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Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
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Board Game Geek Convention and Zmaster Miniatures!

I know, we've shown many of these but it really never gets old...


As you can see our Zmaster miniatures final production sculpts just came in. They look beyond fantastic, which is a HUGE relief for us. As excited as we are for them, we also wanted to show you our Hero miniatures. Do you see them? No? Yeah, neither do we. Sadly we haven't gotten them in the mail yet. Even more tragic is that they are the last items we need before we give the final green light to start production. They will arrive any day now, and when they do... destiny.

Also there's this... Board Game Geek Convention: Jeff and Theresa will be attending BGG convention this year and have both Zpocalypse and Zmaster on hand for you to sit down and try. If you're hoping after seeing the pictures below, yes the prototypes will include almost all final miniatures! We will be located in the Exhibitor hall with Game Salute booth 209-207. 

Shout out to Ruse: Ricky and D.T met Levi and Sarah creators of Ruse at Pax Prime. Ruse is a murder-mystery card game with a steampunk setting. Game play is takes about 30 minutes, and they are a fellow Game Salute developer so check them out: 

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