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Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Our game combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
2,045 backers pledged $210,237 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bryan Hickok on

      Any new Kickstarter coming soon?

    2. Shawn on

      @Artem As below please make sure you reach out to and we will get it sorted.

    3. Artem Stepin on

      @evilsven Never received my copy as well for the first time at Kickstarter. :(

    4. Shawn on

      @evilsven Make sure you send an email to and ask for some assistance.

    5. Missing avatar

      evilsven on

      Never received mine. :(

    6. zigarot on

      got my game yesterday, the quality is even better than I imagined. Can't wait to get some people over to play it... in the mean time, I'll scour the rules and internet for solo play variant :) :)

    7. Jeff Gracia: Greenbrier Games 7-time creator on

      @David & Ian. Game Salute will be able to look up your original tracking information and see what happened to your package. Please contact them:

    8. David Gross on

      Yah... I haven't received my Game either ... Have there been any shipments to Canada

    9. Missing avatar

      Ian Macdonald on

      Any thing about shipping to Canada? I havent gotten anything.

    10. Kevin Anthony Arruda on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    11. Shawn on

      Not sure if this is up to date, but should help.

    12. Brett on

      So found the contents in each manual.

      Still can't find the exact contents of the K-Mini pack.

    13. Brett on

      Ok, found components in the main game.

      Can't seem to find a picture / list of components for the K-Mini, K-Mergency and K-Master packs.

      Can anyone help me out with a link? or even take a photo of their items so I can compare?

    14. Brett on

      Is there a link somewhere that lists exactly what should be included?

      I finally got around to taking a closer look and I have a feeling im missing stuff.

    15. Mark Boehm on

      I am not sure this game was worthy all the wait. I have tried to play it twice now got bored and put it away.

    16. Gazz Hayes on

      Still waiting in the UK, despite messages to GBG and Game Salute, still no idea if I'll ever see this game. This is getting silly now...

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason Baker

      @Brett Cheers Brett I've sent thru a message to Jeff to hopefully chase it up.

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Slater on

      My copy arrived today in NZ and everything seems to be there :) despite the long delay, it was really nice to see it turn up. No excuse for the massive delays, but overall I'm happy. Cheers.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dutchy on

      In Perth (Australia) Still no tracking number and no response from messages to Jeff or Game Salute for 6 days and counting

    20. Brett on

      Got my package today.
      All seems in order. yay!

      @Jason If you don't even have a tracking email then I'd suggest contacting them to make sure you've actually been sent one.

    21. Tony Glover on

      Still no word on the Greenbrier website about late Aftermath pledging

    22. Missing avatar

      Jason Baker

      Damn it, I'm in Metro-Victoria (Australia) and haven't even received any tracking information so one hopes its actually on the way anyway.

    23. Sam Wong

      Massive complaint about delivery. I originally had arranged for my stuff to be delivered to a PO Box for safety. Place is monitored and under cover. I was contacted by GBG saying they did not deliver to PO Boxes. So I arranged for it to be delivered by mail to work, with the assumption it would be delivered during work hours. Package was delivered before work and left partially under cover when it was raining outside. Thankfully girls came in not long after, but the parcel could have been picked up by any passer by. Located next to a school,issuing property and vandalism is one if our biggest issues

    24. Sam Wong

      Sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting...... Waiting.........WAITING. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Cotillion on

      Received mine today thanks (Country Victoria).

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew McDonald on

      Congrats Urutsini... I just checked my tracking information and it hasn't moved from Victoria :-(

    27. Brett on

      Wow, great to hear @Urutsini!
      Hopeful I get mine this week.

      So, did you pledge for Aftermath? :P

    28. Urutsini

      Ok, now I can stop complaining as I excitedly devour the goodies.

    29. Urutsini

      Sweet jeebus. My game is less than 15 kilometres away on a truck!!!

    30. Mark Boehm on

      @jenny.. Yes it came from Game Salute in Victoria

    31. Jenny Nguyen on

      Mark did it say which company sent it?

    32. Mark Boehm on

      Just received my shipment today in Adelaide Australia(on a public holiday no less) and looks like it is all there. Now to try it out.

    33. Sam Wong

      Was hoping to try out Zpocalypse over the long weekend. But that was obviously not to be. Still no sign of the game at my end.

      At least given Brett's last post immediately preceding mine, I am not the only brisbaner waiting for his game!

    34. Brett on

      LOL @Urutsini... mine too says Victoria. Awesome.
      US, China, US, China, Sydney, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane for me. Maybe this week?!

    35. Jenny Nguyen on

      I will be funny if it comes from Milsims.

    36. Urutsini

      Just noticed that the package was received by Australia Post Victoria, which explains a day or two of delay. Fair enough if the distributor is in Victoria. But that means my game has gone US, China, US, China, Sydney, Melbourne, Sydney . . .

    37. Urutsini

      Well, apparently the package was received by Australia Post yesterday afternoon, which is bizarre to have a tracking number before it gets to Australia Post but whatever. Unfortunately it is a long weekend so we won't be getting it before Tuesday June 11 at the earliest, which is just shy of a month since the package touched down in Sydney. I understand that part of that is customs but this is going from bad (epically bad) to worse. @Trent - Contact Jeff or Game Salute straight away.

    38. Missing avatar

      Trent Brown on

      I haven't even got a tracking number yet. Starting to get paranoid that mine isn't coming at all

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthew McDonald on

      Yes, I was so excited when I got my tracking number and everyday when I checked and there was nothing happening just made me more and more cranky. This really is beyond ridiculous.

    40. Brett on

      4 days and my Australia post tracking hasn't changed.

      I've got a feeling these packages are still sitting in some warehouse somewhere and haven't actually been sent yet.

    41. Urutsini

      Still no delivery and no update to the Australia Post tracking. How long does it take to send a package across Sydney . . . when will this fracking end?!

    42. Bas Damoiseaux on

      I didn't even get my dice tower :(.
      Loving the game though!

    43. Jeff Gracia: Greenbrier Games 7-time creator on

      @Darren I sent another email out for you check your inbox, Frank is normally ontop of things and should get back to you tomorrow
      @Espen, will get those extra's sorted out for you, and yes the Dice towers run blue.

    44. Missing avatar

      Darren Rees on

      After Jeff declined to give me any idea regarding delivery or tracking numbers, diverting me to Frank at Game Salute, I'm still waiting for any kind of response from Game Salute, several days after requesting info.
      Has anybody had any luck with getting a response from Game Salute?

    45. Missing avatar

      Espen Gätzschmann on

      Sent Jeff a PM just now asking about the late backing options, the wrong extras in my box, and the blue color of the dice tower. I'll let you guys know if I get a reply worth sharing. :)

    46. Alinsar on

      Espen Gätzschmann, yes. My dice tower blue as hell =(

    47. Urutsini

      Firstly, I got the Australian tracking number on Monday. Just checked Australia Post and all that's there is: "03/06/13 09:18 Shipment information received". God damn it, they've caught Shipinggate too.
      Secondly, it is now 3 months to the day since the packages left Game Salute . . .
      Thirdly, I made a comment here a few weeks ago regarding the Aftermath offer for international backers and Jeff replied straight away that they will not screw us over regarding the offer and give us enough time to take advantage of it. I assume they're just waiting until everyone gets their package before discussing options.
      Fourthly, still no word from official sources about anything for two weeks.

    48. Sam Wong

      Give jeff a pm if interested in the aftermath deal. And keep us in the loop if that is cool. Hope mine is at work today

    49. Missing avatar

      Espen Gätzschmann on

      Btw, is anyone else's dice tower very... blue? As if some colors (yellow) were missing when it was printed?

    50. Missing avatar

      Espen Gätzschmann on

      Yeah, it's update 68 I was referring to. It says "a special online order with us", but gives no further details. No link, no nothing. I have no idea how to pledge.

      In other news, turns out the extras in my box aren't the one I paid for. I ordered an extra set of blue dice, but instead got an adapter set and an extra set of k-mini tiles. *shrug*. Not a bad haul, but not exactly what I ordered.

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