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Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
2,045 backers pledged $210,237 to help bring this project to life.

Zpocalypse - Need your input. GenCon 2015 Volunteer opportunities.

Zpocalypse is the title that started it all for Greenbrier Games and we are excited to turn our attention back to our roots. However, before we finalize our plans for the year we need your help in shaping what our next product for Zpocalypse will be. We have put together a brief survey so we can see where your interests lay. Please help us out by completing the survey and feel free to leave any comments you have along the way! 

GenCon 2015


Zpocalypse: Survival Reanimated!


Greetings! It is that spooky time of the year again and we have some news we would like to share with you. We recently re-launched our Kickstarter for Zpocalypse: Survival, our first digital game based off the Zpocalypse boardgame and we are approaching 50% funded with about 30 days left to go! While it has its roots in Zpocalypse, there are a lot of new things we are bringing to the digital game and our hope is that the two will feed each other moving forward into the future.

With that said, we know some of you might not be video gamers but the great news is we have some plans for all the boardgamers as well in this campaign! One of our stretch goals, should we reach it, is to create a new expansion for Zpocalypse. This would be an expansion similar in size and depth to Zmergency but it would bring some new tiles and a lot of new cards, since we know that is the most requested new content we often see. Don’t worry even if we don’t make the stretch goal we have some new things planned for next year. Also, for all of our awesome previous supporters if you jump on the digital Kickstarter to show us your continued support at the $20 or higher tier, we will work with you to add some extra flavor to the world of Zpocalypse: Survival! This may be some graffiti found in the game, a billboard message, a journal entry found in the game, gravestones, consumables, interactable object inspection messages or more. You helped us make Zpocalypse great and we would love for you to help us make our first digital title a success as well!

In addition to this we have a number of our products for sale on the Kickstarter at a reduced price, so if you missed a game or there are some minis you wanted but had been waiting for a sale this is the time to jump in and grab them. While we would love the support for the digital game you can even just pledge at the $1 Watcher level to add any of the available add-ons.

If none of that is of interest we have one more way you can help us and it is completely free! We are running a Thunderclap campaign concurrent to the Kickstarter campaign. This is essentially a means to get a large group of people together on social media and make one concentrated social media push on a single day to help get the news out and through the mass amounts of other things being posted on social media. All you need is a Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account and you can join in to help us spread the word!

Zpocalypse update and Yashima final 48 hours.


Aside from the updated rulebook we put out there hasn't been a lot of new news about Zpocalypse. That isn't to say there isn't anything going on. We have something related to Zpocalpyse planned for later this month as well as some possible big plans for next year! Keep an eye out for more Zpocalypse coming soon.

Yashima final 48 hours!

We wanted to just post real quick that our most recent campaign is coming to a close with 48 hours remaining. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • We have raised over $100,000 reaching over 670% funding. 
  • We have unlocked 15 stretch goals including 2 expansions to the game, a promo pack, multiple foil card packs, miniature tokens and more! 
  • Our most popular Silver Master level has an estimated retail value of over $175 and the value will only increase as we unlock more stretch goals in the final days. 
  • We have a 2-player gameplay video with some instructional text and card highlights that can be found here: 
  • There is also a print & play available for you to read the rules and see some of the cards and prototype components which can be found here:

If you have enjoyed our projects or playing our previous games or might be looking forward to a future game please head over and take a look at Yashima!

We will leave you with more details on what comes in the box and the Silver Master rewards.

New Kickstarter for Greenbrier Games


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Updated Rulebook, Zpocalypse: Survival, and BGG Contest


As you may have noticed we haven't posted an update here in awhile. We are going to transition our news to newsletters moving forward. Our next update will be here and via newsletter but will likely be our last update on these campaigns in Kickstarter.

The updated rulebook is almost ready!! Before we finalize the rulebook for printing we will make it available for review and the file will be ready next week so you can all take a look! We need your feedback to make sure there isn’t anything we missed. 

We hope you all have been playing the game quite a lot and can make sure we addressed any points you might have had questions on. 

Once we print out the rulebook, we will have printed copies available to pick up for free at any convention we attend. For those of you who can’t make it to a convention, we will also offer to ship a copy of the updated rulebook if you would like one for only the cost of shipping. Of course, you are also more than welcome to simply print out the new rules. The new version of the rulebook is printer friendly sized at 8.5”x11”! 

Zpocalypse: Survival

We need your support and help spreading the word about our first digital game based off of Zpocalypse! The project is continuing to move towards its goal and we are over 30% funded with 22 days to go. If we had each of our original backers join on to get the digital game at the low price of $10 that would give us an additional 50% of our funding goal! 

You can check out the Kickstarter now where you can find gameplay videos as well as download the pre-alpha demo. Also, you can show your support on Steam Greenlight. We are 55% of the way to the top 100 on Steam Greenlight and the closer we get to the top, the more exposure we will get. (Note we plan to use other distributions methods in addition to Steam that provide DRM Free options.) 

We think some of you will be especially excited to see the return to being able to get yourself into the game, this time in a digital world! There are a number of different options to get yourself, one way or another, into the digital game.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedback on the Kickstarter please let us know since this digital title wouldn’t have even came to fruition without your original support and feedback for the Zpocalypse board game!

Heavy Steam Board Game Geek Contest. 

To help drive awareness of our new board game, Heavy Steam, we have launched a giveaway contest. By heading over to BGG you can win a chance to get the game for free, and even the ability to have your head shot illustrated on a card!