defeat your opponent, but you’ve never shied away from a fight, have you?

  •  In Heavy Steam you play the role of a pilot controlling your steam titian’s systems from the command center inside its head. 
  • Fully customize your steam titan: choose a robot, recruit your pilot, then customize with weapons of your choice. 
  • Plan ahead if you want to power your legs, weapons or other systems. 
  • The battle board is abstracted with easy to master combat.
  •  Event cards, terrain cards and other cards keep the game fresh and new every time you play.

 Click here for the kickstarter page! 

For all of those who enjoyed the custom portraits on your cards we have introduced a new Kickstarter Heavy Steam with yet another opportunity to get your face on a card!

Lastly we will leave you with some recently painted miniatures of our Zmergency: Hospital Horde.

~The Greenbrier Games Squad


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    1. Scott Everts

      That's great to hear, thanks!

    2. Jeff Gracia: Greenbrier Games 7-time creator on

      @Scott. The layout is 8.5 x 11 :) We wanted to make sure people would be able to print it at home!

    3. Scott Everts

      Glad to hear a new rulebook is in the works. Can you make sure it's printer friendly and is designed for standard 8.5" x 11" printing? Please no dark fancy background that sucks ink or weird page size. It will make everyone's life easier if not difficult to print. Also, are you planning to offer a professionally printed copy we could buy separately?